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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, July 27, 2006

OK, I know all my Canadian readers will now be screaming and yelling things like:
"Hey Hoser..what is up with ya...what is this all aBOOT anyways? You promised us some pictures of men in skates on ice...we had to sit through the pictures of men playing that game we how's aBOOT some hockey???" do you all like the new look? I got tired of the darkness with all the black on the other site and it made it difficult to get some things to show. Hope you like it---let me know please...

DAMM SIGHTING-- thanks Damm for your comment... I guess you can appreciate without comments...but I so love the comments...makes me feel like you like really really like me...oops sorry, Sally Field Moment for a second...

So, I want everyone to send a note of disgust to the Honorable Superior Court Judge Thomas Olivieri of Hudson County, New Jersey's Chancery Division. I use the term Honorable loosely here folks. Seems he was the presiding judge in a case that makes my stomach turn. Young girl is born and there are complications during the birth - it is a breach birth and she is left with a severe spinal-cord injury that kept her from walking and gave her breathing problems and required her to be fed through a tube.
The father - a sleeze named Ruben Martinez, abandoned his wife and child. He paid absolutely no child support--not one cent, and spent virtually no time caring for his daughter.
When she was six years old, she was awarded $2.5 million in a settlement that was held in trust for her care.
Well, this young lady passed away, in September, at 22 years old, without a will.
Here comes the deadbeat dad..taking the mother to court for his 1/2 of the approximately $1 million dollars left in the estate.
The girls mom called Rueben nothing more than a "biological donor" in court papers.
here they go to court- in a case that should have been thrown out on merit - and in front of this excuse for a judge. His ruling...
While acknowledging that "biological relationships are not the exclusive determinant of parenthood...Inheritance is not conditional on the behaviors of a parent."
Bottom line- he awarded this piece of whale dung 1/2 of the estate!
To add insult to injury, the mother had countersued for all the child support "Whale-Dung Rueben" had refused to pay over the years. Our wonderful judge---well he dismissed the suit saying the issue was moot since the young woman was already dead! What an ASS.
Now the kicker..."Whale-Dung Rueben" had gone to court 2 years after the settlement and secured a declaration from a NY Family Court that he was this young woman's father...
Riddle me this kiddies--- he abandons them...learns of the settlement...goes to court so he can have proof he is the dad...never pays a cent to her for her care...rarely if ever visits...and then waits until she dies to weasel his way into the money...OK, who want the first shot of hitting this guy with an 8-foot long 2' x 4"??? Line starts to the left...
And maybe...just maybe, we should have good old Judge Olivieri standing there waiting for his smacks. The only good thing this reprehensible judge did was award the mom $300,000 from the company holding the trust fund to reimburse her for medical costs incurred. No word on if "Whale-Dung Rueben" can get some of this. And he is going to use his part of the settlement for college for his other kids!!!!!!
The mother is now pushing for laws to prevent dead-beat dads from getting their grubby little whale-dung fins on settlement monies. Let's hope it happens folks---write to your state officials and make it happen.

So, Floyd Landis failed a drug test. WHAT??? You don't know who Floyd Landis is??? He won the Tour de know the race won 685 times by Lance Armstrong...who was always anyone clean in this sport? truly... someone answer me...

So, Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson are going to exchange vows 4 times this week in France, California, Michigan & Tennessee...Now I just know that my invitation is waiting at home for me...I know it - yes I do...

Poor Prince - he is Prince again...right? Or is he that symbol (not even wing-dings has that symbol!)...or is it The Artist Formerly Known As Prince... or maybe it is now, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Then As A Symbol And Now Just Prince Again -- my head hurts now... well anyway
his wife of five years, Manuela Testolini Nelson, filed for divorce on May 24, according to court documents obtained Wednesday by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Me wonders...Prince married...yup I am gonna just keep wondering...

More Big Big News--- Tori Spelling - YOU know...Donna on 90210 - the daughter of Aaron Spelling will inherit just $800,000 of the TV legend's estimated $500 million fortune. WAIT- STOP...let's review that one more time...$500 MILLION!!!! Now, I hear it is all because she does not get along with mommy and that dad rewrote the will recently...My advice- SUE THEM ALL DONNA... Don't let them do this to Steve and Brandon and get them to help...what? what? OH that was her character on a TV show.... nevermind.

Have you seen SURI??? 100 days since her birth and not one person has seen her....maybe she is on the mothership with L.Ron ... oops - sorry attorneys for Mr. Cruise say I must take that out....go on...sue me--just try it... can't get water from a stone... come on...take me to court... SURI SURI SURI SURI HA!

Finally today....the huge news hitting all the magazines and TV entertainment shows... I mean HUGE NEWS... Lance Bass of the boy band N'Sync is gay... sounds of total silence...I mean... is this really news?

Remember .. Nets For Malaria - - find the big SI's Nothing But Net logo ... Or call 202.887.9040. Every cent goes to buying nets to place over the beds of children in Africa to stomp out Malaria. PLEASE HELP.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. Turnberry Says:
  2. Those Canadians do love their hockey. Best not rile them. Get those pics posted!

    Love the new look-- much nicer--brighter.

    Damm--like Pavlov's dog---lmoo

    And where is the NASCAR?--Well you said there'd be racing...

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Soooo ... where's the hockey pictures you promised me? I really enjoyed looking at your photos but was really excited when you said you had some quality shots of God's gift to the sporting world: hockey. So what's the deal, eh, hoser?
    Entertainment news always strikes me as funny in a Twilight Zone kind of way. Talk about excesses and eccentricities! Who REALLY feels the need to marry 4 times? Especially to the same scum-sucking hoser? ONCE is more than enough for most of us. And who the heck is Lance Bass? And who cares aboot his sexual orientation anyway? I stopped listening to Prince's music as soon as it became apparent he was as freakish as Michael Jackson, so I could care less aboot him and his marital status. Lastly, poor little Tori Spelling. She makes mommy mad by slamming her on tv, and daddy shows his disapproval by reducing her take on his fortune - talk about bad timing! Of course, if it was me receiving that kind of dough, you would see me dancing a jig on the rooftops, so I guess everything is relative. Notice I made no comment aboot the deadbeat sperm-source? Guess that aboot says it all, eh? Now, wouldja stop making fun of the way Canadians talk, ya hoser?

  5. Tried to leave a comment a few days ago but blogger wouldn't cooperate. Love the pics of your Z! Always been a fan of the car...lucky enough to have owned 2 of them...still miss them!

  6. DAMM Says:
  7. (slobbering)
    Floyd i hope thats not true. are there any hero's left?

    p.s. yeah! where is the NASCAR LOL
    (NY boy, just doesn't get the Nascar thing)

  8. damm Says:
  9. P.S. Tori Spelling. Has there ever been a better coat tail rider?

  10. Anndi Says:
  11. Still no hockey eh... re-hmfff!
    I'll give you a hint.. it's played on ice... with sticks and a round flat thing called a puck (which some can't follow unless it glows...*rolls eyes*).. players wear skates.. and there are goals.

    If Nascar gets posted before hockey... well, I give up.

    I may have to call the Hanson Brothers..

    Gee.. How about ackowledging one of the 2006 inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame and his connection to New York and American sports history.. M. Herb Brooks (coach of the Rangers from 81-85) and driving force for the (so-called) Miracle on Ice of 1980!

  12. Diana Says:
  13. Bond,

    This is the most entertaining post I think I've read in a long time. Suri is missing, Lance is gay, and Landis a cheat...what is the world coming too?

    Something else I would like to see discussed is "Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's eight-week old daughter has been immortalised in wax by Madame Tussauds." Tell me your thoughts, talk amongst yourselves.

  14. Angell Says:
  15. Love the new look. Where's the HOCKEY??????? Don't piss off us Canucks. Next thing you know we'll be raiding Jersey with our vats of Tim Horton's coffee and our lacrosse sticks (hurt more than hockey ones do I'm told), and bring a whoopping down on your ass!


    Glad to see that damm has appeared out of oblivion.

    Anndi - you got those Hanson's on speed dial?

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. In response to your comments to the case of Rosa Rogers and Ruben Martinez. You speak of the situation as if you know what you're talking about, when really you have no idea. Don't you know how much newspapers and media LIE? If you follow the story a little more, you would know there were interviews held in Mr. Martinez's home by a number of news stations. RosA Rogers claims Ruben was a deadbeat, yet on the interviews Ruben and his wife show the reporter a STACK of picture from over the YEARS, from when his daughter, Jenifer, was a child into her adult years. And, a few newpapers actually apologized for the articles bashign Ruben Martinez.
    Don't believe everything you read in the papers, they're not looking to expose the truth, they just want a story sometimes. Also, before you start talking about hitting people in the face with boards, you should get to know the individual. Do you know Ruben Martinez? Do you know about all the times Rosa Rogers told him he could come visit Jenifer, he would go to their house, only to wait four hours and Rosa Rogers never showed up? Did you know about all the times Rosa would leave and go on extended vacations Mr. Martinez was visiting his daughter?
    You think you know, but you have no idea.
    How do I know? I am his daughter, Jenifer's step sister. I miss her so much. You did not see the tears my father has cried for Jenifer during her life and after her death.
    So Mr. Bond, who is the real "whale-dung" here?
    As I mentioned earlier, don't be so foolish and believe everything you read in the papers- that's one thing I learned, becuase I lived it.

  18. Bond Says:
  19. This was about child support and taking money that I do not believe he had the right to.

    You do not mention child support payments or prove of them.

    The information I spoke of was on numerous sites....


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