Baseball, Apartment Hunting, Suite and Body Adjustment

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Welcome To THE COUCH...Sit on Down and Get Comfy...
Good luck to the Mets/Cardinals/Tigers/Athletics in the League Championship Series this week.

Should be two good series, probably each going 6-7 games.
Thrilled THE BOSS (George Steinbrenner) got smart and decided to keep Joe Torre as Manager of the Yankees. Lou Pinella would have been a bad choice for this team at this time.

I know...I just lost 1/2 of you on the above subject! LOL
Began apartment hunting today. Was not real successful. The area I went to first was not right for a 52-year old white guy.

I would like to find a nice complex with a mixture of folks..old and young, all races. I think it makes it more exciting that way.

Remapped out tomorrows plans and will let y'all know how it turns out.
Moved into a suite hotel today. NOW I can relax for the next two weeks. That other room was not going to cut it at all. I have a small refrigerator, room, king bed...closet big enough for all my clothes and plenty of drawer space.

They also do little things at night..cocktails and some food. Tonnight was spaghetti ...ummm YUK

They even had Ketchup packets out and I saw many people using them ...TRIPLE YUK

Tomorow is grill night..should be better! LOL
Not doing a lot of formating ...sorry..but I am using a "Devil's Machine" and the formatting is so much more of a pain on this thing. Can't wait to get my MAC back... body is still adjusting. When I traveled it never bothered me since my brain would just say " will be back on EDT soon."

Now it is saying "You need to readjust to the new time zone" and the bosy is fighting it...
Night all...

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.


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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

12 Of Your Sparks

  1. Turnbaby Says:
  2. Well even if you have to use a PC at least you have your 'couch dividers' back.

    YOu will se many abominations in the 'adapted' food area. My grandmother--normally a very good Southern cook-- made some really interesting things that she called "spaghetti" LOL I'll spare you the details.

    And you are being quite gracious about the loss and I am happy Torre is not going anywhere. Now if that Damm duck would just learn some manners.....

  3. Coco Says:
  4. Um ... baseball? It's hockey season, y'all. Time for a real sport. Take your time finding the right apartment. Remember you have to live there! And just to add some fuel to the fire ... ketchup is all DH would ever eat on pasta ...

  5. Dixiechick Says:
  6. Ok now... I've been born and raised in the south and NEVER EVER have I put ketchup on Spaghetti... YUKKI POO!!!! That is truly nasty!!!!

    Good luck on apartment hunting... hopefully, I have given you some insight on the areas..

    Lee Ann

  7. Bond Says:
  8. TURN: Yes the Divider is back, but it takes twice the amount of work to get it into THE COUCH...
    As far as abominations...nothing in the world could beat what they had out last evening...
    We Yankee fans are always or loss... Like the team, we hold ourselves high at all times.

    COCO: Alway baseball season darlin' ... Ummm..another reason why DH should be dunked in a well!

    DIXIE: will have the best opportunity to savor real gravy alla Marini...Let me get into an apartment and you and Tony come over for a Sunday of football and pasta...

  9. Angell Says:
  10. Since you forgot to respond to my LAST comment, all I will say is ... nah, I'll behave. ;D

  11. twinnsmom Says:
  12. Call Karen--perhaps she has some connections with apartments. She might be able to give you a lead!

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. tigers win again

    anonymous :)

  15. Amanda Says:
  16. I agree with Dixie about the spaghetti..never have i had it with ketchup..yuckie..but the food is different here in the a good way of course! Look at all the um..heavy??..ppl that live here..I'm not pointing fingers at ANYONE...And take time with the apartment, you don't wanna be stuck in a place u hate!

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. Hi, Vince! It's Gretchen! I've been following your blog. Sounds like big things happening for the Marinis! I'm so glad that your son is doing well after the horrific accident.

    I'm anxious to hear about your new job. Are you moving down south permanently--or is the apartment a part-time home-away-from-home when you have to travel to the home office? I'm excited for you! Drop me a line at when you have a chance, and let me know all the news!

    Best wishes, Gretchen

  19. dammonymous Says:
  20. doing the baseball snoopy dance :) :) :)


  21. Anndi Says:
  22. ** dancing with dammonymous** just cause it looks like fun!

  23. Bond Says:
  24. DAMM & ANNDI:

    Catch up will ya!


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