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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday....ah ... HUMP DAY...whatever that means...

So, we live in the digital age folks. I grew up watching film from Vietnam...grainy film showing soldiers fighting a war on the other side of the world. These soldiers also sent home photos taken with their Kodak Instamatics to wifes and mothers and fathers.
Even 12 years ago, we watched news footage of our soldiers fighting in the deserts of the middle east and they were, no doubt, sending home pictures to their families. Now, the soldiers are actually showing all of us the scenes from Iraq. The explosion of sites like have made this possible. Yes, our fighting men and women are bringing their digital cameras and recorders with them and filming their lives over in the desert. They also have laptops and all of the necessary software to compose mini-films. These children of the MTV generation are now sharing their daily lives. Not sending grandma and grandpa videos of the grandkids playing in the ocean on vacation, but footage of bombs exploding..rifles being fired...and not sending them to the families...but to all of us through youtube and other sites. The Pentagon is not even limiting these videos. As long as they do not compromise operational security and the soldiers are not profiting, it is all good. You can go to and search for Iraq videos.

One is called THE ENEMY and is set to Korn's "Y'all Want A Single."

At, look for LIVE FROM IRAQ - this one set to a rap song recorded by US troops while outside Baghdad.

Also at, is IRAQ (SO FAR AWAY), a journey from Camp Pendelton to Ramadi set to "So Far Away" by Staind.

Hey, just google "Iraq Music Videos" and your screen will be filled with links.
The war to you in a blink of an eye.

Google has also started something called "GOOGLE TRENDS" - this shows you where the most searches for anything come from. It is pretty cool.

Like, did you know the city that searches for "Taylor Hicks" the most is Leeds, AL, with Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Tampa, FL and Rochester, NY rounding out the top five?

You can also compare items, so if you did a Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee search, you will see that her searches are dwarfed by his, even in Irvine, CA - her homebase.

Albany, NY
leads in the search for the phrase "Pepsi" with Denver, Co second and
Buenos Aires, Argentina third.

A very cool device...check it out yourself... Thanks for taking a seat on the couch...hope it was restful and you learned something...

Lastly...following the lead of the great FRED, I will now be responding to your comments in the comment area.. so look for my witty comebacks!

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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  1. damm Says:
  2. Google Trends!

    Check this out!

    just like David Hasselhoff, i am big in Germany. I knew if i looked long enough i would be big somewhere! :)

  3. Dixiechick Says:
  4. I have been trying to post in here for a freakin week and finally figured it out. Guess I've been having a mass multitude of "Pickler Moments" Heck, I even wanted to take the "Road Trip" yesterday. Guess since Turn has called shot gun, I'll have to sit with the damm Duck and make him behave. *evil grin* I CAN DO THAT!!!! *looks through closet for Duck Master Kit* woooooo

  5. Turnberry Says:
  6. I remember the nightly news and the footage from the Vietnam war. It's ingrained in my memory because it seemed so immeidate and graphic.

    And when I watch the videos on youtube I can't help but think of just how real it is for them and I am never 'just looking' because it could have been my Dad or sister and I feel for them and their families.

    When my Dad came home from the Gulf War it was on the day of my sister's wedding. We finished the ceremony and then piled into a car--racing to the airport--chasing the planes we could see but not catch. By the time we cleared security we were in the 'second wave' of families and it was pretty chaotic. But as soon as we saw him we broke into a run across the tarmac all of us sobbing and laughing and almost knocked him down. The joy and relief I felt that day--unmatched.

    So when I look at the videos--the people risking their lives and sharing with the world their experiences--I remember how it feels to have that worry. And I pray that all of them will get to have that big tacklehug--even though I know so many won't.

  7. damm Says:
  8. turn! your making me cry!

    wow i can't imagine the helplessness of waiting for someone to come home from a war.... i bow and pray for all those who do.

  9. Bond Says:
  10. Damm - you are big everywhere Duck...

    Dixie - glad to see you joined us dear...please make sure the duck has plenty of water there in the back

    Turn - Thanks for sharing... what a wonderful memory that is for you and your sisters... So glad he was able to come back to you all


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