Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, December 11, 2006

Quick hits on this Tuesday...accompanied by a song that just keeps you moving forward...

La Grange
By ZZ Top
With apologies for the late posting today. THE COUCH actually fell asleep on.....are you ready for this??? The couch last evening!
As an addendum to Monday Matinee, we want to add a post script to the tale of "Hoping To Meet Quickly", the story of meeting the lawyer who married...

It was now about 24 months later and
THE COUCH was at his desk at work.

Phone rings and he answers. female voice. "Hi, how are you?" "Ummm, OK and you?"

She asks, "You don't know who this is do you?" "Actually, no clue."

"Well, I will give you a hit...you took me on a limo ride once."

Now, this, as a hint, was not going to cut it, "Ummm, you have to be more specfic then that." "You mean you took other women in limos?"

Beginning to get a bit annoyed at this game, "Well, I guess that is what it means, now who exactly is this?"

Then it comes out. She tells us her name and how she was so sorry at what happened, and how her girlfriend told her that she should have called off the wedding and given us a chance. Then she says it... yup, you guessed it...

"Well, you know, I filed for a divorce last week, and i am living in the city now. Would you like to come over this afternoon?"
THE COUCH has married at this point, but because of what happened with this woman - for a split second - the little brain says "Yeah go over, give her what she wants and then leave and tell her never to bother you again."

Big head prevails, "Sorry, I got married...have a good life..." click

Maybe SHE heard the crickets!
In September of 2002, Warren Hill was at a flea market in Manhattan. Hill, from Montreal was a collector and would buy vinyl records.

He brought his buy home, and with a friend Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records in Portland, OR writes in the current issue of Goldmine Magazine, they came upon a find.

"We cued it up and were stunned — the first song was not 'Sunday Morning' as on the 'Velvet Underground & Nico' Verve LP, but rather it was 'European Son' — the song that is last on that LP, and it was a version neither of us had ever heard before!" Isaacson wrote.

What Hill had purchased was one of only two reported copies of the in-studio acetate from the 4
days the Velvet Underground recorded their first album in 1966 at Scepter Studio in NYC.

Hill and Isaacson photographed the album, made a digital backup copy of the music, and decided to put it up for auction on eBay on November 28th. When bidding closed Mr. Hill had turned a $0.75 investment into a sale of $155,401.00! The buyer is known only by their eBay screen name.

Nice to see David Stern, he the Commissioner of the NBA has realized his faux pax trying to introduce a "composite" basketball instead of the tried and true LEATHER !!!!

Mr. Stern... all you had to do is ask the readers here and they will tell you ....NEVER REPLACE THE LEATHER!
You Go Girl... Nicole Richie got busted after fellow motorists called 911 to report a black SUV (what else!) was driving on the wrong side of the road and erratically.

After failing a roadside sobriety test, the "85 lb." (according to the police report) Richie was booked and released after taking a drug test. No results on that yet, but our girl Nicole, reportedly told the CHP officers Jon and Ponch, that she may have been "token' the herb don cha know", earlier in the evening.

The reports that Paris Hilton was the one who made the incriminating phone calls to police, and was seen lurking behind a bush as the cops did the roadside test are unconfirmed.
Tick tock goes the clock. The Boston Red Sox only have until Thursday to complete a deal for Japenese stud pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The Red Sox were the "winners" in a bidding war to just get the chance to negotiate a deal with Matsuzaka.

The deadline is Thursday. If they can not get a deal done then they lose negotiating rights and the pitcher heads back to the Seibu Lions.

OH, the price the Red Sox paid to the Lions just to negotiate with Matzuzaka...$51 million!

Now if they can't get a deal done, they do get their money back.

On a good note for Yankee fans, Matsuzaka's agent has said his client is worth "well in excess of one hundred million dollars."

sheesh.....never blame the players if there is a work stoppage or lockout in baseball ever again. It is the owners who are paying all this money!
So, George Clooney wakes in the morning and his knees hurt and he thinks "I'm 45." This from the new People Magazine's "2006 Sexiest man Alive" winner.

All at once... 1, 2, 3 ..."ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor georgie!"
Remember, tomorrow is WORDLESS WEDNESDAY NAME THAT TUNE on THE COUCH. And we will again be posting in the morning, instead of midnight, to give some other regions of the world a chance at playing.
We leave you with a clip we found that we think you will all enjoy.
Eric Clapton & Sheryl Crow

St. J - P.B.U.A.B.W.A.B

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

Remember .. Nets For Malaria - UNFoundation.org/malaria - find the big SI's Nothing But Net logo ... Or call 202.887.9040. Every cent goes to buying nets to place over the beds of children in Africa to stomp out Malaria. PLEASE HELP.

Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

SONG INDEX: Source: allmusic.com
LAGRANGE: Composers: Frank beard, Billy Gibbons & Dusty hill

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. what were the Sox's thinking

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. p.s. SLOW HAND RULES WOOOOO!!!!!!

    (umm...sorry, got a little carried away)

  5. Anndi Says:
  6. You want to feel sorry for Nicole... really you do... but then.. NOPE!

    And to think some people actually think crickets are lucky.. ROTFLMOO!

    Starving children... people dying cause they don't have insurance...
    51 MILLION???? To talk to him???That's just wrong. Do they have to pay for the interpreter too?

  7. DAMM: Same thing they always think "we have to beat those damn yankees..."

    DAMN: YES he does...

    ANNDI: feel sorry for her... umm nope
    Not sure about the interpreter..LOL only you would think of that.

  8. Piacere Says:
  9. Ok, I just wanna tell 'ya that La Grange is one of my alltime favorite air guitar/air drums tunes - LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Thanks for popping that one up today!!

    Regarding Mr. Hill and his bodacious flea market find, it makes me wanna go clean out my basement. I'm pretty sure there's a Monet down there somewhere!!!

    Happy Tuesday!

    P.S. George can kiss my 50-year-old butt...I'll give him KNEES!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. Yup! Never replace the leather!

    **shakes head at Red Sox**

    **feels for our man George**

    Fantastic tunes today, V.

  12. Coco Says:
  13. Why is it men seem to improve with age, but women ... well, I'm just not gonna finish that statement. George may have sore knees, but the rest of him looks just fine ...

    Geez - Velvet Underground? I'd be thrilled to find one of their lp's even if it wasn't worth 150 grand.

    The basketball thing? You could give the exact same advice about shoes ...

    Nicole Richie ... nah, totally not worth a comment.

    The baseball thing? It's a freaking GAME! Take that $51 million and put it to good use, saving a Third World country from malaria, for example. How many nets do you think that could buy, Vinny?

    Make your day a great one, Vinny. Hugs.

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. Nicole is going to be dead soon, I'm sad to say. I almost feel sorry for Lionel, but then, he is sort of enabling her, isn't he?

    I'd rub George's 45 year old knees! ;)

    I don't get the whole pay sports starts megamillions thing. Perhaps it's because I'm not crazy about watching sports. Though, the Cowboys seem to be doing ok, so I might have to start again. (Fairweather fan, I know, I know!)

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. a very similar thing happened to me, twice actually, although I was not near the married point with them, but they call out of the blue and expect that your life has stood still for them. DUH!

  18. Liz Hill Says:
  19. I would listen to LaGrange but TAYLOR is singing to me in a continuous loop!! WOOOOOOOOOO

    Baseball owners are acting as if is Monopoly money--only aspect of the game I flat out hate.

    And Ya just gotta LOVE the addendum--karma.

  20. 85 pounds?! How much you want to bet the joint she smoked weighed more :P

  21. Coco Says:
  22. Couldn't see the video before, but came back for it ...
    Ohhhhhh, I love watching Clapton play his guitar. He's a master. And "Little Wing" has very special meaning to me. So, thank you for it. Made my day.

  23. PIA: One of mine also as i mentioned a couple f weeks ago...
    Incredible what can be found at flea markets...

    TRAV: Right on all points!

    COCO: Yup Love the VU.. so far ahead of their time...LOL about the shoes...and , MLB does plenty for charity but that money just to negotiate is ridiculous

    TIGERPRR: It is sad that aprents enable as they do...I will let george know about your offer! And they pay movie and music stars that kind of money also, just seems people for get that.

    BUSY: Well she was special, of course I was supposed to enter the monestary until she was ready for me!

    TURN: Well, enjoy taylor..Karma..LOL

    STARRLIGHT: LOLOLOL...and she didn't share!

    COCO: Yes he is incredible to watch.

  24. Tug Says:
  25. I LOVE sports, but that's just INSANE.

    And Nicole? GET.HELP...just get help.

  26. TUG: Totally insane and she surely needs the help

  27. Bogarting the Bud!

    Our local DJ suggested that since Paris got a DUI as well, they change their show to The Simple Life - Diversion. Of course he also thinks being forced to watch her dad's video for "Hello" would be great punishment :P

  28. AtriaBooks Says:
  29. Great music to comment to, Bondy.

    I wonder how much I could get to allow the Red Sox to talk to me...I mean, I have as much major league experience as Matsuzaka does.

  30. Unknown Says:
  31. Man, how I'd love to give someone crickets one day!

  32. STARRLIGHT: Or Simple Life - 8 Ft Cell - As Simple as it gets

    DOC B: TY love the song myself..
    Red Sox, they'd probably give you minimum % mil...just make sure you have Scott Boras as your agent!

    DANA: Time...

  33. I wrote a very detailed comment earlier, and then I lost it! The story of my day today - sigh.

    First: Thx for the ZZ Top. Very jazzy, very cool.

    Secondly: Your ex-lady friend. What can I say? Reminds me so much of several of my past conquests (reference my previous day's comments regarding "shoulda married..."). As they said in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" -- "Our timing has been very bad."

    Vinyl: We have the original vinyl of the last Skynyrd album that was printed with the flames; it was recalled and reprinted sans the flames after the crash. Wonder how much that album cover is worth?

    Always, always, ALWAYS go with the leather. Oh, wait, you were referring to the old/new/old NBA ball, weren't you? Um, yeah, always leather -- ALWAYS.

    Nicole Richie -- no comment. Lionel, get a CLUE!

    Not a baseball fan (oh! the horror you say!)

    George Clooney: if he wants to come over and have his...um...KNEES rubbed, I'd be happy to oblige.

    Cool, cool, cool video. Didn't recognize Sheryl Crow at first. Is this recent (i.e., since her chemo?)

    BTW: I assume the St. Joseph is because you're trying to sell a house, n'est-ce pas?

    Okay, now off to bed for me. I spent the evening helping with two HUGE homework projects for the fifth grader (curse that Hot Teacher!) and entering over 500 names into a database as a favor for an acquaintance. (NOT doing THAT again.)

  34. TopChamp Says:
  35. Hello Bond - hadn't heard the US gossip news for a while!

    Video great - going to do some work for a change now though.

  36. SONGBIRD: ah the perils of dating!
    Could be worth a few bucks depending upon condition
    LEATHER --LOl no matter what
    You are so bad, but I am sending george your way anyway

    I think it is recent..but can not be sure when the video was shot
    Yes, house is on the market and has been for too long...wanna buy it?

    TC: Keep that nose to the grindstone...LOL


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