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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, March 17, 2006

Well.. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all....

So, the US team is out of the World baseball Classic... why am I not surprised... Now we can get down to some real baseball... I mean did ANYONE stay awake until 4:00am to watch any of those Japan/Korea matches?

I see the FCC fined CBS and it's affiliates for showing teenagers in semi-dress, partying and alluding to sex during an episode of "WITHOUT A TRACE". So, a show that airs at 10:00pm with the premise that teens need to be watched closer by their parent s gets fined?
Really now... let's think about this...Oprah had a show where it was discussed in graphic detail what happens at teen sex parties and she was not fined because it was educational. The same information on "Without A Trace" is indecent... say it with me...HUMMMMM
A man touches a woman's chest on "Will & Grace" is funny, but the same thing on "A Surreal Life" is indecent. (OK, I know the whole concept of that show is indecent, but that is another story).
Has the FCC completely lost their minds? Do they understand their job is not to cower before a small group of zealots, but to represent all of the people of the US? Something needs to be done here or they will continue to get even more close-minded.

Big Dance is going on... as usual, I grabbed a sheet and picked...Should be funny, as I have little interest in College Hoops, but will put a few sheckles down to make it interesting.

Players Championship going on now... love that tournament. Most likely since I actually have played the TPC Sawgrass Course. Will you be able to find me on the couch this Sunday watching...

Well... I will touch base with you over the weekend.

Hope you enjoy the rants...

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