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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, November 27, 2006

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Desert Songbird tagged me on this - so here goes..

My Top Ten Simple Pleasures (in no particular order save for #1):

  1. Watching Matt play baseball (hope he starts again).
  2. Turning on the TV and seeing the Yankees playing.
  3. Walking along the water line at the ocean and feeling the sand beig pulled away from my feet as the waves recede.
  4. Listening to music (especially the sweet sounds of Duane Allman on the slide guitar).
  5. Standing in the kitchen with food all around me trying to figure out how to make it all come together.
  6. Putting my head on a cool pillow at the end of the day.
  7. Hearing from a friend who has been down and learning that they are smiling again.
  8. Knowing that I had even the tiniest thing to do with #7.
  9. Hearing kids playing somewhere...just the sound of laughter from children.
  10. Watching people sit at a table eating food I cooked and not having a word said (means they are too busy enjoying).
OK... Twyla, Sue and Sonny ... you've been tagged...

29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Rainbow Says:
  2. **jumping up and down** Vince tagged me....vince tagged me!!!! Thanks Vince...love you..hugs! OK..going to write my answers to "My top 10 pleasures"! Oh Vince did I say thank you?

  3. Mags Says:
  4. Lovely list...except for the Yankees part.


  5. Yankees -- nothing better than watching them from the box.

    I really enjoy the feel of the ocean being pulled away from my feet. The floor which you think for sure is slowly being pulled away from you, so always watch your footing.

    Love the list.

  6. Ooo, love the ocean bit. It's been so long since I've lived in SoFL that I've forgotten this feeling, even though I was in San Diego not but a year or so ago.

    I love, love, love the sound of the ocean waves crashing, but even more cool is sitting on the beach watching a thunderstorm offshore. Wicked.

  7. Barb Says:
  8. Numbers 6 & 7 are wonderful :)

  9. Liz Hill Says:
  10. Ah--the ocean, music, food, laughter, friends who you have made smile and make 'food noises'--Wow--awesome stuff-

  11. Bond-
    I coached/managed baseball teams for some 15 years. I miss seeing my kids play sports. But, someday it will be the grandchildren. Your list got me thinking. Thanks!


  12. SUE..silly girl, next time get it right though!

    MAGS...AH ...well you know I bleed pinstripes

    DIANA: TY .. yes those two are very special

    SONGBIRD: OOO yes when they are offshore and you cna watch the thunderstorms..way cool.. I also like the ocean in winter...

    BARB: Yes they are!

  13. Meribah Says:
  14. Nice list! I luuuuuuuuuuv the ocean (good thing I live near it, eh!), and so enjoy watching the waves lapping against the shoreline. You can't help but feel peaceful near the water.

  15. MERI: yes, but your water..does it ever get above freezing?

  16. Twyla Says:
  17. Yey! Thanks for tagging me. LOL That was really fun to do, but I could have added at least 10 more. I love the simple things in life. :-)

  18. Meribah Says:
  19. I'll have you know, that the water DOES get above freezing, at least one day a year...and what a glorious day that is, when we can go dip our rubber boot-covered toes in the water, without having to wear our woolen socks! LOL

  20. Amanda Says:
  21. Isn't it amazing just how much other people play in our pleasures! Great list Bond!

  22. Maryfly Says:
  23. Hey sweetie!! all I can say is awwwwwwwwwwww!! hugs!

  24. BUD: I have considered going back to coaching - even without a kid.. just because i love it so..

    TWYLA: I told you that you were getting the next tag!

    MERI: Oh, sorry I forgot about that day!

    AMAMNDA: LOL yes it is

    MARY: wow thanks

  25. Gina Says:
  26. very very nice.

  27. Tug Says:
  28. What an awesome list...so nice. Playing the tickle game with my granddaughter I thought again about kids laughter & how nothing beats it! And NOTHING calms me like the ocean...(yep, I'm stuck in Colorado here)...thanks for sharing!!

  29. Liz Hill Says:
  30. LOL you skipped me

  31. TURN: Yes all good stuff.. how did I miss her ??? hummm

    GINA..thank you and welcome to THE COUCH

    TUG: Yes that is a aspecial one

  32. TopChamp Says:
  33. Hello - this list's so well written that I can almost smell the dinner & feel the beach under my feet. Nice one x

  34. TOP: Thanks ...

  35. Lizza Says:
  36. What a great list. I love #3 and #9. And numbers 7 and 8 are just heartwarming!

  37. ArkAngel Says:
  38. Really enjoyed your list. You might enjoy these Simple Pleasures from across the water - words or pictures

  39. Angell Says:
  40. Wonderful list - very thought provoking. And again, helps gain some insight into the COUCH, which I always apprecaite.

  41. LIZZA: Yes, 3 and 9 are favs - after #1 LOL

    ARKANGEL: Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH I will check out your site...

    ANGELL: Catching up dear? LOL

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. Oh, I am very fond of 7&8. They are so sweet.

  44. MARYAM: Yes they are so important

  45. Anonymous Says:
  46. In regards to No. 6, "putting my head on a cool pillow." Is this a seasonal Simple Pleasure? And maybe regional, too? What if you lived in Antarctica? Would it be a simple pleasure then? Does it ever get to be winter where you live? Just wanted to clarify...

  47. Julie Says:
  48. Yes number 7 is as sweet as anything I can imagine right now.


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