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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Sunday, June 18, 2006

Of course, I never post on the weekends...but with my birthday having been Friday and me being home sick, I was not able to post my Father's Day wishes. I guess it is better posted today anyway.

For some reason, Blogger will not let me get my photos posted, so i will need to add them later...

Of course I am a dad to Matt, who is a wonderful kid...but as they say, you don't know what your parents go through until you become a parent...

Vincent Ernest, my DAD was born to Ernest and Amelia Marini. What you have to know is that they married very late for those days and Amelia was in her early 40's when dad was born.

As you read on Mother's day, he met Joan when they were teens and right before he went to Korea, they married.

Vince began his career in the mailroom of a big advertising agency, but eventually found his way into publishing.

OK..some memories and facts may be slightly off...as you know I am now 52 and that is supposed to mean I am old...

I remember as a baby (2) in the Bronx, mom bringing me a bottle late at night and bringing back a glass of juice for DAD. I really remember DAD trying to drink the juice lying down and spilling it all over himself...big laugh! First real memory for me!

I remember as a kid watching the news to see a big party being hosted in Rockefeller Center, being held in the area where the skating rink is. It was summer and there were all these barbeques going and in the middle of it all was DAD...it was event he conceived for the advertising clients of the publication he worked at.

I remember DAD trying to help with my baseball skills as a kid.. I had few...how did Matt get so many???

I remember DAD taking Richard and I to Yankee Stadium to see Mickey Mantle and THE YANKEES!

I remember DAD and I going on a car trip when I was 16 down south so he could visit his clients. At this point, he worked for Esquire Magazine and was Advertising space sales manager. His accounts were the cigarette companies and many electronics companies...some of the top echelon of advertisers back then. Well, we were driving into Winston Salem, NC and a car with NC plates comes zooming by and (as I rememeber), the girl was sitting on the guy's lap and her back was against the drivers door...a few seconds later the wail of the police sirn could be heard.

To my shock, the cop was pulling US over...the car with the NY plates...and the absolute biggest human being I have ever seen gets out of the car and dons this big ass hat and walks over and tells DAD he was speeding and has to follow him to see "the justice."

Now we get there and walk into this Mayberry looking police station. Guy in shirt and pants sitting at the desk, feet up on the desk, watching baseball (I almost want to say it was the All-star game)...Cop explains we were speeding...DAD starts to tell abot the other car and the girl and them cutting by us like bats out of hell... cop is upset and slams hat down and sayS "Ya honor, let me show ya on this blackboard..."

The Judge never took his eyes off the TV the whole time....and says real quiet like, "No need, they be paying the fine or spnding the night." DAD calling client in Winston Salem to get some cash to pay the fine.

Same trip...me in hotel in Atlanta, laying by the pool..ordering room service while DAD is working....DAD explain how that wasn't gonna happen any more that evening...

Now in Virginia on way home visiting some old neighbors...me going out with the three daughters who used to babysit me and my brother and sister...and me getting wasted...and DAD not being happy and when we left the next morning, him finding the greasiest spoon he could and forcing me to eat runny eggs and bacon and OMG .... barf....lesson learned...

I remember DAD and I being competitors in printing sales and LaIncontro Ristorante in NYC....table 41 (mine), table 40 (his)...on a Monday - he there with a client, me with one of mine. On Wednesday, both of us back there with the other's client from Monday.

I remember DAD whispering to me when Allyson was pregnant..."hey Mickey Mantle's initials were MM...what about Matt Marini if it is boy." Allyson never heard that story until after the birth certificate was signed, sealed and delivered.

I remember DAD suffering with his knees for years and finally having the knee replacement surgery...and having a bit of a rough time with his recovery.

I remember his recovery becoming a non-subject when mom was diagnosed and him just stepping up and taking care of her and forgetting his ailments.

I remember that he taught me to be a man and to always remember family first and to be honest and never duck your responsibilities...sometimes I wish I rememebred some of those things better... but DAD you did teach them...

Love you...

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  1. Vincent SR. Says:
  2. Thank you. You remember well!

    I remember a terrific kid who grew into a wonderful young man, husband and father.

    Happy Father Day,
    I love you.

  3. sueann Says:


  5. The Geeber Says:
  6. I like the new layout, Vince! Nice and clean. You must be in the publishing/ad industry! Ha! Hope all is well. Just dropping by to see if you've posted recently. And you haven't ... :-)

    I've been writing quite a bit lately (www.myspace.com/geebersworld) but it's hard to keep up with it daily, I know.

    All the best to the Marini clan!

    Peace, Gretchen

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Love, love, love the pictures you added! Vince, through the decades.--Gretchen


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