Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well, I have fixed the Mr. Linky at the bottom, but that is a small problem.
It appears that the company's internet police "WEBSENSE" now classifies as a "sex" site and I am blocked. I can visit and comment on other blogs, but can not get into my blog to edit or to even moderate comments to publish them.
Not sure if this a forever thing or short term. All I can say is arrrrrrrrrrrg


By The Buggles
Similar, but so different from our friend Bud Weiser over at WTIT RADIO BLOG, we spent time in college working in Radio in the Rochester, NY market. We also did some other radio related thigs, and was a DJ for weddings for many years.

Last night, we walked over to our 45 collection and randomly select 13 singles.

Here they are in no particular order...

St. J - P.B.U.A.B.W.A.B

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR: Composers: Geoffrey Downes, Trevor Horn & Bruce Wooley

32 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I can recall seeing some of these label styles on my records, when I regularly owned vinyl.

  3. Crap -- it's Thursday again?! I have nothing prepared.

    Oh well. Anyway, after that crack about your music being before my time, I can honestly admit that a) I actually know what 45s are b) I HAD 45s in my collection (but, sadly, no longer do), and c) I know most of these songs!

    Sigh. I'm older than I will freely admit.

  4. TopChamp Says:
  5. Can't get your widget to work..

    Spotted a few classics there but as always there are plenty I don't know. Have to wait til my fella wakes up so I can ask him to have a look & tell me if I'm just musically ignorant!

  6. Coco Says:
  7. If I can get the DoE to unblock Blogger (just admin stuff blocked), I'll link later today. This was interesting. Haven't heard some of those songs in ages.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Excellent taste in music, my friend =)
    and a great idea for a TT - I love it!


    P.S.: Blogger does not want me to comment using my identity today =(
    If you like to visit me, please come around here... Thanks a lot!

  10. Liz Hill Says:

    There's a trip down memory lane. But Bondbaby--I almost had to get my glasses! Ack!!

    Nice Thirteen!


  12. Piacere Says:
  13. What great memories, Vin!!!! Reminds me of my adolescence and going to the drugstore to buy the latest 45 - that's what living was all about. And I think I still have that CCR vinyl around here somewhere (along with too many others to mention). Great post - wonderful today just don't know what they missed!!


  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. Hi Bond! I didn't do Thursday 13 this week, but I wanted to stop by and see yours...happy Thursday!!

    (Also, I have trouble leaving comments on your site-it never lets me sign in for some reason.)

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. dude your linky thing needs a fixin' it isn't working.

    I love your 45s. LOL! Paul Revere & the Raiders. Woohoo! Nice list of singles.

  18. Tug Says:
  19. Oh, the MEMORIES!! Herman's HERMITS - 'enry the 8th I am...

    fun list Bond, happy TT!

  20. AtriaBooks Says:
  21. What are those funny looking disc things? Giant black CD's?!?

  22. Angell Says:
  23. Great tunes!!

    The last one makes ME lose control sometimes.....


  24. LOL Doc :P

    Great List Bond! Wish I could post mine or anything for that matter. Websense, the friggin idiots, have decided I can view blogs but not the next blog bar at the top, AND I can't get to the beta dashboard to log in. Ain't that grand?!

  25. Sonny Says:
  26. That's a great list! Thanx for sharing, Vinnie!

    Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,

    Sweet like Kitty
    Sonny's Xmas

    P.S: I wasn't able to leave my link :(

  27. Why are your CDs black? And have that sticker in the middle?

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. Wow, some of those are fairly recent!

    The Herman's Hermits one however, reminded me of Donny Osmond. My first star crush...his 45s had the same label. ::sigh:: (I can't believe I'm admitting it - but hey, I was only 4.)

  30. Irene Says:
  31. I cannot help but drool at your magnificent album collection. How fabulous! Hang on to them. They'll surely rise in value as time passes. =)

  32. I remember those days... excellent collection you have there Vinny...

    Happy TT!

  33. LAUGHING: The old labels had more pizzazz then today. Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH.

    SONGBIRD: So am I.. only 26 still!

    TC: Curious if he was able to help.

    COCO: Seems that the web plice are working overtime today.

    SANNI: Woo.. thanks .. yes many problems on blogger/internet today it seems.

    TURN: Glad you enjoyed, but ... ummm...dear, you are the only one who had troubles, so maybe it is YOUR eyes! LOL

    PIA: Yes I remember those days...ouch.. olden

    MAGS: Thaks for coming by I wonder why it is giving you troubles.

    BUSY: All fixed...PR & TR featuring Mark Lindsay ! I always wonderd what he did to get the extra billing!

    TUG: "shes been married seven times before and every one was a 'enery"

    DR. B: A new diabolical device that could be the end of Lex Luthor from the cyber word perhaps?

    ANGELL: yes, I am sure it does...

    STARR: TY, and you now know I feel your pain.

    SONNY: Thanks and yes I had the code messed up!

    DIANA: Dr. B beat you to that line a few comments ago! But you didn't know that. LOL watch out he might stalk you now!

    TIGERPRR: Yes the more recent from my "wedding DJ" days...

    IRENE: Many things will go before all the vinyl. Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH.

  34. AtriaBooks Says:
  35. Bond: I noticed you were able to visit my site...I must be doing something wrong if my site isn't categorized as a "sex site" by your company. Damn!

  36. TopChamp Says:
  37. Hello Bond, NO - he wasn't much use at all.

  38. Doc, you can visit, you just can't log into it if it is your OWN site. Hell you can comment on your own blog, just not log into it.

    Idiot websense

  39. Hey Bond-
    I tossed my 45s after my first marriage some 15 years ago. My friend Rock told me I'd regret it and I do. But my thousands of LPs are in shelves in the correct order. I am glad I saved them for more than senitmental reasons. I turned those suckers into MP3s but recording them to my computer.

    Thanks for the memories...

  40. DR. B: Yours I can get to... mine - NOPE! freakin Websense...

    TC: LOL I am sure yu are only talking about the records!

    STARRLIGHT: You and me and some munitions..we take over the Websense corporate offices and BRING DOWN THE WALLS!

    BUD: Glad you enjoyed.

  41. Anonymous Says:
  42. Psst...Bond

    Of course I now have to change my technorati, and my site meter and yada yada and webrings.

    So...I was too pissed to do more than roll one off the assembly line.

  43. STARRLIGHT: Link has been changed.
    Sorry it came down to that. I am sure blogger-ville will miss you.

  44. Anndi Says:
  45. Very cool... thank God Matt didn't use them as frisbees!

  46. BeckEye Says:
  47. I had the Joanna 45. I think if I heard that song today, it would make me want to blow my brains out.

  48. ANNDI: LOL he knew better from an early age. He was taught the stereo system when he was 3...LOL

    BECKEYE: When you are done hand me the gun!

  49. Tink Says:
  50. I hope I'm not too late to sit onthe couch! Your list brings back childhood memories... Thanks!
    My TT shows the holiday decorations in my home.

  51. Anonymous Says:
  52. Dude, sorry I'm late!! Dang weather.

    I'm only surprised by one of these records - Eric Carmen. I guess I shouldn't have been though. Not after seeing the 12 feet of LP's lined up in the new pad.

  53. Anonymous Says:
  54. Oh man do I feel old. I still remember being excited when a new 45 or record came out ... and playing it for hours on my parents stereo.

    Great mix and picks, btw. Happy (belated) TT.


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