Friday, December 29, 2006

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well the general contractor has arrived and
promises to be through for the unveiling on

We are looking forward to starting off 2007 with a bang
and continuing to post a minimum of 5 days a week...

The Couch moved over to Blogger on March 16 of 2006 after coming into being over on the American Idol site. The Couch came into being over there because the Taylor Hicks Threads kept getting deleted by the ijits who moderate over there.

We began to kid that it was getting tiring having to lug the Big Leather Couch from thread to thread. And on the personal blog, we began to critique each show.

I would rate the performances and predict the bottom three and my choice to say goodbye. I did pretty good, and two days out of the week,
The Couch was dedicated to Idol.

We began with a readership of two...three...maybe more with one or two comments a day. We commented on the world, silly people, lunatics, celebrities, my sojourn from free-lancing to total unemployment to finding the current position which resulted in my move to Memphis.

The Couch ranted on FEMA and environmental terrorists. We held a few pity parties and even left once or twicebut only for a couple of days.

For the most part we have posted 5 days a week.

You were introduces to my family and
our lives, both good and bad, with special tributes to Joan & Vince (the parents).

Posts were written honoring our Veterans and our Founders. We remembered Duane Allman, Thurman Munson, Jerry Garcia and Wade Winter on the anniversaries of their deaths.
You were introduced to my "first loves" and relived September 11th with us.

And all the while, we met more and more people across the Bloggosphere.
We found out Fred had a blog and let us hear about his life.

Cathy allowed us to be part of the difficult birth of her grandson, and Mo brought us 7 silly Questions.

Sanni always has a cup espresso hot for us and Sonny (who is NOT John!) brings us smile and cute stories. Lizza allows us to see her world in the Phillipines and introduces us to new blogs each Saturday.

Then Mimi brought us Peace Globes and Dating Horrors. We learned about tape radio WTIT from Bud and laugh constantly at his cutting humor. Miranda has allowed us to be a part of her life from way to close to the North Pole!
I saw one day I was linked from a Dr. Blogstein and went to find wit, intellegence and down right good times. The good Dr. brought Tisha to THE COUCH and us to her site. A nice Bronx girl who has made her way to Israel and now Brussels. Lola was also introduced at the Dr. B's and wooo...the girl is a blast.

We linked up with Starrlight and are now watching as her clock tells us how much longer before she heads to Maui (huff and pout)...

We met, from the desert, Songbird and from the mountains, Tug from HELL, CO...Need a shovel still?

Peggy spoke to us about Thanksgiving and we haven't heard from her again and hope she is ok.
From Pittsburgh to New York, BeckEye brings her unique take on music and the pop culture.

is living the life we secretly wish we could have, becoming a chef. Tiggerprr lives near the ocean so arg! Just kidding...and TC let us hear her talented music.

Many many came over from the Bestest Blog site where we now have Blog Carnivals. Maybe THE COUCH will even get a BBOTD this year.

Some we met through Thursday Thirteens, some Wordless Wednesdays.

Of course our core audience from the beginning were the group of wonderful people we have met through a Gray-haired soulful singer on a reality show. Taylor Hicks introduced me to some incredible people. Many have blogs, some don't.

THE COUCH will be going to Birmingham, AL on March 10th for the Taylor Hicks concert in his home town at the Alabama Theatre... There I will get to meet Robin and Wayne, &TinaT and Right and dozens more.

Some of those who can not be there include my birthday twin, my Sista' From DA BRONX - Busy, The Newlyweds Sue and Frank. Dana will be seeing him but not in B'ham.
Then the others we will have to meet at another time are the DAMM DUCK!, Diana, Travis, Jo and Lynn, Bex and Gail, Yoda and Tez and Julie and Amy and Amanda
Coco, Anndi, Meri and Angell are foreigners so they can't be there! HUMOR FOLKS..

THE COUCH will be lucky enough to meet Maryfly, Dixie, Bento, Pia and Duff....what? OH... they are sneaking Anndi across the border dressed as a duck. sssssssssssssssh
Turn will be there, we met in Louisville. TayMyFav worked wonders and got us all rooms!

The problem with doing this is we just know we missed one or two people who have been a part of this - if you are one of those, we apologize.

Thank you to everyone who has ever stopped and sat on
THE COUCH this year. Your readership and comments has certainly shaped parts of the way we present ourselves. Stealing little bits and pieces of your style and pinache.

To all of you, and to your families and friends
THE COUCH sends out warm wishes for a safe and happy New Year's Eve and for y'all to be bestowed with the greatest of happiness in 2007!!!!



St. J - P.B.U.A.B.W.A.B

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

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43 Of Your Sparks

  1. Coco Says:
  2. The end of an era. Can't help being a little bit nostalgic, Bond. Will we ever meet, I wonder. Perhaps not, but this has still been one of the most interesting friendships I have ever experienced. Here's to 2007 and whatever it may bring, my friend. Good health and much happiness to you.

  3. Anndi Says:
  4. A DUCK costume???? Oh I think not.. I've a hard enough time with customs... I am NOT wearing a chicken costume.. I mean duck.. no I meant to say CHICKEN! hehehe!

    *snarf* flying south.. bwahahahahahaha!!!

    LMOO.. going out with a bang my friend!

    Perfect song!

    Now where am I supposed to nap while they reupholster?

    On a serious note, as I look back on the year that we leave behind I am grateful for having met so many wonderful people and made friendships to last a lifetime. I also take this opportunity to thank you for creating the blog monster I have become.. it's all your fault!!

    Love ya!

  5. COC: Not the end of an era... the BEGINNING OF A NEW ONE...for all of us....You are a good friend...and one who I will meet some day...

    ANNDI: YES a duck costume... that is the only way to get foreigners into our country safely...
    TY about the song...
    Napping can be done ... in many places...
    Yes, well do you think Dr. Frankenstein was happy with his monster too?

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. damm duck gets no props.

    (anndi, you can't HANDLE a duck suit)

  8. Anndi Says:
  9. Dana!!! Please send me the Bessie costume... I'll sneak into Vermont meet up with Duff and make my way to B'ham. DuckMasters do NOT dress up as DUCKS!

  10. Anndi Says:
  11. Duckie.. who would want to?

  12. DAMM!!!! DUDSTER!!! Not only you, but Duff and TayMyFav got lost in translation....but the error is corrected my web-footed friend.
    I think she might look good in feathers....

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. ummm...don't want to complain but i think you may have accidentally spelled my name wrong???? :)


    (even anndi)

  15. tiggerprr Says:
  16. Awwwe What a creative way to sum up the year and I'm honored to be mentioned! Wishing you and yours the very best and brightest New Years! :)

  17. Ummm Duck.. you need glasses, It looks fine to me.... (snicker)

  18. Anndi Says:
  19. I love you too Duckie...

  20. Thanks for the shout out, Bond =) I am totally enjoying meeting all you fine folks!

  21. TIGGERPRR: And a safe and healthy one for you and yours. How could I not mention you my friend!

    ANNDI: Will you two PLEASE take it outside!

    STARRLIGHT: So glad we got to meet...I throughly enjoy your writing.

  22. Maryfly Says:
  23. chicken? duck? rabbit is a much better idea.

    V - what a year, it actually amazes me that I've known you and others for only a year, feels like a lifetime. Y'all mean so much to me.

    Thanks for having the couch - a place for everyone. HSGR!

  24. well bond i found you so late in the year, i hope we have a 2007 bloggie relationship though.... bee

  25. Twyla Says:
  26. It's been great sitting on the couch for the past couple of months, and can't wait to see the new look. Happy New Year! :-)

  27. Travis Cody Says:
  28. The men of the Soul Patrol endure much. And I guess we wouldn't have it any other way.

    **puts on hardhat, grabs popcorn, gets comfy in the standby couch to watch construction**

    Uhm. . .can I whistle at the pretty ladies when they walk by, or is that reserved for the guys doing the actual construction?

    Happy Amateur Night Dude! See ya on the other side!

  29. MARY: And it truly hasn't even been a year yet! woooooo - I am thrilled THE COUCH, has become such a meeting place.

    EMPRESS: Yes, I will make sure as they are rebuilding there is a spot for you...

    TWYLA: Always love having you here...Be safe...

    TRAVIS: Yes, we are cursed and lucky at the same time! LOL
    Whistle away my friend, but if you get slapped, you can not sue THE COUCH You enjoy with that lovely lady of yours and after you have kissed at midnight, give her a peck on the cheek for me.

  30. Well, since I am neither an American Idol nor a Taylor Hicks fan (sorry!), most of these comments are over my head and mean nothing to me.

    So, for what it's worth, thanks for your readership of The Ice Box and for supporting me through some really, um...crummy times this year. I can't remember how we found each other, but I'm glad we did.

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year - perhaps we'll get to hook up in '07.

  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. "nor a Taylor Hicks fan (sorry!),"

    is that allowed????...or even possible????


  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. This couch is so comfortable. Thanks, Bond, for enriching the blogging experience for so many of us.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It looks like 2007 will be so much fun for you. I'm looking forward to more sessions on the couch. :-)

  35. Amanda Says:
  36. Woooooo!!!! Can't wait to see the new Couch. This past year has been a blast and I know next year is going to be even better! Hope you have a wonderful Amature nite!

  37. Angell Says:
  38. Sure, go ahead and point out that I can't make it - Coco and I will just have to sit and cry together....

    *sniff sniff*

    It's been a blast darling.

    SMOOCHES HUGS AND GROPES - and I'd better have a seat on the new couch.

  39. Cathy Says:
  40. Bond, this was a wonderful post! You have put alot of time into it.I for one, certainly appreciate the links you have given to me, over the past few months.

    I will be putting up my own New Year and goodbye post in the next day or so. I will be leaving blogging, atleast until the end of March. I am having my surgery in Jan. and we won't be home until atleast the end of March.

    Thank you for being a good blog friend..HAPPY NEW YEARS!

    ps..If it were up to me you would have already had BBOTD! Im sure it will come your way.

  41. Fred Says:
  42. Thanks for the Couch history lesson. I was glad you included the links to your parents; both were wonderful tributes.

    Of course, the honorable mention was also appreciated.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Bond. I'm looking forward to the new look.

  43. Bond,
    Thanks for always having a seat for me on the couch, whether being silly or not!
    I look forward to bloggin' our way thru 2007, good times & bad.
    Oh, and we gotta wrangle a BBOTD from BobbyG for you!!!! Hell, I'd even be a guest reviewer again to make that happen!!! Whooo-yeah!
    Have a Happy New Year, my friend.

  44. Damm: Yes, it's allowed. I received special dispensation from Bond himself, didn't I, Big Guy?

  45. Unknown Says:
  46. It has been a great pleasure sitting on THE COUCH for the past couple of months. I turned out to be a real "couch potatoe" LOL

    May your 2007 be filled with happiness and blessings galore - Happy New Year, my friend!

  47. Unknown Says:
  48. Vinny - Please sent an email, I´ll be right here, sitting on THE COUCH and waiting for your plans =)

  49. SONGBIRD: You found me - I remember that. And I am happy you did. I enjoy the Icebox.

    DAMM: We'll work on her LOL

    LIZZA: AH that is sweet...I do believe you do more enriching then I though, bringing us so many new blogging friends each week.

    AMANDA: Somepoint in 07 be assured we will meet. WOOOO

    ANGELL: Ah I was just a teasing and you know there is always room for you. The new COUCH will be bigger and better.

    CATHY: You will be in my thoughts until you return from Houston. Good luck with oyur surgery. There are so mnay wonderful blogs out there.. THE COUCH will wait it's turn..

    FRED: It is one of the high spots of THE COUCH that I got to find out about the Fred and his life again. You have always been a good friend to Rich, and I always liked you the best of the 5! LOL

    MORGAN: Thank you for the 7 Silly session and for all of you wonderful comments here. Sure I avert my eyes for the soap boys, but I read every other word.
    As I said...THE COUCH will wait it's turn... every choice made there is so worthy...

    SONGBIRD: ummm not liking Taylor- I don't give those out for that! LOL

    SANNI: We love our COUCH potatos! You also have a very special New Years and I know 2007 is going to be special as you contnue your "mommyhood!"
    I sent the email.. think I got it straightened out. I think! I will know much more today.

  50. Unknown Says:
  51. Happy New Year my Friend! I'll be back next year! Wooooooo!

  52. BeckEye Says:
  53. Nice to find you this year...and thanks for the shout-out!

    Now, I have a question. Sitting on the big leather couch in the winter is all fine and dandy, but what about when summer rolls around and I'm wearing shorts? What if my legs stick to the couch?

  54. Enjoy your New Year! Can't wait for the new look

  55. I never said I didn't like Taylor Hicks; I'm not a fan because I don't listen to him.

    Fine line of distinction there, Bond. Can't dislike something I don't know.

    Have a Happy New Year. Catch you on the flip side since you're tied up with redecorating...

  56. misccoast Says:
  57. I am hoping to master the blog stuff so I can join you on the Couch for the start of 2007. I've set up my blog but want to spruce it up before I expose you pros to it.

  58. Yes, I know that I've been MIA over the past week. But you know how it goes... sleep a little, play a little, have a little family time, and so on and so forth..

    I am so fortunate to have met you and all my other friends... although it hs only been a year it feels like a lifetime. Like I've told Turn, we ALL knew each other in a past life. Brother and sisters even... I'll swear on it till my dying day....

    So as at the end of any year... out with the old and in with the new... HAPPY NEW YEAR Vinny and look out 2007 cause here comes The Hoochies and The Hottie!

  59. Tisha! Says:
  60. I get the impression your site is under construction baby!

    Since we been together the world seems brighter!


  61. BUSY: And a happy New Year to you also my Birthday Twin

    BECKEYE: THE COUCH is specially treated to help avoid that, but if it does happen, we supply studly young men who will wipe the back of your legs off with a soft towel. - Good enough?

    DIANA: Have a safe one and keep up the studying!

    SONGBIRD: Then we have to get you to start listening! LOL Yes the workers can not be trusted to be here alone and they are making a mess to top it off.

    MISCCOAST: OK, but you have to tell us who you are!

    DIXIE: You dirty rotten lazy butt! "A little play" heheheheheh
    You are one of the bright spots of 2006 Dixie..and now get your butt over for dinner.

    TISHA: OH man my face is sooooo red now. That was sweet...ty

  62. Thanks Bond! Have a safe and wonderful New Year. I appreciate the mention and know a lot of craziness is still to come.


  63. BUD: How can I do a recap without mentioning you???
    The craziness has just begun! LOL

  64. Julie Says:
  65. Whew Vinny!!! Over 40 comments!!!

    I nominate you for BLOG GOD!!!!


  66. LOL 33 are mine! bwahahahahahaha

  67. Happy New Year, Bond!!!


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