Tuesday, Katie, Dillingham, Howard, Idol and other cool (to me) things

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ah Tuesday and it is cold out once again...ugh..Cold and damp and WHERE THE HECK IS SPRING??????!!!

Katie Couric is leaving THE TODAY SHOW and heading to become the anchor for the CBS EVENING NEWS. SO, no more 4:00 am wakeup calls...no more pop concerts at 7:20 am on the plaza at Rockefeller Center...No more inane "Where is..." segments to deal with. Now, only real news...straight-ahead, sit at a desk, look at the camera news. Does anyone really thing Katie has the chops for that? I guess we will see soon enough.

OK... we have all read the stories on where the Homeland Security money is being spent. I have seen some strange uses for this money which is supposed to be used to protect the areas of our country most susceptible to terrorists attacks. Now comes the tale of DILLINHAM, ALASKA, population 2,400. Dillingham received a grant for $202,000 which it used to install 80 surveillance cameras to watch over this fishing town. Yes, you heard me right boys and girls...EIGHTY cameras for a town of 2,400. That works out to 1 camera for every 30 people - at a cost of $84 per person. Now, lets see what NEW YORK CITY is budgeted for. AH, $46 million dollars. Per capita...$6 per person. Now, to review...Dillingham $84/person...NYC $6/person. Yup, that seems right to me...OK, EVERYONE RUN AND CHECK OUT THE 10 CAMERAS LINKED ON THE DILLINGHAM SITE...nice basketball courts...

So, Saturday evening Howard Stern and girlfriend Beth Ostrosky were out walking in Manhattan when a crazed fan approached and began threatening them. A call was made to the NYPD and by the time they arrived, the man had left. Enter FARTMAN..oh, no..nevermind..that joke is dead...Anyway, Stern rode with the cops and spotted the man and he was arrested. I have to tell you, I miss Howard since his move to Sirius Radio, as I can't afford to buy the equipment right now. Stern has had his share of loonies over the years (I will pause here while all of you anti-Howard people make up your own jokes)...including a man who once pulled a toy pistol on Ronald Reagan! This man wrote Howard threatening letters and was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail.

Tonight...Country Theme for the Final 9 on AMERICAN IDOL. Tomorrow, look for our review of the performances. One last thing....SING YOUR SOUL OUT TAYLOR.. HAVE FUN WITH IT DUDE!

Sharon Stone and her sequel BASIC INSTINCT 2 have tanked. Barely registering on the top 10 in it's premier weekend, the film is destined to head for your local rental place very shortly.

Anna Benson has filed for divorce from her husband Baltimore Oriole pitcher Kris Benson. Just days before the papers were filed, Anna, in an interview with STEPPING OUT MAGAZINE talked of her husbands fidelity to their marriage. Grounds for divorce....INFIDELITY! Word is Kris is devastated since he and Anna had not "christened the mound" at Camden yards. You see, they have never made it a secret that they have "done it" at different ballparks he has played in. My money is on Anna becoming the newest Anna Nicole Smith "reality-celebrity".

Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...it helps keep you an individual.

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1 Responses to Tuesday, Katie, Dillingham, Howard, Idol and other cool (to me) things

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. V ... Congrats, I really like your 'big leather couch'. Nothing quite like the feel of soft italian leather.

    Katie Couric will be adapt well in her new role, I'm looking forward to seeing her bring her own style to the dreary and dismal corner of what's wrong in our world. I wish her the best and hope to see a breath of fresh air to the otherwise all too serious, droning voices of world news.

    AI is really the only TV I ever make time for (no idea why lately). Someone needs to hand Paula a big time reality check and "Yo Dude" Randy has the same scripted lines week in and week out. The last couple weeks have been 'ho-hum'. I'm ready for Paris to go home, she's going to make it in some capacity anyway because she has the ties and contacts.

    Stay sane, behave, and remember to smile ........ no one is getting out of here alive anyway. Take good care.



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