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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To begin...even though this is dated Tuesday, it was not posted until Wednesday. I did TRY and post this yesterday, but Blogger was acting up and would not let me upload pictures. Got it working today...Will do hockey tomorrow...did not want to overload the post for today...

ALSO!!! We have heard from FRED...check out the comments from Friday's post...Hey are a scream...I would give my eye-teeth (what the hell are those anyway???) for 80-100 readers a day dude!

A friend of mine told me that - by nature - blogs are egotistical...
Well, I guess I am proving it this week, posting pictures I have taken.
Getting only two comments, well...that is the needle pricking the tiniest of holes into my ego balloon...
Will it stop me???? HELL NO...

This was taken on Central Park South, in Manhattan, where the hansom cabs line up to take people for rides through the park. The driver and his horse were bonding and all my brain kept thinking was that an owner and their pet grow to look alike.

"In His Eyes"
This gentleman was sitting on a bench in Central Park when I saw him. I was about 50 yards away and had my telephoto lens, so he never knew I was shooting him. It was his eyes that got to me. There semed to be depth in them...not the emptiness you see so often in the eyes of the homeless.

Street musicians in Manhattan are as common as sidewalks. As I was walking by, this combo had taken a break and my eye caught the intersections of the brass from the instrument, the music
stand and the music lights. I snapped it.


This field of Tulips was along Fifth Avenue, just outside central park. The combination of the
reds, greens, whites and brown of the dirt caught my eye.

Gold-glove third basemen for the Yankees from 1973-1983. Also played with Minnesota and Cleveland prior to NY, and San Diego, Atlanta and Montreal afterward. This was a diving stab of a hot-shot down the line, and he touched third to get the forceout.


Ron Guidry, Yankee ace southpaw from 1975-1988. Played his entire career in pinstripes. Won 25 games in 1978, including a 19 strike-out gem on the day after my birthday.
He was selected as the 4th pick in the first round of the 1968 draft. Spent his career with the Yankees. Named Rookie of the Year in 1970. Named team captain (the first since Lou Gerhig) in 1976. Named American League MVP in 1976. Died in a plane accident on August 2nd, 1979. Personally, my saddest day in a ballpark ever, August 3, 1979.


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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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  1. Turnberry Says:
  2. Really like these photos too. I'm a sucker fo pretty much any horse photo but--that being said---nice composition on that one. Also really get what you are saying about the man's eyes---good catch.

  3. DAMM Says:
  4. We don’t need to comment to appreciate

    good stuff.

  5. WILD Says:
  6. ok, ok.....walks in, plops down on I can stay in the will :0)

  7. Turnberry Says:
  8. The Duck--like Pavlov's dog


  9. Anndi Says:
  10. No hockey... hmf!


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