Fond For Friday

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, April 28, 2006

Who is not fond For Friday???

The weekend is upon us...
Two days of hectic running around,
Trying to get all the chores done that cannot get done during the week due to work
Mowing the lawn
Taking care of the property
Visiting family when necessary
Dealing with people coming to see the house
Shopping for food
Doing bills

All I have to say is... IS IT MONDAY YET????, a site dedicated to making the lives of the American Idol producers a living hell has lost their golden girl next up as their chosen contestant...yes folk...TAYLOR HICKS...

This is their explanation for choosing Mr. Hicks:
And we have selected our new VFTW candidate: Taylor Hicks! We even did our banner in grayscale as a tribute to our new pick! Why have we picked Taylor? Well, this show is not made for Taylor Hicks. He shouldn't be singing songs from the 21st century or be limited to Idol's cheesy song catalog. That's not his style, and I'm sure he joined the competition to try to bring something different. The producers don't want something different though, and it's obvious that they're breaking his spirit, even going as far as to make him change his song at this last minute last week because they didn't see "Try a Little Tenderness" as a love song. What? That doesn't even make sense. Tay-Tay is also incredibly VFTW because he either goes all out and acts crazy to entertain us (remember him missing the mike stand during "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" anyone?) or he phones in his performances while looking bored ("Just Once", "Country Roads Take Me Home"). Simon Cowell also hates Taylor, as is evidenced by his reaction at his audition and his reaction each and every week. Simon wants Taylor out now, because he can't stand to promote someone so unmarketable. So what do we say? Stick it to the show and vote for Taylor! He has the Soul Patrol, and now he has us, the Asshole Patrol! Hopefully we can work together to help Taylor win this thing!
P.S. If you would like to bitch about this pick, make sure you write to us with lots of words spelled wrong and use CAPITAL LETTERS and lots of exclamation points. We will take you much more seriously."

Personally, I have mixed emotions here. I understand why the selected him...the extra votes will not hurt...but he is by no means THE WORST.

Marketing 101 Award: Norwegian officials have banned the sale of a L'Oreal perfume from all duty-free shops at the Oslo airport. Seems the geniuses at L'Oreal came up with special packaging for their scent "Flowerbomb". The bottle is shaped like a hand grenade! Officials fear extremists might be tempted to use it to scare passengers.

Can I be Free Award: I hear Amy Fisher is now claiming she was on Ecstasy the day she shot Mary Jo Buttafucco. This was a weird and bazaar story that took place on Long Island, NY. Amy was 17 when she hooked up with a married man named Joey Buttafucco. The affair was wild and wicked and Amy, in her hopes of getting her man, knocked on the door of his home one afternoon. His wife, Mary Jo answered and Amy shot her in the head, point-blank. The gunshot did not kill Mary Jo. Joey went to jail for 4-months on statutory rape charges. Amy lost 7 years of her life for first-degree assault. The police who investigated doubt her claims of being high when it happened.
Now, OK...she wants to tell the world...but why oh why, does she pose for a photograph in the newspaper with her husband (married in 2003) and their TWO KIDS!? She complains that, even though she had plastic surgery and tried using her middle name instead of Amy, the infamy of her actions still follow her.
HELLLLLLLO AMY... Then why the f**k are you subjecting your kids to the news media???

I Do Not Care Award: Really, I do not care that Brad and Angelina are in Namibia and are posing in the desert with her adopted kids, and they may stay there for her to give birth to their natural child...I really don't. And I do not care that they were named by People Magazine as "The World's Most Beautiful Family"...I really don't.
I would only care about any of this if Angelina were calling my name in quiet whispers...nah...not even then....

Can't I Have Any Fun Award: So, two years ago smoking was banned in prisons in NY. Gotta make sure these fine folks don't die of cancer and that the smokers do not infringe on the lives of non-smoking prisoners or guards. OK, well fine...But of course this opened up an entirely new entity. Smuggling of tobacco products. Now some guards at Rikers Island here in NY were busted for smuggling tobacco products and other illegal substances. What I find interesting is the price...Here in NY a pack of cigarettes cost - $7.00. At Rikers, one cigarette costs - $10-20. A pouch of tobacco in the store - $ jail - $40-50. OK, a carton of cigarettes... get sent to Rikers overnight...200 cigarettes time $10 equals $2,000...price of being someone's girlfriend for the evening...way more then $2000...nah...never mind.

Finally... :::in best Sally Field voice::: You like really really like me... well, that might be too much, but yesterday I got TWO comments on my blog...that's TWO kiddies...that ain't never happened before...

Well kiddies...IT'S THE WEEKEND...grab the lawnmower...head to the store...pull some weeds...arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad. AVG. .244 HR 3 RBI 5 SB 0

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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2 Of Your Sparks

  1. robsg1rl Says:
  2. LOL....I look forward to Mondays, too. I can scale down to 10 or 15 things at a time at work.

    Brangelina, TomKat, Vaughnnisten....yik. I'm tired of them all. Hollyweird, if you ask me.

    Gosh, $7 for a pack of cigs???? Now, that's a salty habit. But making it ILLEGAL to smoke in prison???? What in the heck else do they have to do?

    (Uh, on 2nd thought, don't answer that rhetorical question.) hahaha

    As always, love your blogs....:)Wendy

  3. Angell Says:
  4. Hey, I'm always reading and posting. If it weren't for Wendy and I, you wouldn't have an audience. LOL.

    KIDDING. Seriously, I always find out the most interesting facts when I read your stuff. Keep em coming there babe.



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