Two For Tuesday

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Well, it is Tuesday, which means American Idol and today the remaining 5 get to sing 2 songs each. One from Billboards Top 100 charts from last week. The other is from the year of their birth.
Hopefully, this week, the producers do not decide to sabotage any of the contestants, especially Mr. Hicks.

Have you heard of the fires buring in Florida? The authorities have concluded they were started by 3 kids, a 10-year old and a 12-year boys and a 14-year old girl. The police and fire have already said they will be charging the parents of all three with the costs associated with fighting the fires and my erespose is ABSOLUTELY GREAT! It is about time parents are held responsible for the actions of their minor children. other Idol news Clyde Pickler was released from prison yesterday. So glad that AI is not going to show us that reunion...
Prison officials said once viewers eliminated Kellie from the show on Friday, they thought the the questions about her father would stop...evidently not:
"But we've gotten more phone calls asking about when Kellie's dad will be released than we got about the day when all those employees got fired,' said Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger, referring to March 15 when nine high-ranking prison employees were simultaneously fired as part of a statewide management shake-up.
When the satellite trucks and reporters descended on Florida State Prison Monday morning, none of the questions were about prison management. Instead, the questions focused on Clyde Pickler."

It was also announced yesterday that Randy Jackson became the final judge to re-sign for another 3 year extension, so all three will be around for awhile.

Did you see that Universal Pictures release UNITED 93 was the second highest grossing film for last weekend? It pulled in $11.6 million. The film was made for $15 million, so obviously the people at Universal are celebrating. Not sure I am reeady to watch this movie...

OK Monopoly is your chance to help re-create this great game. Hasbro has announced they are updating the game and moving it out of Atlantic City. That classic game has morphed into 200 different editions and sold more than 250 million copies in 80 countries since Parker Brothers, now a division of Hasbro, produced it in 1935.
The new game will be called "Monopoly: here and Now." Fans can vote for which landmarks they want included on the board.
You can vote at for such landmarks from 22 cities including, NY Times Square, Chicago's Wrigley Field, Honolulu's Waikiki Beach, Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.
Voting conludes on May 12th with winners to be announced in August and the game ready to ship to stores by the fall.
The city with the most votes gets the special high-rent Boardwalk/Park Place squares. Rent will also increase to keep up with the times and airports will replace the railroads.

So the Supreme Court has sided with Anna Nicole Smith and is allowing her to refile to get the inheritance she feel is hers....I just love this story...

Finally, today I answer my friend Angell's question regarding Barry Bonds... (see she is from Canada and well...she is from Canada!)

Barry Bonds was a great of the best of his generation. A few years ago when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were jacked up on steroids (my opinion), and were hitting home runs like crazy and exciting a nation (who had their heads in the sand regarding the steroids issue), Mr. Bonds got upset. You see, he is a egotistical little child and he was upset McGwire ( a white man) was getting all the publicity. So, Bonds began his own regiment of taking steroids and human growth hormones etc. etc. he then, at an advanced age, began hitting home runs at an incredible rate. He is now 3 away from tying Babe Ruth for second place all time and within a year of passing Hank Aaron for the most home runs hit in a career. I hate cheaters and wish he would just vanish and go away...
Now, do you feel my anger Angell?

Has Barry Bonds retired yet? No? Too bad. AVG. .265 HR 3 RBI 10 SB 0

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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  1. Angell Says:
  2. Ok, being from Canada has NOTHING to do with not knowing what's going on in baseball. I just happen to think that it's as boring as watching paint dry.

    But thank you for clearing that up.


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