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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yes, I know Italy won the World Cup...yes, it makes me feel good to see my "mother-country" rule the world of Football/Soccer...but truly...they won on PENALTY KICKS!!!!! What is that all about??? Someone said that is like getting to game 7 of the World Series and after 12 innings, the umps call time and announce that the winner will be decided with a home-run contest. Each team selects 5 pitch per player...whoever has the most home runs at the end wins...BORING!!!!!!!!!Congratulations to the team. I heard there is some scandal going on within the Italian Soccer some of the team had that on their minds. Truly...don't care about that at all.

The Baseball All-Star Game is being played this evening. This thing has become a popularity contest with fans block voting for their entire team; the managers selecting their players over more qualified players and then the ultimate...players being selected by the fans and then deciding NOT to go! That is just wrong. If you are injured...take the trip anyway and take your bow...the fans asked for you there..and without the fans, you are some guy playing a game with some buddies and certainly not earning multi-million dollar salaries.
And the fact that this determines which league gets home field advantage for the WORLD SERIES???? Absolute stupidity.
It seems Major League Baseball has said the logistics of allowing the teams with the better regular season records have home field would make it difficult...GET REAL.
The NBA does it...the NFL does it...why oh why can't MLB???

Hot one out there today...Another hot night at the grill....

Speak tomorrow...

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

2 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I'm glad SOMEBODY cared about the outcome of the World Cup this year ... other than the participating countries, that is. Soccer, more than any team sport, is MY game, but even I have gotten tired of the shenanigans of the players. Watching a grown man rolling on the ground for 5 minutes when he falls down in hopes that his opponent will get a card ... is that what professional sports has come to? Winning at any cost? I'd rather watch a group of 8-year olds play. At least THEY haven't yet forgotten that sports are, first and foremost, a game, and by definition should be about fun and NOT merely about winning.

  3. Turnberry Says:
  4. I wondered when you were finally going to chime in about the Italians winning. The head butt ranks up there as one of the alltime doofus things done in the name of being 'dissed'.

    I 1000 per cent agree that allowing the 'winner' of the All Star Game to determine home field advantage is being beyond ridiculous. I love baseball but never watch this game. The only reason I check to see who has won is because of this silly 'new'rule to make the game count for anything. And we all know that is only to boost TV ratings.

    The best thing about the All Star break this year is that at least the Braves can't lose a game until Friday.



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