Elvis + 4 Idols = 8 songs

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Elvis Presley ... The King ... Rock & Roll ... and as they introduced him last night, The Original American Idol... Last night the theme was Elvis and each of the four remaining contestants selected two songs by The King.
After viewing the Idols at Graceland with Priscilla Presley, we see them meeting Tommy Mottola, who would be working with them during the week. Funny, when they list the people Mottola has worked with they show a picture of him with his first wife Mariah Carey, but the voice-over never mentions her...ah, ain't love grand!
Tommy seemed to know the idols pretty well, their weaknesses and their strengths.

Then they sang...

Taylor Hicks -
"Jailhouse Rock" - Classic Taylor...he spent most of the song in the audience dancing and singing and kicking the show into high gear. Excellent rendition of the song, with lots of enthusiasm. No way can you sing this song without moving and shaking.
"In The Ghetto" - Last week Taylor ended the show with "Something" and showed the viewers he has a tremendous voice. To reinforce it, he selected this wonderful song, which is soulful and smoky. This was Taylor's IDOL MOMENT. Chills sent through my spine. This is the way to win this contest.

Chris Daughtry -
"Suspicious Minds" - Actually, for me, it was the best song he sang all season. His voice was in check, he did not try and scream it and I did enjoy the vocals. Now the glasses and his stage performance...not so much.
" A Little Less Conversation" - I thought this was his weakest performance to date, even weaker then his screaming "Walk The Line"...During every performance, I turn from the screen to just listen to their voices. I have always done this. While Chris was singing I turned and listened. He totally disappeared vocally in the middle.

Elliott Yamin -
"If I Can Dream" - One of those "Vegas" Elvis songs, Paula mentioned it was the song he used to close his shows. It started a bit shaky for me, but then Elliott took hold of the song and belted it to the moon. As I have said before, Elliott can sing, no doubt...his stage persona is getting better, but he still seems out of place up there to me.
"Trouble" - Though i felt he forced a bit in the middle and he had this smile/smirk on his face (not a song to smile while singing), his voice is so pure, he overcame it. Excellent job E.

Katharine McPhee -
"Hound Dog/All Shook Up" - OK, the only female, Elvis week, she had to select the right songs to sing...THIS was not one. Her "medley" was all over the place...way too hyperactive...she garbled a whole verse trying to cover up by turning her back to the audience, it did not help.
"Can't Help Falling In Love" - Did she forget she had a microphone and she was not trying to let the people in China hear her? She totally over sang this ballad and was in key for maybe half of it. She hit bad notes when rehearsing with Tommy and never found them during this performance.

Interesting that Simon only told Elliott and Taylor that they deserved to go on to the next round. Telling Taylor after "Ghetto", "You have just sung your way into the semi-finals young man", and to Elliott "You deserve to move on to next week." His comments to Chris were "It was OK" and then "The first song was better, this was OK"...

I think Chris and Katharine after being hyped as the two getting the most votes two weeks ago, will have the lowest voting totals this week. It could be close, but I believe it will be an all-male final three. Katharine will be sent home.

Katharine and McDaddy & McMommy will be taking the short car ride home on Thursday morning. Taylor, Elliott and Chris will be flying to their hometowns to be celebrated and cheered as they prepare for next week.

Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad. AVG. .261 HR 5 RBI 12 SB 0
Babe...even when he passes you, you are more about baseball then he ever will be. Hank, he will never catch you...never.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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2 Of Your Sparks

  1. Angell Says:
  2. Well said as always. I actually liked Kat's medley, not vocally speaking, but just as something fun. Sometimes people in this competition take everything a little too seriously, and they need to shake themselves up a bit. Too bad for Kat this wasn't the way to do it, but kudos to her for taking a shot at it. What songs do you think would have been THE songs for her to do?

    Rawk the hause TAY! There's our American Idol. :D

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I am so NOT the happy camper, it's only a show .... I know. Katherine deserved the out, she even realized it. Will I watch AI again ..... probably, but not happily. *j*


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