Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well... I guess I cannot just float into the wind without a recap of the finale last evening.

1) OPENING NUMBER: Carrie is a great singer.... Taylor was much better then Kat on this number.

2) PARIS/AL JARREAU - Great song. They worked together well. This was the first where the guest artist got drowned out by the band. Don't know who they have working levels, but they need to hire someone new next season.

3) CHRIS/LIVE - So, this band decided to whore itself out. I bet they never thought they would appear on AI. I truly thought that Ed Kowalczyk totally out sang Chris. Maybe it was not a good idea you sang with them Chris.

4) PUCK/PICKLER - Does anyone truly believe she thought she came off well in these two segments? It only proved, once again, that the girl is too bazaar for words.

5) KATHERINE/MEATLOAF - Meat, baby...what is up? You looked totally out of it and your vocals were shear crap. Katherine actually was the better of the two here. This song did convince me, that what i have been saying is true. She is made for Broadway. meatloaf's music has always been very theatrical, so this style worked for her. She did bring the Mctata's out in force...did she not realize that the voting was over? And then we get the shot of McMommy, who also brought out her McMommy-tatas for the finale. I guess it runs in the them off! Edit: Meatloaf had surgery not to long ago for Wolff Parkinsons disease, so I will give him a huge pass on his performance.

6) THE AWARDS - Well, I guess you need some caca to fill out a 2-hur show. And I already watched the lousy performers earlier in the year.

7) PUCK/PICKLER - It is fun watching her look like a fool, over and over... "I'ma not eatin' tha"

8) THE GUYS SING - Loved Kevin's little baritone run. Elliott was hot for his segment. Ace, Chris and Bucky also did well...but the highlight was seeing Taylor come out with the harp and blow up a storm.9) ELLIOTT/MARY J. BLIGE - What was up with this? Was Elliott supposed to stand to the side and let her have this as a solo, or was it supposed to be a duet and he got intimidated? I actually did not like her at all.

10) CARRIE UNDERWOOD - Congrats on the awards dear. She has struggled to get airplay on country stations around the country from what I understand. The "good-ole-boys" running the stations have not taken her seriously...guess they have to now. I loved the song. OH...I also LOVED the shoes!

11) TAYLOR/TONI BRAXTON - great pairing. They sang very well together and I absolutely loved the embarrassed look on Taylor's face after Toni tried to wrap his arm around her. He looked like a little kid. (sorry...could not find photo- this is a video grab)

12) GIRLS SING - Paris showed again, how much better she is then the other females (with the exception of Mandissa) - these two should have been around so much longer.
13) MICHAEL SANDECKI/CLAY AIKEN - First, shocked Sandecki came out and actually thought they wanted him to sing. Clay...facelift? Plastic Surgery? Was it a Madam Trousseau was figure of Clay? What the heck happened? That was scary folks. (I only wish I could find a picture of what he looked like last night...scary)

14) BURT BACARACH - This was the best part of the show (besides the results)...This guy has written some incredible music and they paired his songs up with the Idols perfectly! Every single one of them sounded great. Elliott...record that song now! I heard her the entire season. Paris...soared. Bucky...floated above it all...great selection. Kevin even sounded good...not great...good. Funny, Chris did not have a solo.
Dionne Warwick still has one heck of a set of pipes! I liked how Taylor took her hand and "danced" with her and did you catch the hug between Elliott & Taylor...LOVED IT!

15) MALE BONDING AWARD - choices were funny...loved the music behind Chris & Ace. Will Garrett be back... YES he is and with the other two. Song was pretty horrible and Garrett still cannot sing above a whisper.


umm... nope ...Surprise guest...PRINCE!

Did he rock or what? He was on tonight and I really enjoyed it. At one point he had said he would no longer be singing the "sexual" songs...that changed quick!

17) Getting nervous now. Did Simon saying he had won last night make people complacent??? Hope not...tell me who won darn it!

18) Liked the Coke Commercial...make it short...tell us Ryan...nice integration...

19) Katherine/Taylor - "Time Of My Life"...he started off too low but then came back to the Taylor-Sound. They played off each other well I thought.

Jumped for joy and was so happy for him. To the end he continued to act with CLASS & DIGNITY, during his song, making sure to tell American he was living the American dream and thanking the band and America and The SOUL PATROL and the other Idols...

Loved to see HIS father crying ..and not a shot of McMommy or McDaddy...

Well...That about raps it up for American Idol Blogs folks...

2 Of Your Sparks

  1. Angell Says:
  2. Thanks for the wonderful commentary all season Bond. You've done a great job at putting our feelings into words for us. The Soul Patrol is behind you at every review, and I know next season ain't gonna be the same.

    BUT the good news is that Hollyweird is always gonna have nutty stuff for you to comment on, and I look forward to reading those blogs.

  3. robzg1rl Says:
  4. Great ending to a fantastic AI blog season, Bond! Please keep 'em coming. I've got a lot to read from you between now and next January when it starts up again!
    IMO, there'll never be another Taylor. He is a glad you and I were on the same page in diggin' him!
    Anything new from your "timewasters" web? I really enjoyed them as well.


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