Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well... where the heck was I yesterday? Well, I was being gagged over at idolonfox for talking about songs the contestants might sing (OMG horrors...discussing song spoilers on a site dedicated to a singing contest!) That and trying to keep the BIG LEATHER COUCH thread in Taylor’s folder alive. But it appears you cannot discuss anything but Idol on those pages..
OH well.. remember to check out the great site stated by my friends GREY HAIR DUDE, BUSY, SHERIFF & HOUSEWIFE that is dedicated to Taylor Hicks...

Now.. onto the show itself...
I have to say I was totally shocked that they have changed the concept of the show... Now, you decide what genre you sing best in and then, no matter what the theme is you sing in that style. Yes, I know they changed the format because Simon told us so when, as he critiqued Chris, he said that he loved that Chris never compromised his style and he was the first not to do so (paraphrasing here). So, it does not matter what the theme is.. just sing in your NIRVANA/FUEL style and you will the contest. I was always under the impression that during the theme weeks you needed to "make it your own", but also stay within the theme... guess I was wrong. Next season we will see a rocker rock everything, a country singer make everything country and a crooner croon every genre... excuse me YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWN... boring.

Now the always, I jot my comments before the judges speak and the listing is not in any order other than when they sang:


MANDISA: Barry gave her a huge compliment.. big shoes to fill for a woman who sang without shoes last week, but she filled them this week! A perfect look...perfect song styling, perfect rendition... She brought us right into the 50's. SUPER JOB GIRL

PARIS: Excellent song choice. Like that she went sophisticated this week. UNbelieveable voice. UNbelieveable stage presence. She nailed it again this week.

KATHERINE: From the top... a MUCH better dress then last week. She is commanding the stage so much better in the last two weeks. She is improving each week and is going to stay around a long time if she keeps it up.

KELLIE: Actually, she was not bad this week. She selected a good song for her vocal stylings. And with the new rules - she should sing every genre as a country song.


TAYLOR: OK, This was not his best song choice. Though most 50's songs are not difficult, this was as bad a choice as Easy a few weeks ago. That said, no one in the contest commands the stage like Taylor. He is a true professional. He deserves to be around much longer and I believe he will be.

LISA: This kid has pipes, but I just do not feel her. She was better this week, but it seems very mechanical to me and I am not moved by her performances.

CHRIS: Sorry, I do not agree with Simon (and Randy)... it has to stop. He needs to sing in the theme of the week, or he needs to leave Idol and try out for ROCK STAR. He has fallen into the "one trick pony" category. I think he will be very successful, but if he is not going to be judged like the rest, then I am confused.

ELLIOTT: Before you slam me, during his preview with Mr. Manilow, he was told to give some feeling to the song and they showed them working to emote the beginning of the song. Then he came out on stage and did it totally different. That is my concern for Elliott. He has a superb voice... but I do not feel any emotion from him. He sings the songs, but does not live the songs.


ACE: Memo to ACE... Constantine did not make it much further then this only using the eyes. Time to stop the ogling and start concentrating on your singing more. Did an OK job... but 2 weeks in a row of sub-par performances.

BUCKY: They cleaned him up (eyebrows plucked...) they let his hair go back from the "Jessica Simpson" look. He sang well.. but I am just not feeling it.

KEVIN: Here is where I get repetitious... his voice is tooo young. I wish, I wish, he had not gone to Hollywood, so he could come back next year when his voice matures. Did an OK job with the song, but I think it is time for him to go back to HS.

Taylor could be in the bottom 3 tonight and it would not surprise me at all. As a fan, I can only say... "Mr. Hicks, you must remember that you are not performing in a club where you have 2 hours to perform 10-15 songs. Each week you have one chance and the vocals must be spot-on. Let's pick something vocally challenging next week and blow the world away once more.

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