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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome To THE COUCH...Sit on Down and Get Comfy...

Thanks to everyone for including the heritage of their name from yesterday's sitting. It was fun to hear how your names came to be.

If you have not read through the comments.. do yourself a favor and do so now.

OK, you back?

Well...there is one mistake that I can only blame on my 52-year old brain beginning to melt from lack of activity.

I was NOT supposed to be Alexander...I was supposed to be Steven.

I am very glad I was not named Steven...no offense to the Steves out there..but it has never been my favorite name.

Thanks mom for dope-slapping me last night and making me remember...otherwise the rest of the story I related in the comments section is true.

What? You didn't go read because you thought "What the heck."

OK we will wait.. NOW GO READ THE COMMENTS FROM YESTERDAY...we will all just wait around for YOU!

OK...now are you back? Good...let's proceed...
Found this video. Now, I agree it looks like it has been sped up, but I have watched it a number of times and though it has been speculated by some, it is NOT on a loop. Nowhere in the 1:06 minutes is one pedestrian or vehicle repeated.

So, you think traffic in your city is insane???

Think again:

Pretty scary stuff huh KIDDIES?!
Music all over the world....means many different types of instruments. Check out this site hosted by Wesleyan University. Some real cool instruments and you can hear mp3s of the sounds they make....

The site can be found HERE
Ah...THE MATRIX...I really enjoyed the first one...the second was good...the third...not too great...
THE MUPPETS...well before my time, but Matt used to enjoy them. I really think Kermit is the epitome of "nerdy-cool".
Well, now you can have both...all in one video...check out this cool "trailer":
FUN ZONE ALERT KIDDIES...This site is called LINE RIDER, where you draw a bunch of lines and this cute little guy rides them on his sleigh.

Now, I have tried it a number of times and killed the little dude everytime...
but I am committed to making him live through an entire ride!
The site can be found HERE
Ah...the Internet...the virtual superhighway (hehe...that IS a pun for this next one...read on)...a place to find out all of the important things in live...and some not so important...and some, downright scary weird.

Now, I am not sure where to place this website...it is up to each of you to decide...

Quoting (and paraphrasing) from the site:
My name is Justin Davis, and I am a professional musician with the US Army Band, which is comprised of many bands stationed at Army posts in the US and overseas...
ForteTwo is my project to locate the Highway 42's of the world, and if possible or practical, photograph them with my 2001 BULLITT Mustang. I got the idea on the way back from a car show in Wichita, KS, ...I noticed a junction sign on I-235 for Kansas 42. With my interest in the number 42 already well rooted from having read and heard the radio script for Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I just knew I had to stop and take a picture... Since it involves a great deal of studying maps and research, I call it Quadragintaduology: literally, the study of 42.

Find Justin's site HERE
Tired of sending your friends boring emails? OK, we all know that you can add cute little emoticons that move and shake and some even talk...

You know in the crime movies, the criminals sit and cut words out of newspapers and magazines to send their message without using their own handwriting, thus thinking they can't get caught?

Of course, the genius CSI's always catch them anyway...

Well...would you like to combine the the latter with the former ....AND HAVE YOUR EMAILS TALK TOO?

You would? Well then...head on over to GO DO SOMETHING and get started....here you can compose an email from the words and symbols provided and send them in an email to your bestest friend...

The site can be found HERE
Well as Bozo The Clown was once heard saying off-camera in a classic clip "That should keep the little bastards occupied."

Hummmmm did he really say that? I am not sure.. but prove me wrong!

THE COUCH will be late tomorrow as I have 6 hours worth of interviews with a company here in New jersey. Actually, after that, i can not guarantee my brain will be able to even do a post...so don't cry...we will be back on friday...possible a short sitting tomorrow.

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.


Remember .. Nets For Malaria - UNFoundation.org/malaria - find the big SI's Nothing But Net logo ... Or call 202.887.9040. Every cent goes to buying nets to place over the beds of children in Africa to stomp out Malaria. PLEASE HELP.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. Coco Says:
  2. I'm gonna have to save all these activities for a day somewhere in the future ... maybe Monday. They sound like fun. All I have for now. Later, babe.

  3. Coco Says:
  4. Hey Vinny, just FYI, couldn't get the traffic video to play. You might want to check it. Hugs.

  5. COCO: Sorry, I just checked it and it worked fine for me....

  6. Bozo didn't say that... He's one of my all time favorite clowns!!! Oh please say it isn't so... ;-)


  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Well you could type it up tonight and put it in draft form and post it tomorrow, I often do that. The first video didn't work for me either. Hmmmm...it could be a firewall at my job.
    Hope all is well and good luck tomorrow.

    *Is that my phone...ummmm...NO!*

  9. DIXIE: I was on the Bozo show when I was a kid! WOOOOO

    BUSY: Always thinking aren't you dear....
    Yes, it could be.. it does work for me here...
    Hello..hello...is Busy there?

  10. Rainbow Says:
  11. umm Steven...errrr I mean Vince...thanks for the FUN Nudge you sent me...hope you got the one I sent you! Tons of Good Luck tomorrow!
    Karla...errr Sueann

  12. Anndi Says:
  13. Traffic vid worked fine for me, and yes, it was accelerated, but still... whoa!

    Expect an e-mail soon... WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  14. Fred Says:
  15. As you can imagine, the main topic of conversation at school today was the situation in Colorado.

    Then came the news that a deputy was shot and killed about 30 miles east of here, in Lakeland.

    Sometimes it's enough to make me want to buy a small island in the Pacific and move.


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