Friday, December 15, 2006

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, December 14, 2006


Takin' Care Of Business
By Bachman-Turner Overdrive

THE COUCH NOTE: 8:54am CST: Internet police have backed off. I guess they recieved those "packages" I had sent to them last night. Funny how well a cockroach head works just as well as a horse's head and is so much less messier.

Morgen is the owner of IT’S A BLOG EAT BLOG WORLD, where anything might be said on any given day. I enjoy visiting - speeding through the "Herbal Soap" posts - and get a laugh each day.

On Saturday’s Morgen will normally ask a member of the Bloggosphere to sit for SEVEN SILLY QUESTIONS.

Tomorrow, THE COUCH is honored to have been asked to take a seat on his divan.

We had a blast with the questions and invite y’all to visit tomorrow to see the results.

Then, make him a regular stop on your daily travels.

On Monday over at THE BESTEST BLOG OF ALL-TIME, Bobby Griffin is holding his first "BESTEST BLOG CARNIVAL”. Anyone who has linked up with TBBOAT was able to submit a link to a posting they are especially proud of.

He will collect them all and feature them on Monday.

Check it out, it should be a great way to find other blogs that tickle your fancy.

You have until Saturday (tomorrow) at 11:59PM EST to submit an entry.

As the holidays are coming on fast, and we will be traveling and away, we will have limited posting over the next two weeks.

There is also a referendum on the table and it appears the decorators will be taking up residence during that time and THE COUCH is hopeful for a full reupholstering to begin the New Year.

Taylor Hicks has been all over the TV the last couple of weeks in anticipation and in support of the release of his debut album.

"TAYLOR HICKS" was released this week and has taken the country by storm. The reviews have been very favorable and they are flying off the shelves.

DO yourself a favor. Do not dismiss this talented gentleman because of how he was discovered. His brand of music is welcomed amongst the cacophony of sappy sweet, gansta cruel and bland pop that has ruled the airwaves for too dang long.

Self described as “Modern Whomp Music” it is a blend of rock, blues, soul, Cajun and Motown.

The first single “THE RUNAROUND” has a great drum signature, that keeps the song moving and there is a danceablity to it.

THE COUCH’s favorite tune was surprisingly written by Bryan Adams and is called “THE RIGHT PLACE.”

This song is perfect for him and he does it proud - and nothing like that drivel they made him sing when he won the show.

Remember back a while ago I mentioned that site Blogwhore? Well, I guess they did not feel THE COUCH was worthy of being called a whore…I never heard back from them…not a peep…not even, “Hey we hate your freakin’ site, drop dead.” NADA, ZERO, ZILCH, NOTHING.

We removed the little button we put up. .

Looking at a couple of ways to add some advertising here, but being very vigilant that it does not detract from YOUR enjoyment of THE COUCH.

It is more important that my guests are always comfortable.

OK…hope you enjoy your weekend and remember…BLOG EAT BLOG tomorrow and BESTEST BLOG CARNIVAL on Monday.

And of course, Monday brings us a new MONDAY MATINEE on THE COUCH.

Have a great weekend....

St. J - P.B.U.A.B.W.A.B

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS: Composer: Randy Bachman

26 Of Your Sparks

  1. Have a good weekend, Bond. I'm offline for bit while I sulk, cry, and pout.

    See ya soon, I hope.

  2. Lizza Says:
  3. Ooohh, I'll look out for your interview over at Morgen's blog. That should be very interesting!

    Have a great weekend, and I hope your company's Internet police ease up.

  4. Piacere Says:
  5. Can't wait for the Q&A tomorrow...this should be interesting. Just make sure it's not at 10:00 know, Ticketmaster and stuff (ARRRGGGHHH!!!!)

    (Did you get your tickets Bond????)


    P.S. Websense...BAH HUMBUG!!!!

  6. Angell Says:
  7. Looking forward to reading tomorrow's results - and it so sucks that they're policing you like that....

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Thanks for the heads up & what to look for tomorrow, I'll check it out!

    Sex site, huh? BLOGGER? hee hee hee.....

  10. Tisha! Says:
  11. Hi there bond,

    Look forward to reading your interview.

    Have a safe trip, happy holidays!


  12. Liz Hill Says:
  13. OMG Morgen and Bond--cannot wait!

    And I have to say my drop dead favorite song on Taylor's CD is "Just To Feel That Way"

    Oh and be sure to get your CD at Wal Mart for the new version of Hell Of A Day!


  14. I want to help with the re-decorating... I'm really good you know... LMOO


  15. Unknown Says:
  16. it irks me when you apply for a site or a board and no one ever gets back to you. What is the purpose of having it. If they don't want you they should just say, sorry we don't want you. Lack of courtesy.

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. "the right pLace" did he do that justice.

    p.s. not a fan of Snot Rag's but her Leno bit was dang funny

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. Have a good weekend Bond! I can't see your pictures or music links, not sure what they are...just lots of little red boxes. I'm not sure if it's you or me. :(

  21. Twyla Says:
  22. Can't wait to read the interview. :-)
    I've also joined the blog carnival...that should be interesting.

  23. Anndi Says:
  24. The writing team of Adams and Vallance have done it again... The Right Place is The Right Song.

    Looking forward to the interview on Morgen's blog.. will be there with bells on.

    I'll enjoy having a look-see at what people think their best is.. see you at the Carnival. There will be popcorn right?

  25. SONGBIRD: OK, we know that is all cleared up now.

    LIZZA: Hope you enjoy tomorrow. Yes the cops have been quieted

    PIA: LOL Not sure what time Mo posts... no ticket yes - booooo ...

    ANGELL: We overthrew the rulers and are back!

    TUG: NOW that was a "nasty" little giggle!

    TISHA: Loved your interview.. you are linked now.

    TURN: It was wild when we sat and did it.. LOL glad you are enjoying the CD

    DIXIE: I will call if additional help is needed "HEY YOU GUYS..WATCH THAT IT IS BREAKABLE..." They have already begun moving things around

    BUSY: Exaclty ... exactly!

    DAMN: I missed it was Pickle-head on Leno?

    TIGERTPRR: I am not sure either, though I know blogger has been acting wonky today

    TWYLA: OOO Looking forward to see what post you selected...
    I went with a serious one actually...

  26. ANNDI: Yeah who woulda thunk a Canadian could write such good music :::takes cover::: KIDDING!
    I understand Morgen only puts belles on his cats.
    The carnival should be fun and there is always pop corn and jujubees

  27. I'm looling forward to Mr. Hick's CD myself. I was a Daltry guy and his CD is impressive as well.


  28. Meribah Says:
  29. Whoa! Cockroach heads??? Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you! LMOO
    What??? Blogwhore won't accept you? Why that's just...unacceptable! You are SO a whore!!!! Do yuh think it would help if the pole-dancing Newfie puppy put in a good word for you? LOL

  30. Anonymous Says:
  31. Ahhhhh...I can see! I can see! Blogger has been acting wonky for a few days... :/

    btw, thanks for voting for my tree! :)

  32. Anonymous Says:
  33. HA! LOL - THE COUCH is going to sit on Morgen´s... couch... *erm* divan!

    Wonderful - I can´t wait to read =)

    Have a good night (and good luck-LOL)

  34. Mimi Lenox Says:
  35. I love Taylor Hicks and can't wait for the CD. Will be sure to check out Morgen's interview later. Have a great weekend.

  36. Mimi Lenox Says:
  37. I love Taylor Hicks and can't wait for the CD. Will be sure to check out Morgen's interview later. Have a great weekend.

  38. BUD: Liked Daughtry until he became repetitious. Hicks' album was released on Tuesday. Go get it.

    MERI: Thanks for the offer, but they had their chance. THE COUCH has moved on.

    TIGERPRR: Yes it has been wonky, no doubt. My pleasure, good luck.

    SANNI: Hope you enjoy the interview.

    MIMI: The CD is out now! Go get it girl! You also enjoy the weekend...thanks.

  39. Thanks for the vote on my Christmas decorations. I got some more random votes too.

    You are a super, duper, wonderful, and delightful spirit. If you ever decide to check out spring training down here (sorry, no Yankees!), let me know.

  40. Anonymous Says:
  41. Dude - just read the interview. Hilarious!

  42. SONGBIRD: MYpleasure

    TRAV: Glad you liked it

  43. Coco Says:
  44. My absolute favorite on the cd is The Right Place, but a close second is Just To Feel That Way. Love the 6/8 swing feel to it - a rarity in popular music.


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