8 Singers & A Queen

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well...first off, let me say it was not the complete train wreck I expected when the 8 finalists sang Queen songs on American Idol last evening.

Funniest line of the night goes to the writers and came from Ryan Seacrest's mouth...as they showed clips of Queen in the beginning, Ryan said at one point that Queen was "known for it's on-stage energy"...the clip showing at the time was of Freddie Mercury all glammed up. Anyone who knows Queen, knows that the "on-stage energy" they were referring to was Freddie's flamboyancy, but I guess Idol is too PC to state that...

I live with a huge Queen fan, so I asked my wife Allyson to give me a one-sentence wrap up on each contestant.

Then the contestants took the stage:

BUCKY: "Fat Bottom Girls" - Anytime he tried to hold the long note his voice rattled and shook. He countrified the song to fit him. It was not great, but not horrible.
Allyson: "Did not like that at all"

I wonder if some editing took place as he and Ryan spoke. Bucky made a comment about it not being easy "jumping behind Freddie Mercury"...Ryan smirked and said "You can say that again". If you have it on TiVO or tape...go back and watch. When this exchanged happened there was NOT ONE PEEP from the audience...not even nervous laughter.

ACE: "We Will Rock You" - Note to Ace...when the writer of the song looks at you and says, "I don't think we will play your arrangement" TWICE...maybe you should reconsider it. This was what Ace the Rock Star would be like... Failure. The song was way to big for him...his voice could not handle it.
Allyson: "I was bored"

KELLIE: "Bohemian Rhapsody" - OK, this had the makings of either the funniest song ever sung or a complete meltdown...guess what? It was neither. This was Kellie as a Dominatrix...the look was a bit too shocking. Her voice was a bit pitchy in spots and as she came back to the stage from behind the judges she hit a note that only dogs could hear...it was so off-pitch. BUT...she did a much better job then I could have imagined and I was entertained.
Allyson: "She did a pretty good job despite that one real, real bad note"

CHRIS: "Innuendo" - This song was one I had never heard of. It is what Chris does...he did not stretch at all again. I think if you played the last 3 of 4 weeks back to back, they would look and sound the same.
Allyson: "Why would he sing a song no one knows?"

KATHARINE: "Who Wants To Live Forever" - Her second choice and she probably made the right one. This song showcased her incredible vocal range. At that point, the best of the evening.
Allyson: "She did a great job with a song I never liked"

ELLIOTT: "SOMEBODY TO LOVE" - Started off strong...lost it a bit in the middle section and then brought it home strong. I watched Elliott twice because the first time I did not like the arrangement of the song. The second time I appreciated it more.
Allyson: "A big fat zero...I only liked the end"

TAYLOR: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - After all the rumors about song choices over the last few days it was nice to hear from Taylor why he switched. What we did not get to hear was the comments by Brian May or Roger Taylor due to the switch and that was too bad. (Note: We also did not hear comments from them regarding Katharine since she also switched.)
OK...now on to the song....GRAND FREAKING SLAM... Taylor as Taylor is best... When he growled out the line "and take a long ride on my motor bike", I knew he was into it. Adding the little R&B to the end was also great. Now Taylor... let it flow…there were two "choreographed" pieces in his performance (Mic stand kick and that little up and down on the stairs), that looked forced...they did not work... otherwise, he was in his element.
Allyson: "THAT was the best all night, he did it" (Note ...Allyson likes Taylor but does not understand my obsession with him "You want to marry this guy?" I was asked last night...Sound familiar ladies??? LOL)

PARIS: "Show Must Go On" - Rocker Chick part 2...The guitar was a bit too loud, but Paris showed she can be a rocker as well as an R&B queen... she ended the show on a high note...
Allyson: "Paris proved she can be what she wants and sing what she wants and do it well"

Simon...what the hell happened to you last night???? Why id you ask if Taylor was drunk???? What did you mean by ridiculous???? Are you trying to sway the voters???

When Paris came out Allyson immediately said, "Simon is going to have a real problem with her"

Is that your problem Simon? Are you having a disconnect over a 17 year old woman being mature and looking much older? If so, fine...but this is a SINGING COMPETITION and she SANG!


Katharine (I am not sure her fan base is strong enough)

GOING HOME..... Bye Bucky..... (Though I would not be one bit surprised if this was Ace's swansong....)

Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...it helps keep you an individual.

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2 Of Your Sparks

  1. robsg1rl Says:
  2. Taylor's "take a long ride on my motorbike"?? ----- :THUD: :THUD:

    He's baaaaaaa-aaack! :):)

  3. Angell Says:
  4. I'm with robsg1rl on this one - and I agree with Allyson on mostly everything - except Kat. Thought it was too operatic for me, but that's just my opinion.


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