American Idol - 9 Doing Country

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Last evening American Idol put us through the COUNTRY THEME night again. Can we please kill this theme for next season?? Thank you.

I agree with Ryan Seacrest...what were the judges drinking last evening? What a strange evening.

NOW, for a little story before we begin. get home last what eneds to be done...get dinner ready... it is now 8:26...TiVO has been recording. I go and turn a light on and the bulb blows, also blowing the fuse. TiVO shut down ..., run, run...grab flashlight...down basement...fix upstairs...turn on TV..phew..Paris is being judged (it was NOT Taylor...phew) Ace live and then go back to TiVO land to watch from the beginning. That told, I will not be judging Paris today.

All comments made prior to the judges speaking:


TAYLOR: You all know how I feel about Taylor Hicks... can't wait to buy his first "under contract" CD. That said... Taylor had a way off night (this morning I am hearing he was feeling sick). Let me tell you all something.. I truly wonder if taylor is tired of this. Spending 7 days to sing for 3 minutes. This is a guy who is used to singing every single night. His eyes just said to me...I want to go home. He looked uncomfortable, he looked stiff,,, he looked bored. Are the producers holding him back? Is he listening to some bad advice? I know the SOUL PATROL was out in force. Hope it was enough.

The girl can surprise there. Beginning was shaky, but it got better from there. She played the entire stage last night and I liked it.

ELLIOTT: Elliott is certainly not a country singer..that goes without saying.. What needs to be said is that he did an excellent job last night. There was some pitchy notes and he may have held some longer than Kenny Rodgers would have liked, but he did well.


ACE: Shaky performance once more. Got bored halfway through the song. Nothing more to say.

KELLIE: Hurts me to say this, but of course, she did well. Good song selection. Good vocals... and then she wears the tiny top to ensure the male vote. Now, about having her hairdresser fly in from Charlotte to do her hair. This po' lil' girl can afford to see someone who charges $300.00 a consult and cut??? hummmmmmm...this is why I can not believe the stories of her po' lil upbringing.

CHRIS: Nice vocal. Glad he did a ballad, though I was not drawn in by it. I am just not feeling him the way i was in the first few weeks.

KATHARINE:Was that country??? I guess if the producers said it was, then it was...INCREDIBLE VOICE... sent shivers up my spine. She is getting more comfortable on the stage each week and that can only mean she is more powerful each matter that she ended up in the Bottom 3 last week.

BUCKY: Well, if he could not pull this off then no one could. Start was shaky, but he pulled it together. I also thought the last note was real weak, like he did not believe in the ending.

Was it Ryan who said "YOU CAN JUDGE THE SINGING WITHOUT JUDGING THE SONG" ? I totally disagree with that. You have to judge the song while judging the singing...



Has BARRY BONDS retired yet? No? Too bad.

Keep that spark of insanity helps keep you an individual.

2 Of Your Sparks

  1. Lpn2calvin Says:
  2. As usual spot on. I think you are in my head somethimes. Great recap. Thanks.

  3. robsg1rl Says:
  4. Holy cow! If my TiVo ever gets interrupted...I think I'd freak! LOL Good save, Bond.

    AI -- Great recap. Dead on with your comments...except please, oh, please don't let Taylor be in bottom three. He can sing better with strep throat than I could after years of voice lessons. LOL

    As for Barry Bonds......ugh. Retire...retire....puuuhhhleeaase retire.


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