Thursday Thirteen #2- November 16, 2006

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Welcome To THE COUCH...Sit on Down and Get Comfy..

Ok…Since we began dating our posts here at THE COUCH and then using Song Titles to anchor every story, we felt today’s THURSDAY THIRTEEN should commemorate that fact.

There is always a song of some sort playing in my head depending upon what I am doing…

What I have selected for today are the THIRTEEN SONGS that I use when I am feeling stressed and need to remove myself from the world for a while..

Now, our plan was to give you the opportunity to listen to the songs, but
we could not get the Auto-Start to disable, thus all 13 songs
would begin playing when you sat down.
Nah...that did not work...we will continue working on it
If anyone knows how to get the Bestaudio code to disable auto-start,
leave a comment.

That said, they are not all soothing songs…know there are times when the
SPARKS OF INSANITY need to rock!

We are going to countdown to one today...

One of those songs I used to play at every wedding as a DJ and it just grew on me… a wonderfully simple melody, with simple lyric…but it gets to me.

12. BEYOND THE SEA - BOBBY DARREN ( A. Laspy, J. Lawrence, C. Trenet)
I have always loved Bobby Darren and this song or Mack The Knife. But Beyond The Sea, takes me away…

A great round of vocals ends this song and I always find myself singing along and smiling.

First solo Jeff Beck song I ever heard, it takes me back to my 20’s…a simpler time.

Yes, you could also pick the Jimi Hendrix version of this song, but there is something about these two together that is just soothing…short and sweet…I sometimes replay it over and over.

8. HIGHER AND HIGHER - JACKIE WILSON (G. Jackson, W. Smith, R. Miner)
Just a great love song…sung with soul and feeling that gets me in the pit of my stomach.

7. MANN’S FATEHOT TUNA (J. Kaukonen)
Jorma and Jack just playing like the dickens..soothing.

This is my “white-man-dance-around-the-house” song.

5. LA GRANGEZZ TOP (B. Gibbons, F. Beard, M. Hill)
This is a perfect example of “song in my head” music. A number of years ago 4 couples went to St. Thomas for the New Years holiday. One day we went to St. Johns and rented two jeeps and bombed around the island all day stopping at beaches and bars…The whole day, I heard this song in my head. When we got back, I took video and still pictures that we all had taken, and produced a video tape of the trip for each couple. Wanna see it? Come to Memphis!

4. WATERSONG - HOT TUNA (J. Kaukonen)
A beautiful arrangement…Jorma and Jack work together so well on this. When I did my radio show, I would open with this in the background as I welcomed my listeners for the evening.

3. NOT FADE AWAY / GOING DOWN THE ROAD FEELING BADGRATEFUL DEAD (C. Buddy Holly, N. Petty / J. Garcia, M. Hart, R. Hunter, W. Kreutzmann, P. Lesh, R. McKernan, R. Weir)
Good time party song with a boogie beat. I always waited for this song when I saw the Dead, because I knew that Bobby Weir was going to wail.

2. HOT 'LANTA - ALLMAN BROTHERS (G. Allman, D. Allman, R. Betts, B. Oakley, B. Trucks, J.J. Johanson)
Another instrumental for me to just float away with.

1. MOUNTAIN JAM (Theme from First There Is A Mountain) – ALLMAN BROTHERS - (G. Allman, D. Allman, R. Betts, B. Oakley, B. Trucks, J.J. Johanson, D. Leitch)
The song that is playing...this one, for me, is the ultimate. I close my eyes and just escape. After the bass and drum solos halfway through Duane takes over and just makes his guitar sound like no one else can. Listen closely in the background at times for the “chirping birds he recreates on his guitar…stellar!)

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IT SEEMS MANY OF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH SOME OR ALL OF THESE.. to hear all of them but "Higher and Higher" (it is not listed), you can go to and look up by artist to hear the mp3)

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37 Of Your Sparks

  1. Gattina Says:
  2. I only know B.Bringsteen and Eric Clapton and love them both !

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Great post. YOU obviously spent a lot of time..My hubby would like this as well

  5. Caylynn Says:
  6. Great list. :) "La Grange" is definitely one of those songs that gets in your head and won't leave, not that you want it to! "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" by The Beatles is another song that gets in my head and won't leave! *grin*

    Happy T13. :)

  7. like tony bennet & Bruce Springsteen myself... not at all into hard rock, but i love mushy songs....
    Happy TT

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Music is definitely a great way for me to relax my mind too.. Great list - happy Thursday!

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. Are you sure you weren't born in the South????? Are you holding out on us???? Allman #1 - you go, Vin!!!

    (my personal fav on your list is most definitely "Black Water"..."I like to hear some funky dixieland"...OH YEAH!!!!)

    P.S. Speaking of Allman, I need to go into the basement and find my "Allman and Woman" LP - bemember that one????? An "Elijah Blue" production...

  12. Liz Hill Says:
  13. I know all about the 'soundtrack' thing. I do it too! Thanks for sharing 'your'songs. Great tunes all.

  14. Coco Says:
  15. I don't know whether to bother linking today or not. There doesn't seem much point.

  16. Sonny Says:
  17. Like your list.
    Happy TT!!!
    Hope you visit my list as well!

    Hugs, Sonny

  18. Twyla Says:
  19. I really thought I was 'in the know' when it came to music, but I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know any of those songs. I'm sure they're great...I'll have to check them out. Happy TT. :-)

  20. Unknown Says:
  21. Bonjour, mon coeur! :)

    Great TT - I have opened another tab in my firefox-browser already to listen to your music while discovering the TT-sphere.

    Thanks for another (groovy) stay on THE COUCH.

  22. Mia Says:
  23. Great TT, I should do one of those one day too :)

    Happy Thursday!

  24. Peg Says:
  25. Oh, Bond...what a list! I have no T.T. this week (just a jab at Thanksgiving prep).

    Damn, I was thrilled to hear the Allmans jamming when the sound came on! And I enjoyed the hell out of your list. Good tunes, man!!

  26. Barb Says:
  27. So nice to find another music fan. Dick Clark said, "Music is the soundtrack of our lives." How true that is.

    (singing - I want to hear some funky dixieland.. )

  28. GATTINA: Welcome to THE COUCH
    Love Clapton & Springsteen

    AMY: Welcome to THE COUCH To be hoonest, it wasn't that hard...these are all important songs to me

    CAYLYNN: Welcome to THE COUCH..yes it is infectious..

    SUKI: Welcome to THE COUCH music soothes the savage beast!

    PIA: I could have been I tell you that...Yes I rememebr that album...

    TURN: Yes the soundtrack is a wonderful thing.

    COCO: I don't like that at all...

    SW: Thanks for coming by...will check yours out

    TWYLA: Check out, you can find every one but Higher and Higher there

    SANNI: THANK YOU, for sitting...enjoy your tour, I am right behind...

  29. Unknown Says:
  30. Dude, your age is showing. LOL!

    ...Mississippi moon won't you keep on shinin' on me...

  31. MIRANDA- it was great fun!

    BARB- Welcome to THE COUCH It certainly is...the line i always sing is "by the hand, take me by the hand pretty mama i wanna dance with you baby all night long"

    BUSY- Yeah well it is MY age! LOL

  32. Mia Says:
  33. :( I have no idea how to get this Mr Linky up. How do I do that?

  34. Not one of those songs sound familiar. Now I am going to have to google them to see if the lyrics will jog my memory.

  35. Tug Says:
  36. Some of these would be on my list, too...and there are some I'm going to need to check out!! Great list...Happy TT!

  37. MIRANDA- left instructions in your comment area - also moved your link up from TT to Friends...

    CFCHICK: Or go to and hear the there

    TUG: TY HAppy TT I posted on yours and moved your link up to friends also.

  38. Very interesting list! I'll have to check some of these songs out.

  39. Just sitting down on The Couch today to listen to the great music. They don't record music like they use to. Oh, but one man sure will... ;-) our SOUL MAN!!! WOOOOOOOO

  40. Unknown Says:
  41. Hello again!

    Back again to listen to the music =)
    Thanks for stopping in!

  42. tiggerprr Says:
  43. A few I know, some I need to find to listen to. I bet my daughter would know all of them...she's such an old soul in a 17 year old body. My list this week is about movie lines that had some effect on in a similar vein. :)

  44. Anndi Says:
  45. LOVE it!! LOVE it!! LOVE it!!

    LOVE Jackie Wilson.. one of my favs.. plus I remember stumping you on an Allman's song.. oh yes I did!

  46. Anonymous Says:
  47. From the mind of Meribah:

    I like Dancing In The Dark too. Woooo! Lotsa peeps here today! Looks like our Mr. Bond is becoming quite the celebrity! LOL

  48. Your "white-man-dancing-around-the-house" comment is a hoot! My hubby loves Bruce Springsteen and can't sing or dance for sh*t, but he loves his Boss and can jam on that for hours. I can just picture the white man dance. Thanks for the good giggle!

  49. Rainbow Says:
  50. feelings are certainly hurt. You had no time to add me to your list. OK...thanks a bunch, Vince!

  51. Great & eclectic choices. We do have to get you listening to some of the great rock bands of today. I know, baby steps...

  52. TopChamp Says:
  53. Hello, Popped in this morning to see what you'd come up with. I'm none the wiser about the tunes either but will check them out on the web asap. Gig tonight was a late one (and REALLY boring) so no time now.

  54. Anonymous Says:
  55. This line is great:
    "This is my “white-man-dance-around-the-house” song."

    So that's what those gyrations were?

  56. JOELY: Thanks for stopping back...

    DIXIE: Always love your comments

    SANNI: Glad you had fun...

    TIGERPRR: I loved your list..coming back for the answers.

    ANNDI: I had a feeling you would!

    MERI: Ah shucks.. just some friends hanging on THE COUCH


    BUD: No dude - these are just the calming songs...I am into new music too...

  57. SHE: ??? Ummm...what gyrations are you referring to?

  58. Anonymous Says:
  59. Omg i cant believe it didnt post. o_o I commented but I guess it didnt go through. D: Sucky intarnet, sorry~

    anyway, what i said was:

    i love #1 great list! i cant wait to listen to some of them since i havent listened to most of them.

  60. Travis Cody Says:
  61. Great jams dude!

  62. Bubba Says:
  63. Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods.

    As much as I (think I) know music, some of these were I loaded them up on Yahoo! Music Unlimited and am listening now. If anyone has it, search for 67scott and find the list called "On The Couch". Thanks for the great playlist!

    Happy TT!


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