Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome To THE COUCH...Sit on Down and Get Comfy..

Howdy y'all....

Well.. I am in Memphis and had my first day at work.

The drive went well. 10 hours on Saturday and 6 yesterday.

First off...As Dixie let you all know (Thank you POOKIE!), God touched Matt at impact and he is absolutely fine.

Sore, but fine enough to be able to go to classes today. I am amazed at the reality of it all.

Now, when I get home, I can kill him for destroying a car before I even had a chancve to write the check! LOL ...kidding...

It was really his money anyway, as he had paid $1,100.00 to get the Infinity fixed and we had borrowed about $400.00 from him over the last few months.

My first day went well, though I did not have a computer until the end of the day and - technically - it is not mine is my bosses...but I have taken it over.

I forgot to email myself my little COUCH dividers, so don't look for them here! I don't know TV...CBS cancelled SMITH...LOL and I loved the show!

I don't have time energy - sorry folks - to respond to all the comments you left on Friday's two


The prayers and well wished and thoughts really choked me up. I truly thank you all.

I will be changing hotels tomorrow. The one I am in (Hampton Inn) is nice if you are here for a day or two. But for two is so totally not equipped. There are absolutely no drawers at all...and the closet is about 1.5 feet deep. I can't fit all my clothes in it .... ARG

I found a Staybridge Suites that is actually less money (good corporate citizen that I am), will be moving tomorrow.

I have to begin lookng for an apartment tomorrow and I am real excited that I will be meeting Dixie and her Hunnybunny real soon... I am here... I am now a Mephisian...yeah I am almost positive what they call us.. and last night I went to a place to get some dinner and began the most important part of any move...

I got a bartenders name!!!!!!

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. From the mind of Meribah:

    Glad things are starting to look up for you, Bond! Hope you find an apartment really soon! Hugs!

  3. Turnbaby Says:
  4. Words cannot express how happy I am for you about Matt being okay.

    Give Dixie a great big smooch for me--and um-well I would tell ya to grope her for me but Tony is a kinda big guy and he might not understand LOL


  5. Coco Says:
  6. So relieved to hear Matt is ok and that you made it safely to Memphis. Take care of yourself, hon.
    Hugs, Coco

  7. twinnsmom Says:
  8. Glad you made it there safe and sound. Hope your first day went well. You have been on my mind all day. I am so happy for you but I wish things were different and your family could join you. I know this is a new beginning and I wish you all the best! How sad for me that all my "Marini" family have left me. Maybe our next reunion will be in Memphis! Thank goodness for this blog. It will help us stay in touch! I love you! Looking forward to hearing more about your job!

  9. Amanda Says:
  10. So glad you made it safe and sound sweetie. I hope you get to take in all the sites as much as you can. Take Care hun!

  11. damm Says:
  12. did i mention the tigers won :) :) :)

    Still in my prayers Bond. Aren't you starting to get to old for all this changing stuff. LOL

  13. Bond Says:
  14. Hey y'all... Thanks for the welcomes...

    Ummm Damm ... difference between a team that wins a lot and a team that hardly ever wins is that the later team's fans gloat over and over and fans of teams that win all the time, just stay silent when we win...

    Of course, we did not win this year, and wish congratulations to teams that did ... but the gloating... ummm... not the way a winner acts... lesson for ya Damm Duck...

  15. Dixiechick Says:
  16. Vinny,

    I am so glad that you made it safe to Memphis. I can hardly wait to meet you.

    Everyone was asking about you yesterday and I thought that I would just take it upon myself to let them know. You know, my true southern hospitatlity just had to shine. Even though we are a few hours a part, I wanted you to feel very welcome here in the South.

    Oh, and now your are a MEMPHIAN! WOOOOOOO

    I am also looking for you a book on "How to speak true Southern" LMOO ;-) I've got to be able to understand you better.. LMOO


    Lee Ann

  17. damm Says:
  18. sorry. won't happen again.

    (tigers win, tigers win, tigers win. just saying... with big gloating smile on my face.)

    :) :)

  19. damm Says:
  20. P.S.

    Never was very good at lessons :)

  21. Anndi Says:
  22. The Duck master would intervene to teach the duck a lesson.. but nah! Go ahead.. tease him all you want.. oh, what game are we talking about?

  23. Angell Says:
  24. Vinny babe - glad to hear that all is well in Memphis and that Matt is alright.

    Make sure you say Hey to the King for me, you hunka hunka burning love!!

    Kiss Dix for all of us, and have a shot or two with your new bartender buddy. :D

    Hugs, smooches and gropes from north of the border.

  25. Dana Says:

  27. Anonymous Says:
  28. Hey Vinny!! Been missing ya and real glad things are fine!

    ***tosses sample boxes of cereal for mixability in case you don't have time to get them over at TOOSP***

    Call Bessie for the milk at

    See ya soon?


  29. Maryfly Says:
  30. Bond Baby!! Glad your trip went well and Matt's okay. Best of luck to you sweetie!! hugs!!

  31. Bond Says:
  32. MERI: Thanks doll

    TURN: Hey what am I a mouse??? LOL...I will smooch her if I want!

    COCO: Yup made it safe and Matt is on the mend.

    SIS: Ah, we are still within range darlin'

    AMANDA: Thanks..all is good

    DAMM: Umm the Tigers? Who dey? LOL

    DIXIE: y'all don need no book fer me - I am looking fer a truck wit a gun rack... LOL

    DAMM: WIll sic Coco on you..she will teach you a lesson LOL

  33. Anndi Says:
  34. What am I chopped liver??


  35. Bond Says:
  36. ANNDI: Never darlin'...but I did not have a real reply to your comment..NOW, if you had just said you - as a duck master - train the DAMM DUCK better..then I would have taken you on your offer and shoved the DAMM DUCK your way!

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. ***gathers boxes of cereal up and leaves pouting***


  39. Bond Says:
  40. NOw Now Julie... I thought I did respond to your boxes of cereal... and thanks for Bessie's number..but she won't take my calls..something about only taking calls from some guy named Taylor...
    With not alot of time (maybe I should be unemplyed to handle this blog!)..I guess I am whipping through here too quickly...

    C'mere Sugah..I am fixin' to plant a big wet one on y'all

  41. Angell Says:
  42. I guess I'm chopped liver too Anndi - it's ok honey, he always forgets us Canucks.

    We'll remember that one....

  43. Anonymous Says:
  44. **giggles and sashays off the site**

    Thanks Vinny (becauseit'seasiertotypethanBond)

    Hugs and Kisses!!!!


  45. Bond Says:
  46. AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG If this keeps up I will do general comments... I really need to slow down

    ANGELL...Elvis sends his best..He is just hanging at a local McDonalds making fries at the momnet, but he is hoping to get an assistant manager position soon...

    Thanks for the Matt comments... and I will smooch Dix when she finally allows me to see her...

    And the bartender..done deal!



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