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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome To THE COUCH...Sit on Down and Get Comfy...

No warnings today Kiddies.... we are gonna keep it light and airy...

First off...last week I mentioned a cool site that can be found at FAVORITE OFFICE TIMEWASTERS. The site I was referring to was one where you can compose your own PUNK rock song...Brother Rich pointed out that what I wrote was you can compose your favorite PUKE rock song. He asked if it was a Freudian Slip! Nah...just clumsy fingers and not using a good editor! LOL

Find the link at the FOTW site and look for the posting called "You ever wanna be sedated" and become a PUNK ROCK King or Queen!

I made up a few and they were pretty cool beans!
A new entry to our COOL SITES TO VISIT...we have had a BUSY SIGHTING...it appears she was sitting on THE COUCH yesterday and left a comment!

For those of you unfamiliar with Busy...well first off - you should be ashamed! LOL

She is one of the true originators of the SOUL PATROL. She began the first OFFICIAL SOUL PATROL thread on that AI site, and helped name the group.

Now this mother of two, has the time to not only run the blog linked here, but at least two others that I can tell...one on knitting (found here) and one on books (which might be dormant at the moment, but can be found here) and she is part of a group blog that does knitting for charity (found here) and my goodness gracious girlfriend...I even found another old one, but that is totally dormant. So, everyone jump on over to the knitting, sewing etc page and give a big WOOOOOO shout out to BUSY FROM 'DA BRONX!

OK...we are three days into the new television season and so far I have found three new shows for my endless list of TV viewing!
  • SMITH - CBS Tuesday's at Tuesday at 10pm. There is a rebroadcast of the pilot this Saturday at 9pm, if you missed the first show. Ray Liotta leads a team of high-end thieves, while leading a normal life as a concession stand merchandise salesman. The rest of the cast includes: Virginia Madsen, Franky G., Simon Baker, Jonny Lee Miller and Amy Smart. The first show was high-octane roller coaster ride. Check it out. I think this one is going to be fun!
  • JERICHO - CBS Wednesday's at 8pm. I am trying to get a feel for this one. The show comes out of the box fast and hard and focuses on a small town in Kansas and at least two nuclear explosions. The cast includes: Skeet Ulrich, Gerald McRaney, Ashley Scott & Pamela Reed. I am not sure how many episodes of post-apocalyptic drama I will be able to deal with, but I will give this a few more views.
  • STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP - NBC Monday's at 10pm. TiVO alert! Up against CSI:Miami. I caught this as a rebroadcast on Bravo last evening at 11pm, but it does not look like it will be a part of the Bravo schedule, which is too bad. From Aaron Sorkin, he of West Wing fame; starring Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet (WOOO), Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley, Sarah Paulson, Nathan Corddry, Timothy Busfield. Some cast! First episode reminded me of one of the West Wing episodes...they throw you right in and hook you fast. Based upon a Saturday Night Live type show. Perry and Whitford work real well together, bouncing off each other like they have done it for years. This looks like another keeper Kiddies.
Short personal note...it is amazing that you get a call from one creditor and they treat you like you are garbage and should be put into jail and then get a call the next day from the same company and this person listens to you and treats you like a human being and works with you so the repo man is not going to pull into your driveway at midnight and take your car.

And it is amazing how your outlook on life is so different after both phone calls.
Have spoken on the phone with the folks from Inner Workings and it appears we are moving forward, yet I have not received an offer letter…and until I do, I don’t count anything as done.
So, have you seen any new TV shows that have caught your eye? Do you even watch TV shows?
Let's get a little discussion going here Kiddies...

Don't everyone speak up at once!
Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.


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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

13 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dixiechick Says:
  2. I saw the Busy sighting too... Was glad to see that she was still around.

    Phone calls from future employers are good.... really, really good... ;-)

    As far as the new TV season... All I have been able to watch so far is Deal or No Deal... yes, I love Howie... CSI Miami... woooo Horatio...he showed the drug lord who was "Boss".... I think I'm beginning to have a thing for Horatio Caine... he's one of my kind of man... The more I look at him the sexier he gets... ;-) my opinion...

    Then I did get to see the season premier of Law & Order CI, but feel asleep watching Law & Order SVU...

    :-( Didn't get to see NOTHING... YOU HEAR ME NOTHING LAST NIGHT. Tony and I decided that we would have Dish hooked up in the front room and our bedroom. Leave the Direct for the kidos in their bedroom. Well........ the Dish guy got at the house at 4:00 pm yesterday... at 10:30 pm HE STILL DIDN'T HAVE OUR DISH GOING!!!! Needless to say, I AM PISSED! I know, I know I could have gone in one of the kids rooms, but they were in their watching their shows. I don't like it when the come in the front room and change the channel, so I won't do that to them. Hopefully, this DISH GUY will have my tv up and running tonight. If not, I'm calling Bruno... maybe he can convince him to have my tv working ;-)

    Lee Ann

    PS - sorry no gropes and smooches today, I'm sleepy....all I can do to function... Love ya though!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. There's a lesson to be learned in there, Bond my dear - two phone calls from the same company, with two completely different approaches. Hmmmm ... I wonder which one gets YOUR vote? We sometimes forget what kind of impact our words and attitude can have on others. Used the same lesson in class today, coincidentally. LOL - had to get my schoolteacher plug in there. OK - now I'm going back to my fetal position in the corner - have a good 'un, hon.


  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Forgot two things, so I must remain upright for a little longer. If I don't talk about tv, you know it's because I haven't watched any, right? And, I tried the Punk Rock site - interesting enough that I earmarked it for use in my music classes (there's that danged plug again)! Later, Bond.

  7. robzzz Says:
  8. Watched "Kidnapped" last night. I think it was the premiere. It was pretty good. Moves fast....but it has lots of faces in it, including Dana Delany and Timothy Hutton as the main "couple."

    My shows start tonight with "My Name is Earl" and "The Office" (IMHO, the funniest shows out there right now)

    Also, SNL axed three castmembers. I am not familiar enough with them to know if one of those was the one who parodied Taylor Hicks.....hope not. Looking forward to Mr. Hicks being on the show himself this fall.

    Lastly, remember "Biggest Loser" from last season? The winner of the show just married the runner-up last week in Jamaica. I loved to hear that!!!!! I am such a romantic at heart :)

  9. Bond Says:
  10. Lee Ann: I have caught a bit of Deal or no Deal...da guy from staten ighland - he was one funny dude..and his two daughters...were the midgets???? (Little people???)

    Ah The Dish guy better get movin' I tell ya that!

    Coco: I just KNEW you would like the Punk Rock site....and I have no problems with obvious plugs!

    Robzz..Kidnapped just didn't grab me in previews...I could be wrong about it though...
    Love Earl...The Office..sometimes I think it is funnier then s**t...other times WOW- I did not know get bored... so weird about that show and me.
    I did not hear about Matt & Suzi - I was amazed at his weight loss. She always rubbed me the wrong way though.

  11. Dixiechick Says:
  12. I've said it once and I'll say it again...

    Congratulations to you and your New York Yankees for clinching the AL East Division Title last night.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. From the mind of Meribah:
    Whut's TV? LOL I haven't been watching much TV lately. Been meaning to, but them peeps in chat won't let me leave, you know that right? I'm forced to stay there and have comical conversations with 'em all night long or until my eyeballs fall out of my head and roll around on the desk, whichever comes first! LOL

  15. Am Says:
  16. Bond, I knew I liked you even if you are a Yankees fan. I've been talking about the new fall season for over a week now. As if baseball and college football isnt enough to keep me away from studying I now have new episodes of my fav tv shows! Must say, I enjoyed Studio 60, funny in a dry sorta way none of this stupid funny crap that people are into nowadays. Tues night i watched Boston Legal, what can I say William Shatner is hilarious as Denny Crane. My big night is tonight I've waited forever for Greys Anatomy and ER I just hope they live up to the htpe I've made them in my head. So far so good in tv land Ive been very pleased. Now back to studying.....oy

  17. Travis Says:
  18. Pleased to report I am able to slide from West Wing directly into Studio 60. Perry and Whitford - inspired. Busfield - strong as always. Peet - yeppers. The rest of the cast looks solid - looking forward to them getting something to do. Waiting for Josh Malina to show up here - he usually makes his way into a Sorkin show eventually.

    Sad to say that nothing else has captured my interest. Well, there's Vivica - did I happen to mention that she's hawt?

  19. Bond Says:
  20. Dix: Can you believe I didn't lead off with that?? LOL I guess when you have done it 9 years in a row...you sort of expect it! No seriously...I just didn't think of it..never cocky

    Meri: Just move the computer by the TV dear!

    Am: Why TY for that... Never got into Boston Legal or Grey's. I lost touch with Er somewhere last season. he medical shows I guess I got overloaded on them.

    Travis: Yes, I forgot to mention Busfield...I have always enjoyed his performances...
    No, you haven't mentioned that vivica is hawt...OH WAIT..YES EVERY OTHER EMAIL SAYS IT! LOL ...but um... she is smokin' tis true - maybe she can call you when Taylor calls... nah, she gave up on that call!

  21. lurker Says:
  22. when dammm creates a blog, it's time to unplug the computer and go back to TV

  23. busy91 Says:
  24. Haha I just saw this post. You crack me up bond. Thanks for the comments. Hey, did you get my contact information? I thought maybe my phone died or something.

  25. Bond Says:
  26. My pleasure Ms. Busy... I did.. just have not had a second... will soon though


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