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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hi...Welcome to Wednesday. Wow, this is the longest gap of no-posting days since I began. Missing 3-days! I am sure some of you are lying there, unable to move...Trying to decide what is wrong with this world...
Sorry... Tournament ended Sunday and Monday and Tuesday became recuperation and catch-up days.
Been real hot here and Saturday and Sunday were killers. Saturday was the championship game and Nottingham beat West Windsor, so they had to come back on Sunday and play the final game. Sunday... West Windsor 4-1 over Nottingham and the first District Championship since 1991. Have you been paying attention..That is the year Kevin Barry played on the team... and now he plays for the Atlanta Braves...You know the team everyone wrote off who are now playing like they own the world...Last night, they won their 7th straight game going to before the All-Star break. In the 5-games since the All-Star break they have scored 15, 11, 10, 15 and 14 runs. It is the first time since the 1930 YANKEES that a team has scored in double digits in 5 straight games.
We all know our loyal reader Turn is very happy these days...Her Braves are flying...But will it be enough for them to get back into contention for the post-season....oh...Kevin's stats since joining the Braves:Speaking of our BELOVED YANKEES...They are also playing very well winning all 5 of their games since the All-Star break and now only 1/2 game behind the team from Boston. Gotta love the kid...Melky Cabrera...He has just played very well in spots for this team - winning last night's game with a walk-off homer in the 11th.

Other things...
I get Rocketboom on my TiVo, so I normally watch a week's worth in a sitting. Well, when I went to look at how many episodes I had to watch, I was surprised to see so few...I figure..OK, holiday and all...They took some days off...turn on last Wednesday's edition (the oldest one there) and ...WTF??? There is a new host and something about Amanda leaving....so, I run over to her blogspot HERE to see what I missed in this whole story and man it appears it was FUGLY!
There is a great video of Amanda saying good-bye HERE...gotta tell you - the show is nothing without her...the new host....nah!

INTERNET BENCH...OK, going too far now me thinks...
You can go HERE and see the internet bench in Gdansk, Poland...hummm.. not much happening right now as I watch...yawnnnnnnnnnn

TRAFFIC CALMING ...yeah calm this MOTHER%#@*&*!
This is the practice of reducing the speed of traffic through populated areas. Common ways you all know are speed bumps, or those ubiquitous electronic signs that tell you how much faster then the speed limit you are traveling, or even taking a straight road and adding gentle curves to it to reduce speed. Well, at site called "Road Witch", they also give some other "unique ideas." Funny stuff I say ole' chap!

Finally for today...we hit on this way back in the beginning...but you just HAVE TO LOVE Kyle MacDonald...remember him? He is the guy that began a quest for a house with ONE RED PAPERCLIP...he made 14 trades and one year later- to the day! - he has a house!

Incredible thing this Internet is....Just think about it for a bit...

Remember .. Nets For Malaria - UNFoundation.org/malaria - find the big SI's Nothing But Net logo ... Or call 202.887.9040. Every cent goes to buying nets to place over the beds of children in Africa to stomp out Malaria. PLEASE HELP.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

5 Of Your Sparks

  1. Turnberry Says:

    Now I've made the blog!!

    ::Doin' the Snoopy dance::

    Braves looking good and chugging away at that big ole lead they let the Mets get. It's like someone flipped a switch-- heck even Hudson won last night against the Cardinals and he hasn't been able to find the strike zone in a month.

    Must not get too giddy--long way to go still.

    But....for right now


  3. Damm Says:
  4. damm

    did someone say detroit tigers?

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. p.s. turn is a lurker

  7. Joyce Says:
  8. ok - glad you are back - yes i was beginning to wonder. now i am lost...Have to figure out what is "rocketboom"

  9. Turnberry Says:
  10. And Damm is a stalker!!


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