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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Saturday, November 25, 2006

Morgan, from It's A Blog Eat Blog World tagged me today to do the following Meme.

First time THE COUCH has been tagged for one of these, so here goes...


Today's Meme is brought to you by the Number 3.

  • 3 Things that scare me:
Heights, Losing my house to the bank, Living without my son Matt

  • 3 People who make me laugh:
Robin Williams, Chris Rock & Sarah Silverman.

  • 3 Things I love:
Music, Baseball & Cooking

  • 3 Things I hate:
Racism, My allergy to shellfish & Terrorism of any kind

  • 3 Things I don't understand:
Why my house has not sold, How people voted for G.W.B. the last time, & Quantum Physics.

  • 3 Things on my desk:
(Don't have one at home, so in my office) My laptop, A picture of Matt & my telephone

  • 3 Things I'm doing right now:
Answering this Meme, watching over a pot of gravy (tomato sauce to non-Sicilians) I am making for Matt & Allyson while I am home for the holiday & Watching Con Air on TV (for the 100th time)

  • 3 Things I want to do before I die:
Go to Italy, Go to Australia & meet my (yet-to-be conceived) grandkids.

  • 3 Things I can do:
Be an entertainer/DJ at a wedding, Cook & Blog (or so I think!)

  • 3 Things I can't do:
Fly a plane, conquer my fear of heights & fix plumbing problems.

  • 3 Things I think you should listen to:
Your heart, your conscience & your mother.

  • 3 Things you should never listen to:
Bigotry, politicians & rap music that advocates violence.

  • 3 Things I'd like to learn:
Italian, how to be more patient & drive a motorcycle.

  • 3 Favorite foods:
Lasagna, Mussels Fra Diavalo, Chinese (General Tsaos Chicken in particular)

  • 3 Beverages I drink regularly:
Pepsi, Diluted grape juice, beer.

  • 3 Shows I watched as a kid:
Captain Kangaroo, Howdy Doody, 3 Stooges

THE COUCH should probably tag three people...hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

OK we will... Angell, Travis & Julie...

24 Of Your Sparks

  1. Awesome meme!
    Can't believe I'm the first one to tag you for a meme!
    By the way --- I'm FINALLY getting around to updating my HOT BLOGS links, so you're now linked in my sidebar!
    Sorry it's taken me so durn long!
    Enjoy the rest of your time with your family!

  2. Thanks Morgan.. It was fun... And I am thrilled to now be on your sidebar...

  3. Awesome list, Bond. I am envious that you not only CAN cook but that you LOVE to cook. Oh well, a woman can't have everything in a man, and Land Warrior lives up in other areas.

    The more I read your blog, the more I wish we could actually meet. Your values set is so very much like mine. It's obvious why so many people love you.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Excellent! I was wondering what I would blog today and now I don't have to wonder anymore.

    Thanks V!!

  6. SONGBIRD: I hope I live up in other areas too! LOL Maybe someday our paths will cross... you just never know - do you?

    TRAVIS: Always here to help dude! LOL

  7. V,

    I can fly a plane and am very close to getting my pilot's license, maybe I can take a scenic flight across the country one day and make stops along the way.

    I am not afraid of heights, but welcome them. I've always wondered why tall(er) people are afraid of heights. If I was over 5 foot 3 and a half (!) I would be climbing anything I could climb. I love looking down from the Empire State Building, when I'm flying and have been bungee jumping. My next step is something I want to do this summer which is skydive.

    I understand some quantum physics, but that would be a completely different blog...

    Parlo un po di italiani, per no molto.

    And I always listen to my heart...

    Hey, that could have been a new blog all together.

  8. Meribah Says:
  9. **sits on Bond's feet while he's cooking, looks up with big, blue puppy dog eyes, wondering if he will give her any of what he's got in the pot** LOL

  10. Coco Says:
  11. Awesome idea ... but now I've been tagged, too, and I have to figure out what to put ...

  12. Julie Says:
  13. Okay Vinny....some cool thoughts..I'm looking forward to doing this!!

  14. DIANA: I should have tagged you for this I see!
    OK..making notes... Let Diana fly me all over, watch her bungee jump (From the ground)...have her teach me Italian..and - according to her newest posting, cook her something good to eat, since she can't! LOL

    MERI: You come to Memphis if you want to eat.

    COCO: Hehehe glad Trav tagged you!

    JULIE: Waiting patiently...

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Great list and I can relate to a few...especially the height one, the Italian food and the comics.

  17. TERRI: Thanks... yes shudders at the ehight one!

  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. I had time to stop in today and read the blog and as usual I learned something new about you. The one question I do have is where does one find the time to write a blog. LOL I must be honest you put lots of information on many of the blogs and I wonder is it all just in your head. Example the blog you had for Veterans day were all those facts in your head my cousin. I am impressed indeed you remember much more than I. And if you did not remember it all then you had to find the time to research it. With all you have on your daily plate now I am amazed you have the time. WEll I will be seeing you soon my cousin, Till next time.

  20. Great job! You call it "gravy". What do they call actually "gravy"...sause?

  21. Rainbow Says:
  22. Wha? Gravey is actually sauce....I am confused. I'm marrying an Italian, so this is NOT a good thing...being confused. Come one Vince, help me out here...Oh and how about giving your old friend Sueann some good Italian receipes???? Hugs!

  23. Twyla Says:
  24. Great answers.
    I did this one too... I kind of tagged myself. Hope you don't mind. :-)

  25. Mimi Lenox Says:
  26. Great answers. I remember watching Captain Kangaroo. Oops..I'm telling my age.

  27. DENISE: And I bet I would learn a lot about you cousin, if you did this little thing. Looking forward to Christmas with you and Steve.
    There is sometimes research...sometimes it is out of my head...- Veterans day was a combo of the two...

    BUD; We call that brown stuff... "stuff to put on roast beef!"

    SUEANN: OH MY .. she shows her face! LOL kidding... Depends on if he is Sicilian or Italian dear... the Sicilians call it GRAVY .. as far as recipes.. most of what i do comes out of my head and is based upon taste and feel.. why my gravy is never the same.. LOL

    TWYLA; Loved your answers.. reminding myself to make sure you are tagged next time.

    MIMI: Yeah.. but no one mentioned Howdy Doody, and he is older then the Captain.. so think how I feel!

  28. Great answers. I had you tagged on my 3, but saw that you had already been tagged, so I changed it.

  29. Anndi Says:
  30. So YOU are responsible for the blast I had answering this?
    Of course Travis is the one who actually tagged me cause he wanted to hear what I had to say... *sticks out tongue and blows a raspberry*

    I have only one question.. diluted grape juice???????

  31. DIXIE: awww ok well

    ANNDI: yes, i was tagged by Morgen and then began tagging youse guyz..
    diluted grape juice = 100% natural grape juice 1/4 the way up my big giant mug and the rest h2o..I can't drink many juices full flavoe.. just me

  32. Barb Says:
  33. Three things we have in common (besides us both doing this MeMe):

    1. Allergies to shellfish.
    2. Con Air!!!
    3. Never listen to bigotry.

    I love Morgen to pieces!

  34. BARB: LOL at ConAir.... And Morgan is way cool

  35. Loki Says:
  36. My friend Angell said I would like your page. Nice to see that she doesn't lie.


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