6 Love Songs...Major Pimping

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Wednesday and welcome back to the Idol Review for the week.

Ah…love songs… guess what, it was an overall boring show.

I think every single spoiler I read was absolutely false…Is Idol spreading the rumors on purpose?

This is the unabridged version of my review, which I can’t post over at AI, as it will get deleted for sure.

To: Judges & Host
From: Producers

OK, here is the deal. We have been talking up a white male winner this season (but not THAT white male), so tonight we need to lead the American public by the nose. Host; please spend too much time with one contestant, pimping them up on their song choice. Judges, pan everyone but the pimp-spot male. Yes, I know the young lady did well last week, but she is getting too many votes on those web sites on the Internet, so even if she does well, trash her.
Finally, we are no longer required to give good comments to the belle. Host, you can make her foolish if you want.

KATHARINE - “I Have Nothing” – The dress…not so good…sorry, Kat, but you really need help with your clothing selection…the stylists are not helping. I enjoyed her rendition. I thought she sang in tune and on the spot this week. There were one or two points where I felt she pushed too hard. I also liked the attitude she showed during the song. She still has a hard time on the stage. Everytime she moves it feels like she is searching for marks on the stage “OK, now I take two steps and stand here…” TOTALLY disagree with judge’s comments.

Then Ryan says, “For those who don’t have their volume on, they will vote for you…” WHAT???? I hope that was because the judges trashed her and not his critique of her singing.

ELLIOTT - “A Song For You” – I like Elliott, he has a great voice, but his stage presence, like Katharine’s is sorely missing. I thought he missed the big note he and David Foster worked on together. I did not enjoy the arrangement but did enjoy his vocals. Pauler…please stop with the mood-swings…that was embarrassing for everyone.

KELLIE“ Unchained Melody” – First…what is up with the hair??? And the makeup??? As I said last week, close-ups do her no good…the old saying still comes to mind “Good from afar…far from good”. Singing…not very much better. She dropped more notes then she held. The entire song was a train wreck…very boring. And the eyebrow twitching must stop…OK Kellie, let’s practice some more “Do You Want Fries With That Burger?”

PARIS“The Way We Were” – Her voice was real smoky tonight. How does a 17 year old have that ability? I really think Paris is the best overall vocalist as the contest goes on. Her small fan base has been a thorn in her side from the beginning. She did a marvelous job last night and IMHO, was the best of the evening.

TAYLOR“Just Once” - I loved the suit…he has such an eclectic style…OK, I do have a hard time judging Taylor as I am such a fan, but my unbiased wife Allyson thought he did great last night. She raved throughout his performance. He hit notes and held them clear. Last night he showed his vocal chops. Almost like he is reading the boards, as many have said he needs to sing. He did last night. The judges are wrong…totally.

CHRIS“Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?” – It was a nice song with nice vocals and a great arrangement with the two guitars. It was not the second coming of Andrea Bocelli as the judges made it seem…Chris got the “pimp-spot” last night and totally got pimped by the show.

EDIT AND ADDED: ALSO, last night, for the first time oin weeks, I got busy signals on Taylor's lines. This scared me, as I keep hearing those rumors of phone lines being closed down to get the results TPTB want.

MY bottom 3:


Going home…It should be and must be Kellie. If anyone else goes home, it is an indication that America has turned this into a popularity contest and the singing means absolutely nothing.

I did sneak a peek over at dialidol.com and see that Kellie and Paris are the bottom 2, with Katharine and Elliott just above them. Maybe, just maybe the public has decided with me…

Now, I will edit and post this on the Ai site and then go over to MJ’s and see what she had to say.

Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad. AVG. .231 HR 2 RBI 3 SB 0

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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1 Responses to 6 Love Songs...Major Pimping

  1. robsg1rl Says:
  2. Your bottom 2, ITA. But AI wants the top 3 all male, so I think it'll be Kat with Paris and Kellie. I also think, for the big shock factor, that Paris will go before Kellie.

    I thought Chris nailed his song. At least, he wasn't screaming at us. But, like you, I'm tired of him getting the pimp spot. Why doesn't our Taylor ever go last?

    Thanks for these blogs, Bond. I do enjoy them.


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