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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Thursday...

Well, Kevin Covais was sent back to HS last evening on American Idol. He did not look real surprised when they told Bucky to go sit back down. I really think he knew this incredible ride was over... but you know what? We will hear from him again...He does have an incredible voice...(echo alert)...his voice was still to young. Good luck Kevin.

My son Matt got his first taste of pitching in college yesterday. Originally slated to catch the game for MERCER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, a headache kept him on the bench. Then when one of the players was removed, Matt ended up at first base (another college first) and did very well for 4 innings. The game was tied in the ninth and Matt had previously offered his services as a pitcher so, in the 10th inning he went in. Got a strikeout and got out of the inning. Then in the eleventh he gave up a walk, and a couple of hits to load the bases. Next batter, got him to 3-2 and then the hitter knocked a grounder up the middle and the game was over. Matt gets the loss, but you have to love his enthusiasm. Never has been a pitcher, but has taken the mound in these kinds of situations in Babe Ruth Baseball and High School. Congrats Matt...real proud of you.

Ah...Barry, Barry, Barry. Do your father Bobby, your godfather (Willie Mays), Hank Aaron and the entire game of baseball and its fans a favor and walk away now. Please do not let my grandkids have to see your name at the top of the Home Run column for MLB records. We all know what you did...we are not even asking you to admit it...just walk away from the game, and not slowly either. Do not try and pass Babe Ruth and then walk away. That is not right either. Being 3rd in the record book is an incredible accomplishment. Also, the voters might just be a bit kinder and elect you to the Hall of Frame IF you show your love of the game comes before your love of Barry...(OK, we all know that is a love Barry more then anything or anyone else)...BUT you would give yourself a better chance of election if you walk away now.

Now, Gary Sheffield has been more closely associated with this whole steroid mess. We all know Jason Giambi admitted in his testimony to doing the 'roids and he took grief and kept his head up and after a real sub-par year, came back last season and did well enough to be named COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Now, Gary is still in the denial stage and refuses to fess up. Obviously there are many more players out there who used the drugs to gain an advantage and we will never know all the names, but for those who have had their names outted with backing evidence, I think it is time to come clean (sorry for the pun), and let the fans know of your apology. They will forgive, but only if you step up to the plate first (one story...two puns ...oops).

So, yesterday Johnny Damon faced his old team, Boston Red Sox for the first time since becoming a NY YANKEE. According to a report in the NY Daily News, when Damon arrived at the clubhouse he put on his AWAY UNIFORM pants! No problem Johnny...we understand, just do not let that happen when you are at YANKEE STADIUM!

Keeping that spark of insanity lit... I bid you a great day...

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