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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, May 19, 2006

Thfriday? What is Thfriday you ask... well it is a combination of Thursday and Friday. Yesterday I was out at a meeting and never got to post, so this is my post for both days...
Sort of like Brunch... That combo Breakfast/Lunch thing people do on Sundays.

Good Luck Elliott will do deserved better this week, but as you have done all year, you conducted yourself with Class & Dignity. Your love for your mother and brother touched us all, as did your silky voice.

We are at the finale of American Idol and the two remaining contestants are Taylor Hicks & Katherine McPhee. I personally think they cold not be more dissimilar. Taylor has been performing for years in bars and clubs and functions (his last performance before leaving for Hollywood and American Idol was a wedding! - Man, that was one cool wedding I bet). He knows his voice....knows how to entertain and knows how to present himself to the world.
Then there is Ms. McPhee. Honestly, I do not know about her background performing live, but from everything I have seen she does not know her voice or how to truly entertain or how to present herself. Sorry if that seems harsh, but it is what I believe...and here is why:
  • All season and especially the last few weeks the judges have told her numerous times that she is trying to "power-ballad" her songs. She has been told many times to "sing the melody." This past week, her rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was greeted with such appreciation because she did just that...sang the melody. Her other two songs were totally over-sung. Trying to overpower both, her voice gets pitchy and she loses the flow. Now, I know McMommy is a voice teacher and I put the blame squarely on her shoulders. You can see she is thrilled when Kat tries to this is how she taught her.
  • She does not know how to entertain. She is totally lost on the stage. Watch her..she sings..looks down and moves..sings...looks down and moves...over and over... She needed to take her shoes off to go on the second stage the other night. Girl, if you can't walkin 'em..leave 'em home...Also, and this is key...I truly do not think she ever ever listens to the words she is singing. She smiles a the more inappropriate times - you can not smile when you sing a heartbreak song...
  • Why do I feel she does not know how to present herself? This past week is a prime example, but it has happened all year. When another contestant is voted off she laughs and smile and claps...Yes, you are allowed dot be happy..but wait until you are off stage .. and do not gloat in front of others. This is obviously something she learned at home, because if you watched this past Wednesday, when Elliott was eliminated her parents were up hooting and hollering, totally classless.
Now, lets compare...Taylor:
  • Understands his vocal limitations and for the most part, picks songs that fit him. You can say his dancing is frantic, but he is just letting the music move him onstage. He is not choreographed at all.
  • He can command the stage and the audience with ease. All season he has had the audience up and dancing - or responding to him both during and after his performances. When the song calls for it, he stands and sings..(see "You Are So Beautiful" or "In The Ghetto"). He was questioned by some writers this week for his anguished face on "You Are So Beautiful"...hey gang, this is a heartbreaking love song. The singer is so in love it hurts for him to profess his love...that is why the look was not smiley and happy.
  • When another is eliminated, Mr. Hicks immediately tells them he is sorry and hugs and/or kisses them and only once was there any sign of celebration (the week he and Elliott were told they were the MIDDLE TWO...not even the top 2). Compare his parents reaction on Wednesday..they stood and applauded Elliott with straight pumping of fists at the camera (McMommy!).
I can only hope that this coming week Mr. Hicks is crowned the winner...America will be a better place musically if it happens.

Tomorrow is Baseball Homecoming in WWP. This is something I conceived last year.
We have 2 Middle Schools and 2 High Schools in town, so we wanted to set up a special day when they played each other. It was done with little fanfare and only our JV and Varsity teams played. We still had over 300 people at the varsity game.
This year we begin at 10:30 with the Middle Schools facing off. Then at 1:00, the freshman teams 4:00 it is JV and at 7:00, Varsity plays.
We set it for now, so alumni can come after finishing school. We have two alumni (one form each school) throw out ceremonial pitches before the Varsity game. This year we had banners up around town and had a great article in our local paper. I conceived it, but without the cooperation of our Athletic Director, his staff, all 8 coaches and the countless volunteers from our Booster Clubs, it could never come off and to all of them I say THANK YOU.

This is about the boys and getting big crowds to their games and welcoming back alumni and celebrating BASEBALL... The greatest sport IMHO.

Now, I am traveling on business Monday and Tuesday and not sure I will have access to a computer so I may not be able to post... don't go running off to find another blog to read... stay right here and i will return atleast on Wednesday with my Final Idol Review...


Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad. AVG. .233 HR 5 RBI 14 SB 0
Babe...even when he passes you, you are more about baseball then he ever will be. Hank, he will never catch you...never.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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2 Of Your Sparks

  1. Angell Says:
  2. Well said Bond - love all the blogs. Will miss my Mon & Tues fix, so Wednesdays blog better be a hum dinger. LMAO.

    Have a good weekend.

    Elliott, we miss you.

  3. robsg1rl Says:
  4. Elliott, you left with style, grace, and class. I so wanted a guy-guy finale. TH-EY would have been wonderful! You will go far, young man.

    Bond, great blog!! :)


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