Tuesday, American Idol and those pesky interviews

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Good Wednesday.

Sorry about yesterday. My day was a hectic ball of flames...Doctor appointment (yes, I am healthy...for now!)...job interview (more on this subject later), and then a drive to watch Matt's team play baseball (the less said about this the better...it was not a good day for the Vikings). Then the hour ride home.

By the time I got home I did not have the energy to write. Well it isn't like you guys are paying to have this delivered everyday, so relax...I am back now...

Before we get to the AMERICAN IDOL review, let's chat about those pesky interviews. Had one yesterday. Woman loved me, told me straight out that she would love to have me...then told me the pay scale. Do they really think you could live on that kind of salary? It is just such a tough thing to do month after month, but I am keeping a smile on my face and have not pulled out the shotgun yet.

Now... the review you are all here for...the main event...last evenings AMERICAN IDOL SHOW and the SONGS OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

A reminder of the rules... I write my comments as they are performing and before the judges speak...

I am a huge fan of music...just not necessarily what they call music over the last few years, so some of these songs I was totally unfamiliar with. I actually think this is a good thing, since I had nothing to compare to.

LISA: Why did she pick a song by an A.I. winner? After two weeks of being in the bottom 3 that can’t be helpful. Then she sang very weakly with no feeling.

OK, did she gain 20 pounds in the last week. Her face looked like a little pudgy balloon. The entire look last night was scary...the lack of makeup (or the no-makeup look, does not work for her. OK, maybe she is not as smart as I presumed. The song choice was a train wreck. Why select a song that would better fit on a Weird Al album? Weak vocal, weak stage presence. Weak.

ACE: The entire song sounded as if it were sung with one note. Very bland performance and the little "I'll show you my scar" thing...ummm nope, sorry, next customer. Ace, you do know you have been in the bottom 3 recently, right?

TAYLOR: Hard to write about my favorite... judges? (Paraphrased...seems I left my notes home)... Randy "What i would expect you to record" Paula "I liked that you stood and sang the song...and let your voice work"
Simon "Liked the song, liked the vocals".. the outfit? Well, I might have left the jacket off and gone with t-shirt and jeans. The song...I liked it a lot. I loved that he sang to show his range. Excellent job. I actually tracked down the original and I truly like Taylor's better.

MANDISA: I felt like she was off-beat with the band. Could be my not knowing the song, but it was not a "solid " performance. The high notes were achieved more with screams then singing. An off week for a great singer.

CHRIS: Vocals this week were very rough. Pushing too much it appeared. In the pre-interview with Ryan he said "I have things up my sleeve"...my question is...aren't those different things rotting in the sleeve...let them out dude! How many more weeks? And then Simon, backed me up with his comments... thanks Simon.

KATHARINE: Who is dressing this lady??? Man, Katharine, the outfits are atrocious. Shaky start and then she let it go and was excellent... getting better every week with her stage presence.

BUCKY: OK, not bad, but his vocals sounded sloppier then normal...He was swallowing his words more so then he normally does. Safe choice.

PARIS: GREAT! FUN! HOT! Has totally stepped it up the last few weeks. whew...she did it for sure this evening.

ELLIOTT: Did not like the arrangement for this song. I liked that he chnged it up, but felt too choppy to me. Look, Elliott has a great voice, no doubt. My only concern is that he does not always "feel" his songs.

So, what does this all mean? Well, IMHO:


KELLIE - Have to tell you, she is close to being in the bottom three
MANDISA - If she ended up there tonight, I would not be surprised, but she would not be going home.


And the person packing for this week is ...... LISA

Now, let's discuss the soap opera that is Idol...

Obviously, the producers (or was it Chris) felt they needed to attack the "LIVE" problem. I have heard that he did credit them, but the producers cut it out...and that he never credited the band for the arrangement of "I walk the line" last week. Either way, the producers allowed him to make apologies and give credit where it is due.

I also wonder if Simon read some of the remarks regarding Chris and his constant arranging of songs to sound like Nirvana/Live/Nickelback? His comments last evening make me believe he did and wanted Chris to know the rules really have not changed.

Has BARRY BONDS retired yet? No? Too bad.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...it helps keep you an individual.

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