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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, June 09, 2006

Yesterday, we spoke about the Bollywood movies and your ability to add subtitles to some funky flicks...Well, I figured out what I need to do, and in honor of my time watching American Idol this year, I present you with my attempt at humor...just go HERE to see it...

Also, it appears the link to the final topic (what to do with 5,000,000 matches) did not take, so here it is...go HERE.

SO, yesterday brings some good news and some not so good news....we all know the good news...the American Military did their thing and we are now rid of a human piece of cow dung...LOVED the front page of the NY Post this morning...Look, the Post is not a bastion of educated news, but sometimes they can hit the nail on the head...

The bad news relates to what is happening in my beloved game of baseball...The FBI, DEA and IRS raided the home of Jason Grimsley, who was playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks this season. During his interrogation, Grimsley admitted to using steroids over the past years and that, since the testing came into being, switched to Human Growth Hormones (HGH), and was using it even this year...
This is bad enough, then he started naming other players who he says did steroids and HGH...why does someone have to grab hold of friends and teammates and drag them down also? What is happening to my game? How can we clean it up and get back to the joy of the game?

This is a player who was on the Philadelphia Phillies in the early 90's, the Cleveland Indians in the mid 90's, the Yankees in '99 & 2000. There were rumors abounding about the locker rooms of the Phillies and Indians during those years, though I never heard anything about any possible steroid abuse on the Yankees, but who knows...

There are no reliable tests for HGH at this time, and all I know is Major League Baseball better spend some money and let researchers find a reliable test for HGH and put it into effect, whether it is a urine test or a blood test, it must be done soon, or our NATIONAL PASTIME will suffer irrevocable damage.

I can almost deal with the greenies in the locker rooms for some extra energy for a day game after a night game and travel.. but steroids and HGH must go... and must go NOW

If this used-car salesman of a Commissioner (Bud Selig - right) can not get this situation in check, he needs to step aside and let someone who can take over.

The Associated Press released this story earlier today:

Jason Grimsley was asked by federal agents to wear a listening device to gather incriminating evidence against Barry Bonds but refused, an attorney for the former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher said.

"It was a specific effort to target Bonds," Edward Novak told the Arizona Republic. "We were told that Jason's cooperation was necessary to their case."

Novak also told the newspaper that Grimsley denied volunteering names of fellow players, as reported in court documents released Tuesday. Instead, federal agents asked Grimsley what he knew about the illegal drug habits of specific athletes, such as former Mets and Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra.

"They asked him specifically about Barry Bonds, and Jason said he didn't know Bonds well and didn't know if he did or didn't use drugs," Novak told the paper for a story Thursday.

The attorney said investigators asked Grimsley whether he was close to any San Francisco Giants players who might talk about Bonds. Grimsley refused, Novak said, and told investigators "baseball players don't go around talking about who is using and who isn't."

Grimsley asked the Diamondbacks to release him yesterday in preparation for him to retire. MLB has said they will penalize him for his admissions to the F.B.I, but if he retires, what can they do to him???

This story is not going away folks...and that is very very sad.


Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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