Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, November 13, 2006


Well on this Tuesday, we will do some bookkeeping and then introduce you to the people who sit on THE COUCH...
Starting right off with an acknowledgement that the photo we posted of the jets forming USA in the sky. Well that is Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

The building they are flying over is called the Taj Mahal.

It is very impressive...

BUT, it is a fake!

After posting, THE COUCH kept looking at it and wondering and last evening, Brother Rich of FAVORITE OFFICE TIME WASTERS confirmed it.

He is the best at tracking down whether something is true or false using the website snopes.com.

If you have never been to snopes it is the tops in proving or debunking urban legends. If you get that email telling you that Bill Gates is going to give you a dollar for every email you send...off to snopes.com and you can check it out.

Was that picture you received showing you an incredible feat real?...off to snopes.com and you can check it out - JEEZE you would think
THE COUCH would have done it!

You can see their explanation of the photo HERE.

THE COUCH hates it when that happens!

Sorry Julie!

One of our links under the THURSDAY THIRTEENER'S contacted us yesterday and informed us that THE COUCH performed a sexual reassignment surgery on them.

SWEET LITTLE KITTY is not John, a male, from Germany, but Sonny, a female, from Germany.

Sonny, in our haste to get all our new friends listed, we, ah...sorta made a mistake... oops!

The error has been corrected!

TOPCHAMP, who writes "Bad Jokes And Oven Chips" another of our THURSDAY THIRTEENERS, asked about one of our sign-offs. "Find An Opportunity To Pay It Forward."

TC, it is based on the idea that if someone does a kindness to you, instead of returning the kindness to that person, you Pay It Forward to another person, thus keeping the kindness moving through humanity.

There was a movie with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. The movie is from a book written
by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

There was also a Pay It Forward Foundation which Ms. Hyde began to bring the idea to schools, but at this time, the website seems to no longer exist, nor does her personal website.

You can read more about Ms. Hyde HERE.

You can also read
THE COUCH's posting where this sign-off came from HERE.
THE COUCH added a new visitor counter last week, which is much better then the one we originally began with (and which is still there- though THE COUCH can't tell you why - we hate to throw things away!)

We are talking about the one from Blogcontrol.com, which shows how many unique visitors have sat on
THE COUCH since we hooked it up on Thurday, November 9th.

The cool thing aboout this counter, is it gives you all sorts of stats about the visitors to

Last evening, we went investigating to see what we could find about all of you wonderful people.

All of these statistics are basically from Friday on...Here is who YOU spend time with on

We have had a total of 168 unique guests

These 168 have hit the page 377 times

Friday we had 40

Saturday we had 37 a decrease of 8% (Many know
THE COUCH rests on the weekend, though we announced a special Veteran's Day posting)
Sunday we had 27 - a 27% decrease (see note above)

Monday we zoomed to 51 an 89% increase.

Times our visitors sit: (an average since Friday)- Central Time

12am - 1.8%

1am - 1.2%

3am - 0%

4am - 2.4%
5am - 1.8%
6am - 3.0%
7am - 5.4%
8am - 6.0%
9am - 7.2%
10am - 1.8%
11am - 2.4%
12pm - 5.4%
1pm - 9.6%
2pm - 7.2%
3pm - 6.6%
4pm - 9.0%
5pm - 6.0%
6pm - 4.8%
7pm - 5.4%
8pm - 4.8%
9pm - 3.0%
10pm - 1.8%
11pm - 3.0%
Interesting spread throughout the day, but
THE COUCH wants to know - where the heck is everyone at 3;00am!?! hehehe

The top 5 referarals (how y'all get here):
73 from a bookmark
17 from Google search (more on this later)
11 from
THE COUCH's profile on Blogger. (Guess it is my cute face that draws them close!)
8 from Brother Rich's Favorite Office Timewasters (Thanks Bro!)
8 from the blog of our friend at Peggy As She Is (Thanks Peggy!)

Our last 10 visitors also included folks who found
THE COUCH at TopChamps blog and Twyla's blog - "Lost In The Battle."

Now this is where it gets fun...People doing web searchs have found
THE COUCH by searching for these top 10 keywords: (this is not a joke folks - try it out yourselves)
3 - bondsbigleather couch (well that makes sense)
1 - ABB Ask the Couch (#1 on Google search)
1 - Lenny Dykstra and lectures on steroid use (# 4 on a Google Search)
1 - home made leather oil for couch, how to care for leather couch (#8 on a Google Search)
1 - scratch in leather couch (#37 on a Yahoo search)
1 - reupholstering couch, what kind of leather to buy (#4 in a Google search)
1 - big leather couch (#31 on a yahoo search - #31!?!? get with it Yahoo!)
1 - "Barium studies' + "airline security" (#17 on a Google search)
1 - jenisa washington, cancer (#2 on a Google search)

Some of these come up because there are the same words, but not the same phrases, but it really amused us that people have actually searched for things, gotten results and were curious enough to come here.

We have also been visited because people search for:
Greg Allman, The Thrill is Gone (#8 on a Google search) This is a funny one to us, since we did that posting of videos and happened to have an Allman Brothers and a B.B. King one...what are the odds!!

108 of you are from the USA
11 are from Canada
4 from Germany
2 from the Philippines
1 from Sweden
1 from Belgium
The map shows many more countries, but those visitors are prior to Friday and it does not appear they have returned yet - boo hoo! lol

131 use Windows XP
17 use Macintosh (wooo!)
15 use Windows 2000
4 use Windows 98
Time for some upgrades here folks.

103 use MS Internet Explorer 6
36 use Firefox
14 use Netscape Navigator 7.x
9 use Internet Explorer 7
3 use Firefox 1.0
2 use Opera 9.x
Time for some upgrades there also.

wants you to know that Firefox is a much more stable, more secure browser then IE... check it out HERE.

We will relook at this in a month or so, and note the differences.
THE COUCH loves all the company... now everyone say hello to your neighbors on THE COUCH...

St. J - P.B.U.A.Q.B.

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

Remember .. Nets For Malaria - UNFoundation.org/malaria - find the big SI's Nothing But Net logo ... Or call 202.887.9040. Every cent goes to buying nets to place over the beds of children in Africa to stomp out Malaria. PLEASE HELP.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

SONG TITLE INDEX: Source asap.com
FOOL ME AGAIN: Composers: Bert Bacharach & Carole Sager
OOPS...I DID IT AGAIN: Composers: Martin Karl Sandberg & Rami Yacoub
TELL ME WHY: Composers: Daniel Martin Agee & Robert Jason Wright
SEE YOU SEE ME: Composer Jason Lees

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Lizza Says:
  2. One of your readers from the Philippines is here again! This couch sure is comfy.

    Haha! You remind me of a very good friend...he's a website statistics junkie too.

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. Gotta love the stats! It's the baseball gene.

    I've gotta get me one of those--very cool.


  5. Well y'all know that he is related to Bruno and they are stat keepers... LMOO

  6. Julie Says:
  7. **grabs picture and pouts in the corner**

  8. Angell Says:
  9. LMOO @ Dix.

    Well, the couch is very comfortable and has been one of my favourite places to sit since Bond brought it to the first AI chat room. :D

    Man, I wish I had the desire to turn my blog into a work of art.....

  10. Hey, Bond Baby, I thought that photo of the jets might be suspect, but it was cool nonetheless. I swear by snopes.com because my friends are ALWAYS sending me e-mails about this lost teen or that abducted child. I'm very empathetic to the plight of children, but anything that comes via e-mail that has been around longer than dirt is certainly suspect. Sorry if that makes me a cynic!

    Thanks for the comments and plugs on my Vets day posts. It's back to the mundane things like kids, illness, and medical procedures -- yuck.

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. You're keeping stats now? Get to WORK! Mr. Popular!

    *waits for picture of Bond with Legs showing*

  13. Unknown Says:
  14. Ohhhhhhhh Dixie *burn*

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. I did the reupholstering search...still waiting on a response...

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. p.s. my commodore 64 did not show up?

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. From the mind of Meribah:

    Um, I kinda figured that photo was a fake **cough** but didn't wanna say....LOL I like Snopes; been there lots of times!
    Nice stats, Bond! Lessee, I'm one of the 11 from Canada and one of the 36 that uses Firefox (although I do use Internet Explorer 7 sometimes) and, yes, dad, I'm up to date! I also use a firewall, an antivirus and a couple of anti-spyware programs! LOL

  21. Twyla Says:
  22. I've gotta say...I love firefox. I don't think I'd ever switch back to IE. I've always wondered how to find out what people were searching for, that lead them to your blog. I hope that made sense. Tell me the secret. :-)

  23. LIZZA: glad you are comfy..we like you here

    TURN: got that right.. all about baseball and the stats

    DIXIE: Bruno counts numbers that's it!

    JULIE; Sorry i had to break it to ya..but it is still cool.

    ANGELL: Ah how sweet of you..gosh I love that adding a u to words...hehehe favourite

    SONGBIRD: Not a cynic..a realist... ah kids and life aren't really mundane.. Work.. not that's mundane!

    BUSY: Will go through Mac at home tonight to see what leg shots I got for ya!

    DUCK: Try searching for recipes- LOL and put that thing in a museum

    MERI: That's my gal.. making sure her system runs right!

    TWYLA: I always hated IE and used Safari for a long time too... As a confirmed MAC guy (except at work where I am chained to a devil's machine) Firefox is way cool and for you people who have not seen the light... it is much safer to surf the net then IE.

    The secret can be found by going to blogpatrol.com and getting their counter there .. it will give you all the stats I listed. - HAHAHA I just tried to go there and the site is havig difficulty

  24. I didn't know there was any other way to surf the 'net EXCEPT with Firefox! Hubby is a techno-geek, so I depend on him to tell me how to stay current and electronically correct.

    BTW, darlin', thanks for the chuckle on the would-be church bandits. You're right, they rank right down there with the idiot bank robber. I'd love your comments on my latest post. I was thunderstruck by something, and I'd welcome some thoughts from others...

  25. I blame the Damm Duck!!!

  26. Anonymous Says:
  27. Ruh-roh...ok, you know I'm using Firefox and XP...so tell me, oh wise one...what's my shoe size and blood type???? When was my last confession?? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Snaps, Mister - I MARVEL at this place!!!


  28. I love the paying it forward idea. Thanks for the link -- I'm updating my blog roll shortly!

  29. SONGBIRD: Hubby is a smart guy...and those two are idjits...LOL

    DIXIE: I blame everything on the duck

    PIA: :::closes eyes and concentrates::: size 7, type O, a month ago.....How'd I do???

    JOELY SUE: My pleasure, thanks for siting on THE COUCH

  30. Travis Cody Says:
  31. Put the counter thingy up on my blog this weekend. It's a cool idea.

  32. TRAV: I noticed..it is pretty cool

  33. Tug Says:
  34. You do sex reassignments? COOL.....NO, I don't want one, just checkin'. For funsies & all.

    LOVE pay it forward - the idea, the movie, all.of.it.

    And the picture? Don't care if it's real or not, it's still AWESOME.


  35. Tug Says:
  36. P.S...I'm a Fred Flintstoner with Windows 98... $$ goes to grandkids ya' know.

  37. TUG: You can make an appointment with my receptionist if you change your mind!
    Yes, Pay it Forward is special and my linked post tells you why for me.
    Hey photoshop works wonders again!
    I understand...we all have something to use our money on.


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