Are You LOST?

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, April 06, 2006

Every Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM do you get Lost? Do you find yourself on the edge of the couch wondering what will happen next? Are you a fan of the show LOST?


And last evening, the show took another sharp turn and made me wonder......

Hurley was featured in the show with flashbacks to his time in the psychiatric hospital. It appears he went out onto a porch and it collasped and two people were killed and that turned him catatonic. In the hospital he is progressing except for one patient named Dave. Dave seems to want Hurley to keep eating, not take his meds and to escape. Hurley backs out of the escape at the last moment.

Now, on the island, Hurley sees Dave and chases him into the jungle. Wondering aloud how Dave could be there, Hurley yells "YOU ARE NOT HERE" which point Dave throws a rock and it hits him and hurts....Dave tells Hurley the entire island is in his head..a dream..that he is catatonic in the hospital and if he leaps off a cliff he will wake up. Dave then dives off into the ocean...Will Hurley jump??? Is this all a part of Hurley's coma-dream???

Long story short...Dave is not real..He is in Hurley's mind... and tried to get Hurley to commit suicide. Libby saves Hurley and tells him she does like him and they kiss and all seems wonderful...until...we flash back to the hospital and who is sitting on the other side of the dayroom from Hurley....LIBBY!

So, LOST fans... Tell me... is this all a dream of Hurley's? Is it someone else's dream? Is it all real?? Are they all dead and in purgatory??? (All speculations I have read on the internet.) Let me know your thoughts....

I saw a comment on a site that I did not know... did you???
"Libby told everyone that she was in the back of the plane that crashed...if you go back to season one and look at the last episode where they kidnap Walt...Libby is driving the boat."

These are the times I wish I kept the episodes on my TiVo.

Found some cool sites for you LOST fans:

OK, so I only had one of the bottom 3 right...but it was the person I thought would will get a recording contract and sing the music closest to your heart Gospel. Enjoy and thanks for some great listening pleasure.

I understand Taylor had strep and a fever the night he sang and that "Take Me Home Country Roads" was not his first choice. His first choice could not be cleared, so this was his second selection. Taylor.. you need to belt one out this week...

QUEEN WEEK... Who picks these themes or are they just for sale??? How does "Don't Stop Me Now" sound for Taylor... hummm I like it..would give him a chance to shake it up on stage and it seems to be in his vocal range.

I am also interested in this whole theory of AI being fixed...I have been given links to articles written talking about the lineup of songs on the CD they produce each year which comes out before the show ends... We will speak more on that in the next few days.

Our nephew Joseph is still fighting the Bacterial Meningitis and today will be operated on to relieve the fluid buildup in his brain. Stay tough big guy... we love you and are praying for you.

Will be traveling tomorrow, so this will not be updated until later in the day.

Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad.

Keep that spark of insanity helps keep you an individual.

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1 Responses to Are You LOST?

  1. Angell Says:
  2. Well, I never followed LOST - wish I had. Once my brother burns the DVD's I'll borrow them from him. I've got enough tv on the go right now. LOL.

    As for Tay, well, I'm not a huge Queen fan, so I couldn't tell ya my picks.

    Whatever he does, I'll love.



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