Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just got to watch the show this very minute. Was in Chicago on business and out with clients last evening...I did see 2 stanzas of Kat and then the whole of Taylor's "Coronation Song" - "Do I make You Proud?"
Have to tell you... in NJ never a busy signal for Taylor throughout the season...not the same in Chicago. Had 30 minutes before I had to leave again and only got in2 Votes!!! Lines (all 3) constantly busy.

OK...a lot of observations for the last Review...

Katherine - "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" - Well, she did not hump the floor point for her. You do not have to belt this song out. It is not a Broadway song...It is a song that is sung strong but gentle. Did not like it the first time, liked it less this time.

Taylor - "Living For The City" - Jacket...not so much (especially with the shirt untucked...c'mon Taylor...) Song...very much. Perfect song to do for round one. The entire Kodak was up on their feet. Randy was clapping (not seen often)...Much better then the first time and the first time was hot!

Katherine - "Somewhere Ovr The Rainbow" - Personally I think it is too soon to reprise this song (gee...thanks for backing me up Randy) This is the type of music she must sing...Broadway...not pop. She sings this particular song very well (again, I pose the it because she sits on the floor, thus she can't oversing?)

The shots of McDaddy crying Must Stop!

Allyson's comment "Simon created a monster when he gave her that song to sing"

Taylor - "Levon" - I was happy he was going to sing this again. It is in my top 4 of favorites from this season. He sang it well...but it was not nearly as good as the first time he sang it. Just did not feel the intensity Taylor...

Katherine - "My Destiny" - Her Coronation Song I thought she was pitchy and off key the entire song. She just sang it.. no emotion. This is a happy song...and she did not really smile until the end. It almost looked like she was in pain a few times there. This has been my problem with Katherine from the start. She was trained to sing...but never taught to feel the music. McMommy is to blame for that.

Taylor - "Do I Make You Proud?" - His Coronation Song. You can tell both of these songs were written with these contestants in mind. The storyline is perfect for Taylor, I felt as if he was not only singing it to his family, but to his SOUL PATROL family also. He took an average song and made it a Taylor Song. When he moves his head side-to-side to create the "warble" effect...that is something a performer just knows how to do...

Some overall observations before I do the final...

Elliott - After Taylor's last song as Taylor is yelling SOUL PATROL...shot of Elliott shouting SOUL PATROL...good for 250,000 votes right there.

Constantine - Did you notice him in one shot, when the camera was on the "stare" to the camera? Does he really think that stuff works for him now? He is 10 minutes past over.

Paula yelling SOUL PATROL...well never mind...

The parents...Hollywood plastic and glitch vs. down home charm and sincerity

At the end... Taylor reaches over and takes HER hand...I have said it more times then I can count on these boards(and way too many times for some) Class & Dignity

Liked that they spotlighted Daniel Powter live. Nice touch.

Will use a tennis metaphor (to show I can do others besides baseball)
Round 1 - Taylor 6-1
Round 2 - Katherine 7-6 in a tiebreaker
Round 3 - Taylor by 6-3


Your 2006 American Idol 5 Winner...yup...
Mr. "Does he have Tourrettes?" (most popular question asked on the AI boards when Taylor first auditioned.);
Mr. "No way will these two put you through to Hollywood";
Mr. "Wedding Singer";

Mr. Taylor Hicks!

5 Of Your Sparks

  1. sueann Says:
  2. Thanks, Vince! Can not wait for the show tonight.

  3. Angell Says:
  4. Great review, as always. Gonna miss that insightfulness about AI. But there's still the rest of the world to make fun of....

    HUGS to Big Brother Bond.

    Luv yer Angell

  5. Anndi Says:
  6. Did he do us proud? I'd say so.. and so did you.
    As usual, the review was spot on. Yes, he was talking to his beloved Soul Patrol as well as his family. No other contestant on AI has been so loving and appreciative of the fans as Mr. Taylor Hicks.

    Only one more night of the McDaddy and the McTears...Lordy, does that man have stock in Kleenex?

    And yes, Taylor did extend his hand.. You can say it as many times as you wish... Class and Dignity. There's too little of it in the world nowadays.

    Thank you Vince,


  7. robsg1rl Says:
  8. Taylor is full of heart and soul, right up to the very end. What a class act!

  9. Brandi Says:
  10. Hey Vince

    I have been faithfully reading your blog everyday and it's been fantastic!

    I have some pictures of Taylor I would like to send to you. Apparently when he was home a couple of weeks ago, he came by one of our offices and took pictures with some of the accounting staff. Unfortunately, I was out of town at a meeting and did not know he was coming, otherwise I would have cancelled my meeting! Anyway, If you will send me you address, I'll forward you a pic.

    Take Care!
    Brandi Overbeck


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