New Year's Eve Celebration

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hello and Welcome
Please come in to the new COUCH
We hope you find it even more welcoming and comfortable

To begin, we must thank SANNI from
COFFEE 2 GO for the use of her basic template.
Sanni, you are the best!

The last two days have been hectic around here
as we reworked the code and had the contractors
in and the furniture movers…see a whole new COUCH!

Then the electricians and plumbers and painters
did their thing.

We already know of some minor issues we will be
tweaking over the next week or so, but if you know
me at all, you know I am always tinkering with things.

To all of you, I wish for health, security, love and
passion in the coming year. Personally, we are glad to
see 2006 pass and with our new start in Memphis
look forward to moving forward in 2007.

Of course we offer you music to begin your year…
a collection of AULD LANG SYNE by various artists,
and then a couple of songs to great the New Year.

Mr. Hendrix, as you brought in a new decade in
1969-1970 at the Fillmore East, please start us off for 2007…

Now to Duke

The Barenaked Ladies (who are neither naked nor ladies!)

And finally Phish from Madison Square Garden

More people know the Southside Johnny version – this is the original

Having A Party
By Sam Cooke

Who but Chuck to sing of my new home:

Memphis, Tennessee
By Chuck Berry

Nat tells us all about the street where it all happens…

Beale Street Blues
By Nat King Cole

And the city I came from…Liza does it proud
(who knew bestaudiocodes would not have Franks’ version)…

New York, New York
By Liza Minnelli

And finally…this one has always said it for me, no matter where I am…

New York State Of Mind
By Billy Joel

We hope you New Year's Eve was safe and you smiled the night through.

AULD LANG SYNE: Composer: Traditional
HAVING A PARTY: Composer: Sam Cooke
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE: Composer: Chuck Berry
BEALE STREET: Composer: WC Handy
NEW YORK, NEW YOUR: Composers: Fred Ebb & John Kauder
NY STATE OF MIND: Composer: Billy Joel

24 Of Your Sparks

  1. Hmm, spiffy new look.

  2. tiggerprr Says:
  3. That may be the longest couch I've ever seen! :) Nice new look. Happy New Years! Hope you're feelin better.

  4. Tisha! Says:
  5. Great makeover! Looks like the Couch is even BIGGER than before *wink*

    Enjoy the new pics you added too!


  6. Lizza Says:
  7. Hey hey, the new look is all blue, very cool! Great song selection to usher in the New Year, Bond.

    Hope you had a good celebration.

  8. SONGBIRD: Happy New Year...Not sure you have convinced me. LOL

    TIGGERPRR: Happy New Year. Would love to feel better.

    TISHA: Special surgery they now have.. can make things bigger. Glad you like. Happy New Year.

    LIZZA: TY glad you made it by... do ya like the blue? Too much of it?

  9. Anndi Says:
  10. Love the pics Vince! And a BEARD!!

    Hey I found a hammer under the couch... man it's hard to get good help these days...

    Love the musical selection.. Sam Cooke, Chuck Berry and the BNL...

  11. Coco Says:
  12. Happy New Year, Vinny - sorry I didn't stay the distance last night. Hope you had a happy time.

  13. Lynn Says:
  14. Bond-
    Thank you for making a space on your couch for me. Feels like home.

  15. ANNDI: TY , yes the beard wa sa short lived incarnation...Is that where that went the damn guy keeps calling asking why I stole his hammer!

    COCO: Sorry I missed you ebfore I left..I was busy porting over the new COUCH

    LYNN: Always room for you.. hey you going to B'ham?

  16. Liz Hill Says:
  17. OMG the HAT!!!

    and the beard --Oh My

    like the new look


  18. AtriaBooks Says:
  19. I like the new digs! Looking good.

  20. Vin-

    Hope you had a GREAT New Years! Terrific new look for The Couch. I have company from out-of town. I should get back to her.

    Peace, bro-


  21. Twyla Says:
  22. Love the new look!
    I hope you had a great new year's eve. :-)

  23. Barb Says:
  24. I love the new look, too! Thanks for dropping by :)

  25. Barb Says:
  26. Psssst.. thanks for the link, but I'm Posting at the speed of light (wink)

  27. Coco Says:

    ok, now that we've got that out of the way, and assuming that you actually read these things before you hit publish ...

    - love the new header (great hat! but who's the fuzzy-wuzzy up there?)
    - hate the aqua blue (hurts my eyes)
    -purple print against the aqua blue is hard to read
    - some of the print is too damned small for these old eyes of mine to decipher (noticed you fixed the profile notes, but how's about the archives?)

    Guess that's about it. Hope it didn't hurt your sense of aesthetic feeling. Just to reiterate, I really HATE that aqua blue: it does hurt my eyes. Sorry.

  29. TURN: had a feeling the beard would get a notice..LOL
    ty glad you like. I have already amde a couple of tweaks. Darkened the red type on the sidebar.

    DR. B: Glad you like it sir...had fun.

    BUD: Quiet New Years Eve...TY on The Couch...any snow yet?

    TWYLA; Quiet as I was under the weather...glad you like the look...

  30. Julie Says:
  31. Yup Yup Yup it's not just me....Vinny that BEARD!!! Woooooo!!!!

    Great new look and the couch is wonderfully's poking out both sides of my monitor!!

    LMOO!!! Great job dear!

    Hugs for the New Year!!!

  32. Fred Says:
  33. I feel sorry for the poor suckers that had to move that couch.

    Nice new look. Very spiffy.

  34. Anonymous Says:
  35. **walks in, looks around, tests out the Couch, nods head in approval**

    Yup, very cozy.

    Of course, you've got all the goodies we've come to expect - fine music and directions to places of note.

    Happy 2007!

  36. desert rat Says:
  37. Fabulous new look! LOVE the pic with the hat and the tinted shades! Do you find a lot of loose change under the Couch cushions?

  38. Coco Says:
  39. *squints* ah yes - there it is!

  40. it was great!
    happy new year :)

  41. Unknown Says:
  42. *singing* Iiiiiii´m sitting on the greeeeeaaaatest couuuuuch

    You´re blessed you can´t hear me, Vinny!

    Hope you recieved my mail I´ve sent you today?!

    Thanks for the shout-out =)
    and for your cool congrats on my BBOTD. =)



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