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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, March 20, 2006

Good Monday to all....

So, The USA is out of the World Baseball Classic. Two teams in the final... CUBA & JAPAN... Now, I am thinking about this on the train this morning and I actually think it is a good thing. If the USA had breezed through and kicked everyone else’s butts...well then the magic might be gone from the res tof the world. USA gets knocked out and it builds BUD's little World Game up.

Message to the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITEE... OK folks, wanna go through why you cancelled Baseball as a sport? Or for that case... Softball? What, the USA is too tough in these sports? hummmmm....what do you think now dudes and dudettes of the IOC?
Wondering why sports that other countries dominate in never get spoken about regarding dissolving them?

FIFTIES WEEK for the American Idol Contestants... should be a fun week. I think that Lisa might be in the crosshairs as should Kevin, but his fan base is still very strong.

How are you doing in your basketball pool? I have 30 games correct and I am sitting in TWENTY-FIFTH PLACE in my pool! I guess it is not bad for someone who does not even follow college hoops.

Need to bow my head here for a second and say a prayer for my friend Ed's family. Ed passed this Saturday of Leukemia... A great man with an incredible sense of will be missed my friend...

Jack Bauer continues on his mission to save the world this evening... Love the the show...

Another day... remember to smile all the time...even when it hurt, because that is when it most useful.

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