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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, June 02, 2006

Sits back and wonders if yesterday's topic was too serious for my legions of readers ... (legions of readers...LOL..that cracks me up!!! )

OK..let's look at these numbers and you can guess what they are for:

From 2005 to 2006 percentage changes-
Jersey City/Newark, NJ +79%
Louisville, KY +70%
Charlotte, NC +64%
Omaha, NE +62%
Milwaukee, WI +36%
Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA +16%

New Orleans, LA -50%
Washington, DC -40%

New York City, NY -40%

Wonder what that is? That is the change in percentage of the amount these cities will get from Homeland Security for anti-terror funds.

Yup... our geniuses at HSD believe that Louisville and Omaha and Milwaukee are in need of more money per capita then New York City and Washington, DC...
Someone want to tell me where the terrorists struck 5 years ago??? Anyone...Bueller??? It appears these numbskulls have forgotten.

One of the factors they use, it appears , is the number of "assets" a city has. In this case, NYC came out well...I guess they have 6,964 "assets". They include 4,048 "commercial assets" and 1,614 "transportation assets".

Here is the kicker folks... on the evaluation NYC is listed as having no "National Monuments & Icons." Yup, you heard me...ZERO..NADA...NONE...

Hummm.. Empire State Building, Statue Of Liberty, U.N. Building, Brooklyn Bridge...anyone see any "National Monuments or Icons" there???? Anyone... Bueller???

OK, not to insinuate anything, but the head of the HSD, Michael Chertoff, (left) well he is from New Jersey (Newark/Jersey City +79%). The chair of the Homeland Security Appropriations subcommittee, Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY)...yup he lives in Louisville (+70%). Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist (R- TN)... his home ...Memphis got $4 million.

Omaha's "National Monuments & Icons"...? Florence Mill Historical Center, birthplaces of Gerald Ford and Malcolm X.
"Hey Mustafa..we must hit Omaha and cripple the USA."
Cows outnumber humans 4 to 1 in this area where the funds were allocated.

"We have to look at the risk of NYC in relation to the rest of the country as well," said Tracey Henke, a DHS assistant secretary. "You're only as strong as your weakest link."
Ummm Tracey, sure you do not want to retract that ASININE STATEMENT????

While NYC got more then any other city - $124-million - it has twice been hit by alQaeda attacks and major plots to attack the Brooklyn Bridge, (right) the tunnels that service NYC, wall street and various other targets have been uncovered.

Of the 46 cities that got special grants, NYC ranks 23rd per capita, getting $16 per person.
Meanwhile, residents of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, a hot target for terrorism, got $67/person and Atlanta, GA got $45/person.

Look, this is not to say that the people of these other cities are any less important, but you need to know that, if a terrorists wants to make an impact, it will NOT be in Omaha or Milwaukee.

And Washington, DC getting cut also...sorry folks...these idiots at HSD have not impressed me since the agency was formed...but then again, NYC was promised billions by our President right after 9/11 occurred and then 9 months later when everyone was not looking they changed their mind. Was good politics to stand at ground zero and make promises...and that is all it was..politics...rubbish...broken promises...

OK, you have a 17 year old son and one day he pulls into the driveway in a 2002 Mercedes Benz S430 ($35,000.00)...of course you need to ask..
"Hey son, whose car is that?"
"Ah, mom, it is mine, it was a gift."
As any parent would, you ask again..."A gift? From whom?"
"Well mom our next door neighbor hired me for the summer to work at her import-export business for the summer"
As any good parent would do, you question some more and then, hoping this is not the case, you call the police to make sure the car is not stolen. But of course it is not stolen, and is registered to your next door neighbor.
This neighbor with the import-export business? Been unemployed since you can remember.

So, what to do now?
"Son, are you...ummm...well...are you sleeping with this woman?"
"Oh geeze mom, yes...we have been together a few times in motels, in her house and in her car."
Happened again folks... 39-year old Lisa Frodella of Carle Place, NY was arraigned this week. Seems this began in January, when the boy was 16. She would call school and pretend to be the boy's mom to get him out of school. Ah, and she has two daughters, 14 & 15, who go to school with the boy.
She has been charged with two counts each third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sexual act. She faces up to 4 years on each count.
Of course her lawyer say the boy is lying through his teeth and that Lisa is so happily married and her husband who fully supports her, since they have "a strong marriage."
Not sure the husband knew all this, since he skipped her arraignment.

Robert Jackson,60, and his wife Vessie, 59, were arrested in Lake County, Florida this week.
Their son is in prison right now awaiting trial in a sexual assault case. So, why were mom and dad arrested???
Well it seems mom dad and son concocted a plan...he was nervous that his wife and three children were going to testify against him. So, as all good mom's and dad's would do, Robert and Vessie went to a motel assuming they were meeting a hitman and offered him$100 to kill the wife, 3 kids and family dog!
Of course the hitman..well he was an undercover cop...BUSTED!
The family dog????
Maybe he was a pointer and they thought he could identify dad from the witness chair...

Have a great weekend safe and enjoy...

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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  1. sueann Says:
  2. Aw this was cool! Loved reading it, very informative and interesting! Thanks, Vince!

  3. damm Says:
  4. good stuff bond

  5. robsg1rl Says:
  6. Ah, nice to see the good ol' boy system works around the nation. I thought it was a local thing.

    No more NYC national monuments and icons.....anyone tell the terrorists that? It's a news flash to me. Heaven forbid they discover some that this committee overlooked one day.


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