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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, November 14, 2006


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Yesterday, after THE COUCH was posted, we received some extemely sad news. Our good friend Diana lost her dad. He passed at 12:35 pm after being ill for a while, but the loss of a parent is always so difficult.

Diana has been chronicling the time she has spent with and caring for her dad at All Things True To Me.

It is an incredible read, if you have not visited. The story of a young woman who has put most of her life on hold to ensure her father spent this time with a constant companion...his loving daughter.

THE COUCH mourns her loss and sends prayers and hugs. We felt this deserved two song titles.

Rest in Peace Luis.
Apple Computers continues to lead the competition in innovations.

Unfortunately, the only area they seem not to lead is the general publics realization that Apple OS is so much more user friendly, virus resistant and versatile then the other option out there.

Now Apple has announced that they have made agreements with and Continental, Delta, United and Emirate Air to give customers the ability to plug their iPods into jacks at their seats to listen, charge and watch videos on their seatbacks.

This is a big boost for those of us who like to watch videos in flight and are constantly worrying about battery life on our laptops.

In a related story, Carl Warren Persing and Dawn Elizabeth Sewell should have just worn their iPods on their flight from Los Angeles to Raleigh in September.

It seems the pair were getting frisky in their seats during a stopover in Phoenix. They were observed kissing and Carl had his mouth near her breast and his face pressed near her lower body, thus making the other passengers "uncomfortable".

A flight attendant asked them to stop and they did for a bit. But then, after the flight took off again, so did Carl and Dawn. When the attendant asked them to stop again, Mr. Pershing told her, "I am going to give you one warning to get out of my face."

When the flight landed, the pair were taken into custody by law enforcement officials.

They are facing federal charges.

Carl's cellmate has requested a window seat.
OK kiddies... sit down and let THE COUCH tell you a story...a story of a small town where the sheriff was a friendly kind of guy...he had a funny little deputy and a barber friend and he and his son lived with his aunt who baked all sorts of good food for them.

Of course we are talking about the town of Mayberry from the TV show, The Andy Griffith Show (later renamed Mayberry RFD).

Well, good old boy Andy is now going to court to sue.....get ready for this......ready???...he is suing ANDY GRIFFITH!

OK, here is the doesn't get better then this.

There is a gentleman whose name at birth was Harold Fenrick. Harold lives in Wisconsin and decided to run for sheriff of Grant County. But before he did, he went and had his name changed to Andrew Jackson Griffith.

Well, it didn't help, as he lost the election and now he stands to lose alot more.

Seems Andrew Samuel Griffith, the actor, is suing for violating trademark and copyright laws. The lawsuit claims that Fenrick/Griffith changed his name for "the sole purpose of taking advantage of Griffith's notoriety in an attempt to gain votes".

The suit asks that Fenrick change his name back, publish disclaimers and an apology in Grant County newspapers that say he has no association with the actor. It also asks for unspecified damages and court fees.

In a related story, local gas jockey Goober is suing the Blumenthal Brothers candy company for using his name on their chocolate covered peanut candy.

St. J - P.B.U.A.Q.B.

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL: Composers: Robert H. Burke & Horace C. Gerlach
TEARS IN HEAVEN: Composers: Eric Patrick Clapton & Will Jennings
MUSIC IN THE AIR: Composers: Oscar Hammerstein 2nd & Jerome Kern
LOVE IN THE AIR: Composers: Horace C. Gerlach & Jimmy Van heusen
THAT'S MY NAME: Composers: David L Carthy, Jr. & Barret Keith

16 Of Your Sparks

  1. Lizza Says:
  2. *Oh, condolences to Diana.
    *Haha! at raunchy behavior in the sky. Sex outside the bedroom is fun, but this was just too crazy.
    *I hope the people running Ian Fleming's estate don't start knocking on your door, Mr. Bond. ;-)

  3. Turnbaby Says:
  4. I am just heartbroken for Diana and hope she can take comfort in the fact that she gave all she could and he knew that

  5. Bond Says:
  6. LIZZA: Agreed outside the bedroom is great... semi-public is fun...but this is nuts!
    AH...I will need to explain the origins of my name tomorrow when I do my 13...

    TURN: I am sure, once the initial shock passes she will...we wish her well

  7. Dixiechick Says:
  8. Prayers and thoughts are continuing for Diana. My heart truly goes out to her. She has been a good daughter, doing what anyone else, including myself, would do or has done. She will be blessed.

  9. Sanni Says:
  10. Condolences to Diana, I believe her Dad´s in a better place now...

    Thanks for another pleasant stay on The Couch. Missed my daily stay while visiting Paris :)

  11. Bond Says:
  12. DIXIE: Yes she will be...

    SANNI: Missed you while you were in paris... but read about your trip.

  13. Coco Says:
  14. My heart weeps for Diana's loss. I hope she finds some peace in the knowledge that she was her daddy's guardian angel when he most needed her.

  15. Twyla Says:
  16. My condolences to Diana. I know how hard it is to lose a parent. I lost my mother when I was 23, and I cared for her for 3 years before she was put in a full-time care facility. It is such a hard thing to go through, but I know that Diana's father knew how much she loved him.

  17. Turnbaby Says:
  18. Love the new music feature! It's playing perfectly on the PC

  19. TopChamp Says:
  20. Hello, Thanks for yesterday's explanation - that's a lovely sentiment. Pleased to see by comments I wasn't alone in wondering about it.

    Thanks for the link - I'm not in England though....

    The News in the USA sounds amusing. I'll post up the headlines from my hometown this week so you can see the fun they have down South in the UK!

  21. Anndi Says:
  22. When I thought a trip on the Couch couldn't be improved.. you come up with this.. very nice Vinny..

  23. Bond Says:
  24. COCO: We all hope so...

    TWYLA: Thank you on her behalf..I can't imagine losing a parent that young, Diana is close to the same age as you were.

    TURN: Thanks, it is just going to make me work harder at selecting song titles since not all are represented with codes!

    ANNDI: TY - glad you like it...
    I will be setting them so you have to start them yourself. I know people come here while in the office and it can be a bit shocking.

  25. julie Says:
  26. Great song, Vinny.....I couldn't figure out what was happening because I already had Pandora about confusion!

  27. tiggerprr Says:
  28. sorry to hear of your friend's loss. I will go visit her site. I read about those goofy plane people, I can't imagine...I would be so embarassed.

  29. Mimi Lenox Says:
  30. So sorry for Diana. I will go read her tribute to her dad.

  31. Diana Says:
  32. Vince,

    The song you chose and had once posted on your blog made me cry for hours. I sometimes wonder if we would trully recognize each other when we get to heavan, I know we will. My parents and I shared a deeper love that I can thank God for having everyday.

    Also, I wanted to thank you so much for helping me through this. You've been my go between between our friends and myself. Sometimes, I haven't been able to get the words out but you help me and help get them to the others.

    Please make sure that my friends know I love them very much. I love you also for being a great friend and helping me through this.



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