Ernesto, CD Rentals & Labor Day

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, September 01, 2006

Welcome To THE COUCH...Sit on Down and Get Comfy...

I want to send a prayer of hope to all my friends in the Carolinas, that you get through Ernesto unscathed.

He will be hitting us in the next two days also...nice long weekend spent inside....

HEY! As Joyce suggested in yesterday's comments..perfect time to hit the CD Rental store and grab a few movies...ummm may I suggest ANIMAL HOUSE, CADDY SHACK, THE BLUE BROTHERS (Thanks Dixie)...and then, you can pick one.

When you watch ANIMAL HOUSE, before beginning, go to the "Bonus" area and make sure you play it with ANECDOTES ON....that way you can watch and occasionally read some funny, interesting facts about the movie and the actors in the movie. I will give you one which I found amazing. Donald Sutherland (Professor Jennings) worked for TWO DAYS on set. He selected to be paid and not take a back-end percentage. He earned $50,000 for his two days work. Pretty incredible - right? Well...if he had taken a percentage, he would have earned OVER 17 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!

Goes to show...Sometimes taking a risk is better then playing it safe.

I could sit here and tell you so many more...but I will leave it to you to learn on your own.

I also enjoyed the two other features in the bonus section. One tells of how the movie got made (and almost didn't get made and the other is a Mockumentary on "Where Are They Now." Funny stuff.

Finally on this subject, Turnberry has found a site with ANIMAL HOUSE TRIVIA! You can find it HERE.

Gonna just be a short one today, as I am beginning the daunting task of packing the house. No, nothing has happened yet, but it has to be done eventually with the house for sale and might as well get going, in case I do have to hussle off the the South soon.

Have a very safe Labor Day weekend. I truly hate this means the summer is over...My favorite season, gone in a flash...the weather turning colder (already 67 degrees here today - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)...

Watch out for the idjits on the roads...and don't you be an idjit...Hand someone else the keys before the first drink.

Will be taking Monday off...THE COUCH is going to visit his cousin
THE BARCALOUNGER... Me I am staying home, but without THE COUCH here, well this can't get done!

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.


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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

4 Of Your Sparks

  1. Turnberry Says:
  2. See-- I told you you had gone and done it---another cool site--I LOVE the quotes section!!

  3. Dixiechick Says:
  4. Yes, many prayers going up for our frinds in the Carolinas.

    Although, it's going to be a beautiful weekend here in Tennessee, no I'm not rubbing it in, I still think I will camp out in front of the tv in the bedroom and watch one of these classics or two...heck maybe all 3... hehehehe... I know that my Kaitlin will enjoy watching ANIMAL HOUSE again.... Yes, she has seen the classic and LOVES IT!

    Have a good weekend!

    Lee Ann

  5. Coco Says:
  6. Ashamed to admit it ... I have never seen Caddyshack ... *hangs head*

    But, Blues Brothers is one of my all-time favorites ... not to mention the incredible soundtrack, which is a veritable who's who of great blues and soul artists. And, of course, we have already had the Animal House discussion. Some great tunes representing that soundtrack, too. On an aside observation ... NLAH was Tom Hulce's first movie, and I still find it difficult to take the movie "Amadeus" seriously, with him in the lead role ...

    Have a great weekend, Vince. Hope all goes well with the house purge.

    Hugs, Coco

    btw - is my new blog when you get a spare minute

  7. Bond,

    Thanks for the invite to visit The Couch. I have enjoyed your musings. How about them Sox?


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