Thursday Thirteen #5 - December 7, 2006

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, December 06, 2006



By Jim Croce

Chronologically – As best as I can remember

1) AGE: about two years old: Living in Da’ Bronx. It was late at night and I wanted a bottle. My crib was in the same room as mom and dad. Mom brought me my bottle and brought dad a glass of OJ. Dad tried to drink it lying down and it spilled all over! Confirmed by mom that this happened- my earliest memory.


2) AGE: Same time frame: Our neighbors across the hall were an older Italian couple…Freida and Emerico. They put up gates so that I could only get into the kitchen in their house. I have a vivid memory of sitting at the kitchen table with Frieda one day drinking espresso with just a dab of Annisette in it. I know we did this more then once, but that one day is there.


3) AGE: 7 or so: At Aunt Adele and Uncle Sam's house. Their kitchen has a door to the backyard. When you open the door, you make an immediate right to go down the stairs…Cousin Denise (YES YOU! Love you.) goes running out the door trying to get outside without me following. I barrel after her and …ummm never make the right turn and go through the railing falling the 10 feet to the ground. I think I might have passed out...thank goodness for rock-hard Abrubzian/Sicilian skull.


4) AGE: 10 or so: Mentioned this before, but it is the Saturday morning when all the kids who lived in the homes around us ended up outside riding our bikes in our p.j.'s, on the street so early, none of the parents were even awake…a feel good memory of times gone by.


5) AGE: 15: My first funeral for a friend. Keith Miller was two years older then I was, but we hung out a lot.

He was an athlete, good looking … a guy’s guy and a ladies man (yes even at 17!). Keith was the guy I wanted to be when I was his age.

Star of the HS Baseball team…dating the hottest girl in town.

Well, one day on their way back from the Hamptons, something happened (was he breaking up with her and she became enraged and grabbed the wheel; was he drunk; were they just having an argument and he lost control…all three of these are things that were whispered)…anyway they hit a telephone pole and it collapsed onto the driver’s side of the car crushing him. All the kids, mingling around the funeral home.. No one knowing what to say...


6) AGE: 18: Pulling into the campus of RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) my first day with mom and dad. (Unlike today, we did not do college tours...this was the first time I saw campus).

Meeting my roommate, ditching mom and dad and ending up walking into the campus radio stationWITR and saying “I want to be on air.” I was the next day! Someone walked into the booth during the show and an “F” Bomb went over the air…and my last song of the day was Janis “Ball & Chain” live where she drops the “F” bomb…Ah hell- college radio! I stayed on the air for the entire four years doing my last broadcast for them on the day before I left campus.


7) AGE: 23: At work and get a call from a salesman asking if I would like to join him for the sixth game of the WORLD SERIES… well of course I would. We sat along the first base line in short right field and watched as Reggie Jackson hit three home runs off of the first pitch from three different pitchers that evening.


8) AGE: 25: A bit shy of two years later, sitting in seats at Yankee Stadium not too far from those mentioned above as we honored the memory of Thurman Munson the day after his death. A 10-minute standing ovation took the place of the requested moment of silence and when it was over my shirt was drenched with tears.


9) AGE: 29: Visiting my two best friends (who also happened to be married)…they drag me to a friend of theirs. It ends up that I am the 7th wheel! I can be a crank (OH SHOCK!!THE SHAME!), and was very much one that day, impressing the homeowners and another couple who was there. I came away from the day remembering she was blonde and cute. We had our first date 5 months later. We were engaged 3 months after that.


10) AGE: 30: 9 months later my wedding day. Allyson looked incredible that day. Then we got to the reception and the band was not there. This was my part of the wedding. I am upset (OH SHOCK!!THE HORROR!) and going outside to get their number from my wallet in the car. Push open the two doors to the front of the hall and yell "MotherF***er!!!" ....right into the faces of my godmother, my great aunt and another aunt! errrrrrrrrrrrrr (The band showed up 5 minutes later, they got an earful then rocked the house! The wedding was talked about for years...).


11) AGE 33: I am awaken to be told the water had broke. To the hospital...I can be single-minded (OH SHOCK!!THE HUMANITY!) and it was in my mind that the baby would be born that day. When it got close to 11:30, I was now a bit freaked with all that Allyson was going through! HA! Matthew V. M. arrived at 11:36pm...just as I knew he would!


12) AGE: 48: Move into the first home I ever owned (don't ask..). When we walked in, as we were looking, the house just said welcome...the previous owners were big baseball people in town years before...there were flowers all over the property...perfect. And we moved Allyson's mom in with us.


13) AGE: 50: Sitting in the baseball stadium on the campus of University Of Pennsylvania, watching as Matt is introduced as one of the 24 players selected by the HS coaches to represent Mercer County at the Carpenter Cup, an baseball allstar tournment comprised of teams in the Philadelphia Tri-State Area. You can read more about it: HERE
Matt split two game with another catcher. They caught the same group of pitchers. They were both allowed to call the pitches.

They lost both games giving up 13 runs in the process. Matt was not behind the plate catching for any of those runs.

In his 9-innings catching , the two teams they played did not score. he went 0-4 at the plate, but his skill of handling pitchers he had only competed against, was evident.


St. J - P.B.U.A.B.W.A.B

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48 Of Your Sparks

  1. Liz Hill Says:
  2. As I said before---you have the talent sugar--just a natural---such a sweet good true post.

  3. Sonny Says:
  4. Love your list!
    Thanks for the closer view to your past!

    Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,

  5. Piacere Says:
  6. I love the childhood memories, especially the one with your neighbor giving you espresso! OMG, I'll bet your mom was beside herself, trying to crank down a toddler on a caffeine high (she probably gave you a few more "dabs" of Sambuca to put you to sleep!!).


    P.S. I just did my very first TT - it didn't hurt at all!!!

  7. Twyla Says:
  8. Great idea for a TT. I learn something new about you everytime I sit on the couch. :-)

  9. Unknown Says:
  10. So tell me, did you get to meet Jonas Broncks when you were two?


  11. Unknown Says:
  12. So nice to get to know you better every single stay on THE COUCH! Espresso anyone??? =)

    Happy TT from Germany,

    P.S.: Thanks for the lights - I´ve never seen my little coffee-suggery THAT bright!

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. i still was robbed

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. nothing quite as good as seeing your son achieve.

    THAT! should be on those "IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS" commercials. not that campin cra*

  17. Great list! I love strolls down memory lane.

    Mine's up.

  18. Coco Says:
  19. How lovely - Baby Bond stories.
    *sits on the Couch for a minute trying to picture Brennan cranked on espresso ... shudder*

  20. Excellent list.... I remember when Reggie Jackson hit those home runs... my dad really liked him...

    Happy TT!!! Mine's up!


  21. TURN: Ty for your words...

    SONNY: will be traveling over to see yours in a bit...ty

    PIA: Actually, espresso has never wound me up...It is the only coffee I drink (sorry Sanni!) and only after a meal and only with (now) sambuca...

    TWYLA: TY, well that is why THE COUCH is here... LOL

    BUSY: Shall I remind you that we share the same exact birth date dear??? Note: jonas settled what is now DA BRONX in the 1600's

    SANNI: hehe please here espresso.. and you earned the lights dear...

    ANON: get over it

    DAMM: Yes, you are correct.. what a thrill

    SONGBIRD: I considered the soundtrack to be Memories, but I liked TIAB better

    COCO: You should know.. it acts differently with kids.. just like ritalin (speed) calms the down)--that is my story and i am sticking to it...

    DIXIE: A great memory I will have forever...

  22. Shelby Says:
  23. great list!

  24. Thanks for my time on the leather couch--this is a great list of memories! I laughed over your dad spilling juice all over himself. (Like you, I am an "older" blogger--even older than you. I find most bloggers are "kids," but they need the seasoning of us older folk, don't they!?!)

  25. Tug Says:
  26. What a great list!! Yankee stadium...someday.

    Happy TT Bond!

  27. Unknown Says:
  28. Date yes!


    Da Bronx in Da House!

  29. Croce was the better choice.

    BTW, did anyone ever tell you that you are very charming and a big flirt? I'm sure you've heard that MANY times.

    hugs and kisses...

  30. Caylynn Says:
  31. Great list! What a wonderful idea for T13. :) Thanks for sharing all the memories with us. That's amazing that you have memories from when you were 2!

    Happy T13. :)

  32. Anonymous Says:
  33. Great memories of years gone by. Strange TT today is "Childhood Memories" (Great minds think alike? lol)

  34. Excellent TT, Bond! Anything that manages to get lazy house bands, Pearl, and college radio in it is ok by me!

  35. Wonderful list, a journey through different stopping points in your past. One can tell alot about a person by the times in their lives that stick out the most, genuine, kind hearted and loving. Truly a one and a million.

  36. TopChamp Says:
  37. You're lucky to have such good memories!

    See you soon - rehearsals calling... yawn.

  38. Travis Cody Says:
  39. OK, Dodger fan here and #7 breaks my heart.

    **trying to be understanding, failing miserable, mopes away to sulk**

  40. What great memories!! I did my movie list for you today. :-)

  41. Anndi Says:
  42. My favorite Jim Croce song dear. Now I'm going to nap on the couch til my stomach stops feeling wonky.

    You truly never disappoint.

  43. tiggerprr Says:
  44. Awesome list! :) It's so cool that you're writing all this stuff down for posterity!

  45. EAST: TYVM and thanks for stopping by and sitting on THE COUCH

    JUDY: Glad you enjoyed it on THE COUCH...come back anytime at all! Sure you are older then me??? LOL

    TUG: You have to make it before they tear it down for the new one.. 4 years... get there...

    BUSY: yeah yeah yeah... =]

    SONGBIRD: nope, never heard that .. nope =] heheh ty

    CAYLYNN: yes, I am amazed I do also and had to ask if they were true memories a number of years ago!

    TERRI: great TT on you also.. yes ..great minds! WOOO

    STARRLIGHT: Well "lost" bands and they were my pick.. actually NOT a wedding band.. a band I knew from the clubs.. I needed good R&R..ah yes Pearl...

    DIANA: TY for the kind words...

    TC: I have a=many but these are the tops

    TRAVIS: Sorry dude...two sides of the same coin!

    JOELY: TY.. loved your list too.

    ANNDI: Feel better..glad you liked the song...I try not to... not sure i always succeed... but ya know live is a beach and the sand gets between your toes!

    TIGERPRR: You mean for when i am old and feable and can't remember anything!?

  46. Tink Says:
  47. Every week when I sit on the couch I get to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing!
    My TT is about methods of divination.

  48. BeckEye Says:
  49. Thanks for sharing all those memories! Sweet post.

  50. Meribah Says:
  51. **gets Sunlight soap to wash Bond's mouth** Shame on you for shouting such a nasty word at your elders! **starts scrubbin'** LOL Nice list, by the way!

  52. TINK: Glad you enjoy your time here.. come back often

    BECKEYE: Appreciate it

    MERI: Umm I was shouting in rustration and they happened to be there, i was not shouting AT them dear.

  53. Fred Says:
  54. At least you were home when the water broke. I was out of town, and D1 wasn't due for another two weeks. I got a call at 2:30 in the morning. Luckily, I made it home in time.

    Great memories.

  55. Amanda Says:
  56. Vinny, you have such wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  57. Anonymous Says:
  58. puts up moose head...sneaks out.

    (it's been looking for a home.)

  59. tiggerprr Says:
  60. Well...I wasn't going to say anything...I TRIED to be gentle. But ... that's exactly what I mean. LOL

  61. Julie Says:
  62. Isn't it odd the random memories we pull out? Hmmm......

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  63. FRED: Oh yeah, that could be trouble...

    AMANDA: My pleasure it was a fun TT

    ANON: NOT the moosehead

    TIGERPRR: Then c'mon sista' speak up and say what ya mean! LOL

    JULIE: Yes, these were easy... LOL thanks

  64. Unknown Says:
  65. Very interesting, Vinny...I think I'm gonna do that one for my blog.

    :steals idea and runs like heck:

  66. Terra Shield Says:
  67. That was a really lovely piece. Memories are great!

    Dropped by via the carnival at bloggingham :)

  68. bond, great meme! enjoyed learning more about you too! (hardhead, must remember that one, take notes, still can't find glasses) thanks for sharing, bee

  69. Great memories, that is the nice thing about getting old, you have more memories

  70. JAM Says:
  71. Bond, this is a great post. Those early memories blow me away.

    I "think" I remember a couple of images from that early in my life, but they aren't specific enough to have Mom say yay or nay to them.

    I liked the wedding one about the band too.

  72. Bond you remember things much better than I, memories from when you were two! Heck I was happy to remember that the carnival was today. Great post!

  73. Came here by way of the carnival...great post. I laughed so hard at #10! :)
    Thanks for a great post.

  74. Linda Says:
  75. Came over from the carnival - great post, great memories! I bet it was hard to pick just 13, though!

  76. Travis Cody Says:
  77. I remember this one - great memories. It got me wondering why I can't remember stuff like this.

    Oh, Reggie still breaks my heart every time.

  78. JHS Says:
  79. What great memories! I loved reading that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, too! Come back and visit any time and I will do the same. :-)

  80. New(ish) to your site; loved the trip down memory lane :)

    Just here via the bestest blog carnival.


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