7, Rod and American Standards

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good Wednesday and welcome to the weekly review of American Idol

Last evening the final 7 took on the American Standards Songbook with assistance from Rod Stewart. Let’s begin by saying I really enjoyed watching them all interact with Rod. He obviously had knowledge on some of the contestants though it did not appear he was familiar with all of them.

Ah…spoilers folks…gotta love ‘em…this week it appears that most were wrong…

CHRIS: Though it was widely rumored he had the pimp spot again; Chris led off the night instead. Dressed in his collegiate look was a bit of a shock. Singing “What A Wonderful World” (spoilers said it would be “Night & Day”), Chris showed a gentler side to his performance. I had wonders about how he would do with this material and he did well. It was not an exciting performance.

ON THE JUDGES: It was widely reported that the contestants could not change the arrangements of these songs and had to sing them in the style they were written. That said the judges commending Chris for “doing something different” took me aback. Simon’s comment that he took credit for the performance was bull, as Chris had no choice but to sing and not scream.

PARIS: She selected “Foolish Things” - WOW! INCREDIBLE! PERFECT! I would buy that song tomorrow...oh wait I mean today! I also have to say, I love her “Thank you” to the judges. Nice young lady she is.

TAYLOR: Good choice of Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me”. Loved Rod’s comment that on TV “You need to grab them by the ba**s and he is very good at doing that.” Taylor seems to be one of the contestants he knows well, and I was happy to hear him tell Taylor to ignore Simon. I was worried in the beginning. He was “talk-singing” too much and I felt he was not putting his all in. Then…BAM…he kicked it out and made it his own. As Simon said…”…then :::snap of fingers::: MAGIC”

ELLIOTT: “It Had To Be You” was an excellent choice for Elliott. The song fit him like a glove and he did a wonderful job with the vocals. Could have done without the third-rate Tuxedo Jacket, and I still think he is too stiff on stage, but disagree that he could be in trouble.

KELLIE: “Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered” – After the first 4 gave incredible performances, the train wreck occurred. It is totally evident that Kellie is out of her element if it is not country. Off-key and out of sync with the band, she really did poorly. Then she let the world know she blew it…finally a truthful statement from her. Have to tell you, this girl is not well served by close-ups.

ACE: Coming out with his hair pulled back and a suit to sing “That’s All”, everyone knew Ace needed a HUGE performance to get through another week. Not sure it was huge, but it was his best in 3 weeks. Again, though, it is evident he does not have a strong singing voice. He can’t hit big notes.

KATHARINE: Can she ever select a song? Every week she seems to vacillate and change. Loved Rod tearing up one song stating, “Not that one, I am singing that.” OK, she hit one or two sour notes but overall a great performance. The music suits her vocal stylings well and the camera loves her, no doubt. The stylist also seemed to decide that they would not make her look like a frump this week...bravo.


Who should go home…Kellie, without a doubt. It is time the world realizes she is not an American Idol. Her range is too limited. Now, I have to believe the pickle-ettes will not allow that to happen yet…

Who do I think will go home…unless his fan base worked overtime, Ace will be leaving us tonight.

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  1. Angell Says:
  2. Great review - personally I think the mink should be going home, but I don't get a say do I? LOL. Sucks being Canadian.

    LOVED Tay, as usual. And love Rod even more for dissing Simon on national TV.



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