Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, May 26, 2006

Long week, with my trip to Chicago and the fiasco yesterday on the trains...I was stuck for over 5 hours...soooo much fun ... wooooo

Part of it is also the comedown from the American Idol run I have been on for 12 weeks.
Knowing it is over and thrilled for Mr. Taylor Hicks, but still, knowing there is no show on Tuesday...what will I do???

Tonight Derek Jeter goes for his 2,000 hit. He has played in 1,570 games. If he gets the 2,000 hit in his 1,571 game he will be the eighth Yankee to hit 2,000 and the fifth-fastest to reach this milestone among players who made their debut since 1961. That would be faster then Don Mattingly, Paul Molitor and Pete Rose. It is amazing that in a recent Sports Illustrated Jeter was voted the most OVERRATED ballplayer by his peers. Overrated??? Let's see... Rookie Of The Year (1996); 2 Gold Gloves; All-Star Game MVP; World Series MVP, oh and those 4 World Series Rings...Overrated? Jealousy is more the contributing factor to those players who voted. (not to mention catches like the one shown on the right...)

Just for you trivia buffs... the 2 Yankees who got to 2,000 faster then Derek:
Joe DiMaggio - 1,537 games - 2,214 hits
Lou Gehrig - 1,576 games - 2,721 hits

The other Yankees who reached 2,000 and the number of hits they ended with:
Babe Ruth 2,518
Mickey Mantle 2,415
Bernie Williams 2,255 (still active)
Don Mattingly 2,153
Yogi Berra 2,148

Fleet Week in NYC...I know some of the ladies I met on the American Idol boards have been waiting for that information to be posted...I expect them to come a running to NYC anytime now!

So, the geniuses at Hasbro thought they could manufacture Pussycat Dolls figures and market them to preteen girls. Have these bozos ever seen the Pussycat Dolls and know what their act is all about???
An incredible writing campaign by parents - over 2,000 letters and emails - have shot that idea down...

Memorial Day weekend coming up. Not sure there will be a Monday posting...

Please remember all of the brave men and women who have served in our military and protected our freedoms.

2 Of Your Sparks

  1. robzg1rl Says:
  2. yep, I think everyone's gonna be comin' down off of their AI highs we've been existing on. Love to see Taylor win, but hate that it's over.

    Derek Jeter overrated? Uh, no....THAT would be Mr. Barry Bonds.

    Fleet week? Ooooooooh....I love a guy in uniform! Yes, bless those men (and women) serving our country proudly.

    The Pussycat Dolls should've never been considered by Hasbro unless that's the company that manufactures those life-size plastic blow-up dolls. Way to go moms and dads of America! Kudos!

  3. Joyce Says:
  4. that was amazing. we have been following your blog and cant believe how we were on the same page every bit of the way.

    as for are on the money there. jelous is the key word no doubt. he is great.

    chicago? did i miss something?


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