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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hummmmmmmm..... OK, remember I said that before I posted yesterday it showed 13 page impressions. I got 8 comments (including one from the one and only FRED!) ... and it shows 53 impressions. So, I guess either I do not get that whole page impression thing, or many did not post as instructed.

OK class...when the teacher gives an assignment... Oops, no Fred is the teacher, not me...nevermind! Though I have thought about following his lead and chucking the corporate world for the halls of academia...if Middle-School or HS is academia...and YES..I KNOW IT IS!

We even got a few new comments from our July 4th post, so you may want to scroll back to that one. Sue adds some interesting information about Adams and Jefferson, which I had forgotten about. Thanks for the extended lesson Sue.

Not one person was offended by my comment about Ken Lay so that made me smile. I used it on my friends Janice & Andy last night, as they had not read my blog yet...and it got a laugh from them, so I figured I was probably in the clear.

No, really...until someone in authority totally confirms it is him and they didn't do one of those FACE/OFF things (ya know the movie with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Travolta has Cage's face transplanted onto his body...Good flick..pick up the DVD if you have not seen it)...I will not be convinced that he isn't lying on a beach on some deserted island in the South Pacific.

I have a tree in my backyard that is green with moss from all the rain. And, YES, I realize I spelled the word MOLD as "MOULD" yesterday. Mr. Mould (gosh, I don't even know his first name anymore!) was our Principal in high school. We even made reference to his name being something that lives in dark cool places in a skit I wrote for our Senior Follies...WOOOOOO Commack HS South Spartans - class of 1972!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight begins 10 days of the West Windsor Little League hosting All-Star games, including the District 12, 12-year old Finals. The winning team goes on to the State tournament...then they can move on to the Sectionals, the Regionals and finally the holy shrine of Little League baseball...WILLIAMSPORT, PA. We have had 2 teams win the District but never get out of the States.
I run the concession stand there and have for the last 8 years. CASA DE WARD is unique for a Little League Concession stand in my humble opinion. We serve the normal foods - hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pretzels, ice cream & drinks.
I also make homemade Sausage & Pepper Hoagies (translation for the rest of the country ...subs, grinders, heros - think that covers it); Barbeque Chicken Sandwiches (breast meat slowly cooked in a blend of 3 barbecue sauces and then shredded, served on a bun) - Our cheese steak is made with thinly sliced Rib-Eye...

And then, from our local deli, we also offer - fresh-made each day - Turkey and Tuna Wraps; Chef Salad, Caesar Salad and Fruit Salad. On Saturday mornings they delivered Bacon, Egg & Cheese and Sausage, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches to us - fresh and piping hot.
The deli items are new this year, but two years ago when we hosted this tournament, Casa De Ward actually got a whole article in the Trentonian Newspaper. Nice article and a picture too! (hummm scanner is not hooked up - dang!)
We have averaged between $9,000 - $11,000 per year - regular season for the league. It allows us to bring in a professional "baseball landscaper" to maintain the fields, which means we have very few rain-outs. The league was deeded a touch over 11 acres in the 60's, so we own the property our 3 main fields are on.
Now 2 years ago for this tournament, we earned $14,000 in 14 days. Not bad for concession stand food! Oh, and we are one of the lower priced stands in our district. We do insist (with a bond) that the parents work ONE 2.5 hour shift per family, so that is not so bad. For post-season, each family pays $25 and we hire local teens. Worst part of the job for me? Every second Sunday, spending 2-3 hours cleaning the deep fryer...I mean YUK! Well, Rocky loves me when I come home stinking of grease, but other then that....So, that is where I will be found - working the grill, for the next 10 days weekday evenings and Saturday and Sunday. For some reason, Sunday is the longest at 1, 3, 5, 7 ... 10 hours...oh my!

We do have a former WWHS player in "THE SHOW" at this time. His name is Kevin Barry and he is a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. His first appearance in the majors was against the NY Yankees in a game the Yankees were ahead 8-0 I believe. He came in and pitched 3 shut-out innings. It was real easy to root from him to do well in that situation. The Braves need pitching and I was surprised Kevin was not up earlier.

His current line reads:
His MLB page can be viewed here.

Lots of rambling today...

Have a great Thursday afternoon/evening...

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

Little button - in the center - says Read Comments - that's where you post too yup that's the one! LOL crackin myself up ..........................................again -

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  1. Turnberry Says:


    And they actually won a couple of games!

    Love it when one of the players we have starting here in Lexington makes it to the Show so I can relate to following a hometown guy even if it's not your team. (They who shall not be named)

    Which is why I check the box scores to see how John Buck (our catcher our first year) is doing with the lowly Royals. He helped us(Lexington Legends) win a championship and it's cool to see him do well even with a bad team.

    Keep blogging away---we'll keep talking at y'all.

  3. Tybee Says:
  4. Hi! Just letting you know I enjoy your blog (I'm "magnoliabreezes" from the AI boards). Keep those cards and letters coming! :-)

  5. robsg1rl Says:
  6. Sounds like your next 10 days are going to be fun! I'm hungry already.....where's the concession stand??? LOL

    Love, love, love the Braves. Even though they're not so great this year....I love 'em anyway!

    Ken Lay....yep, he's MIA not DOA, IMHO. :)

    Keep on bloggin' :)


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