Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, Tigerprr tagged me for this meme, and I am supposed to tag 6 people after doing it.

I haven't decided if I am going to tag anyone due to the holidays coming up, but I could change my mind.

But before we get to that...

Saturday we were honored to sit with Morgen and answer his Seven Silly questions.

During our chat, it was announced that there would be a casting call today here on THE COUCH.

We are casting for the part of Sticky Sweetness for the next Bond movie, "STUCK ON YOU", in which Bond battles arch-criminal Otto Man.

SO, if you would like to audition, in the comment section please leave what would be your "signature line." Having a picture will not hurt your chances...

Now.. onto the weird me...

By Hanson

Here are the rules:

The Rules:

Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

OK, this is NOT easy...

1) When I had a freezer in the basement, after I went to the store and packaged everything, I would make a list of all the items in the freezer and note what was in each package. When I would cook something I would cross the item off the list.
2) I have collected the covers of Rolling Stone Magazine since 1973 or so. Now I do not have every cover, as when I moved I missed issues here and there, I think I have 875. They are in a trunk on occasionally I will pull them out and look. At one point I kept the entire issue, but that took up too much room.
3) All of my music is categorized. The albums are in my own dewey-decimal system. Each band has a main number and each album is then numbered .1 ; .2 ; .3 etc. My singles are alphabetical by "A" song side. Cassettes are numbered and cataloged, CD's are by type of music.
4) I need sounds at all time. I hate silence. The TV or stereo is always on and I need to fall asleep with the TV on.
5) I have a total fear of needles. HATE THEM! I can not even watch when blood is being taken.

6) I very rarely leave the house without coming back at least once.. sometimes twp or three times. This might just have to do with my forgetfullness..


OK.. holidays.. I am not tagging...

St. J - P.B.U.A.B.W.A.B

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH, hope you enjoyed your stay.

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Keep that spark of insanity kids...It helps keep you an individual.

SONG INDEX: Source: allmusic.com
WEIRD: Composers: Desmond Child, Issac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson

36 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ergh, you and your damn rules. Sheesh, I thought I'd earn the right to be in the auditions based on my incredible intelligence, stunning beauty, and charming wit.


    Tiggerprr already tagged me, and I expect to get mine up tomorrow.

  2. TopChamp Says:
  3. Hey Bond. I also found that meme tricky to start with...but once I was going with it I could have carried on for AGES!!!!!

    You sound very organised. Not overly weird though, I have to say.

    Hope you're well. I am off now to practise before I feel too guilty (told Mum I had to practise so I couldn't possibly go shopping with her this morning).

  4. Twyla Says:
  5. When I did that meme, it was hard for me too, but only because it was hard to narrow it down to only 6. LOL
    BTW...you don't sound weird at all...just extremely organized. :-)

  6. Piacere Says:
  7. Dear Mr. Couch,

    Happy Hills is holding a room for you.

    TN Department of Mental Health

    (J/K, Vin - I alphabetize my spices...EGADS!!!)

    Now, for the sig line for Sticky:

    "Fasten your seat belt, suga...it's gonna be a Rocky Road"

    (I'm emailing you a picture 'cuz I can't figure out how to post it in my comment...duh...)

  8. Coco Says:
  9. I'm disappointed that you didn't tag me ... given that I CAN BLOG AGAIN!!!

    Not particularly interested in a role with the name "Sticky Sweetness". Just dip me in honey and roll me in coconut, that'll do the trick, Bond. Sticky sweetness, indeed.

    And finally: Quirky - yes, weird - not on your life. It was fascinating to see another side of the real Bond.

  10. Tisha! Says:
  11. "Stuck on you" genius 008! Hmmm what does the "audition" entail?

    bond honey you're pretty neurotic...glad to see I'm not the only one!

    I'm impressed 875 Rolling Stone covers! And oh I'll make you an audio of "sounds" for you to fall asleep *wink*

  12. tiggerprr Says:
  13. LOL Thanks for playing! :)

    I don't know what strikes me as weirder, your dewey decimal system for your media or your choice of music group for today's song....Hanson!? That makes you really, really musically diverse.

    At any rate, your classification system makes me and Travis look tame with our alpha systems. teehee

  14. Liz Hill Says:
  15. The scary thing is I knew a few of these LOL--you talk about your weirdness all the time!! Smooch

    Don't be chicken--tag people!!

  16. SONGBIRD: I asked for a "signature Line" You mention your "wit" well..come up with one!

    TC: good luck with practice.. OK totally anal then?

    TWYLA: Yes, but you see, i had no one to ask...evryone else was able to ask their mates/family "how am I weird?" LOL

    Nice SIGNATURE LINE...the casting agent will get back to you.

    COCO: Then consider yourself tagged (sheesh trying to be a nice guy and not pressure people around the holidays!) OOO I is quirky!

    TISHA: Ya like the title huh? LOL SEE SEE Tisha thinks I am neurotic .. WOOOOO
    And when should I expect this audio darlin....?

    TIGERPRR: LOL You know the song I REALLY WANTED was The Door "People Are Strange" But for some reason bestaudiocodes.com did not have that song!

    TURN: Ssssssssssssssssh fine TAG

  17. Maryfly Says:
  18. I hope none of your "wierdness" is contagious!

    I have no idio's...nope, not a one *giggles*


  19. Unknown Says:
  20. the dewey dec thing is a little weird dude.

  21. Tisha! Says:
  22. Love the title cutie and who the f#&$ cares if you're a little (grinning) neurotic!

    Second thought the audio will most probably keep you awake and busy!

  23. Bond, love the list... so funny... dewey dec system... LOL

    ok, as #4, ALL of us do the same thing at my house. We all have our TV's on to go to sleep and wake up with them on.

    Ummmm Bond... #6, do you have a little OCD???? LMOO!!!!

    As far as my signature line.. ummmmmm how about Hoochie Chick?

  24. Bond, love the list... so funny... dewey dec system... LOL

    ok, as #4, ALL of us do the same thing at my house. We all have our TV's on to go to sleep and wake up with them on.

    Ummmm Bond... #6, do you have a little OCD???? LMOO!!!!

    As far as my signature line.. ummmmmm how about Hoochie Chick?

  25. Oh, I missed that part about the sig line. That's what I get for staying up late for you...

    I'll have to wait until my double non-fat vanilla latte kicks in. I'm not yet fully coherent.

    I'm sure my wits (and wittiness) will return later...I hope...

  26. Coco Says:
  27. ** does the Blog Dance**

    Wheeeee! I blogged! Come read me! Funny, Bond - the only thing I found hard about that meme was stopping at only six.

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. I'm not afraid of needles at all, can watch them give me shots, no problem. But if I watch them take blood? I faint. Even a finger prick. If I don't watch, I'm fine.

  30. Sadie Says:
  31. I wish I could come up with something clever. My creativity has already been killed by my return to lawyering...

  32. My weirdness fest is finally posted.

  33. Got it:

    "Whimsical sprite: effervescent and emotionally impractically -- just what you want from a sweet treat in your life."


  34. MARY - Oh we all know you have no weirdness.. BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH

    BUSY: but I know where everything is

    TISHA: Just a little weird... LOL

    DIXIE: Not sure it is OCD.. just brain cramps..

    SONGBIRD: Waiting...

    COCO: read.. funny. WB

    TUG: well I don't faint - but I can not watch

    SADIE: Oh it is temporary.. your lunacy will return

    NOW THAT is a signature line!

  35. Why am I having Hornsby Flashbacks?


  36. Meribah Says:
  37. Like other peeps have said, it would be very difficult to stop at six! LOL Your list is relatively tame to the one I would put up...if I had a blog...which I don't! Trust me, though, I'm the Queen of Neurotic!
    As to a signature line, take your pick: "Lick the ears!" "SQUEEZE THE DUCK!!!" "Woof, woof, llamas go bye-bye!" Or, if you're looking for something I might actually say, try "you do realize how crazy this is, right?" LOL
    By the way, me no likee needles either!

  38. Mary Says:
  39. I agree with Twyla, your just organized! I used to be pretty organized when we didn't have kids, now that's all shot to heck. :D

  40. Bond you inspired me to go update my profile. Apparently Beta lets us add a TON of info now to the music section. So I have been brainstorming my cd collection without the benefit of actually having it :P

  41. BeckEye Says:
  42. Argh, I hate Rolling Stone. Or, more specifically, what it's morphed into.

  43. Okaaaaaaaayy...so how did my audition go?

  44. Travis Cody Says:
  45. The weirdness of the hyper-organized peep knows no bounds!!

    OK, confession time - I had to stop myself from publishing my 13 last Thursday in alphabetical order.


  46. My audition:

    "I like to make things easy or hard. But hard is so much more fun"


    Umm, don't see many auditions though...some a little more than PG13?

  47. Unknown Says:
  48. Great one! I agree on the sounds (of course).

    Please let me apologize for
    1.) being way too late and
    2.) being concussed, so I don´t find any silver-tongued signature line. My little brain is blank =) SH#* staircase! But I try to achieve my lay-down-place on the casting couch with:

    Stuck On You - attaining the world domination cum cotton candy

  49. STARRLIGHT: At least you put those two words in alphabetical order!

    MERI: Intersting signature lines, but not sure they work in a Bond film...let me think about it.

    MERT: So, it is official I am not weird, just very anal.

    STARRLIGHT: Going to visit and see...

    BECKEYE: It has changed greatly since I began reading and there are some articles I actually pas over, but it is now an obsession... i can...not...stop...

    SONGBIRD: Went very well...we have a lot of decisions to make.

    TRAVIS: excuse me for a second...bwahahahahahahahahahahahah
    deep breath

    OK, now what was that?

    DIANA: Interesting...now can you say it while being dragged behind a speedboat along the Riviera?

    SANNI: Never an apology ..there is not time on THE COUCH and bwahahahahahahah
    love the line

  50. Wait, I thought this was the seductress audition. I must have been on the wrong line!

  51. The head smacking omissions are gonna be painful, Bond. Get this..in the middle of a lovely mexican dinner with kidlet last night, I shouted "Ray, Marvin, Otis!" out loud and out of the blue. Kidlet told me to put down the Margarita =(

  52. Oh I get it, being dragged as on jet skis?


    Feels like she is talking to herself.

  53. Gail Says:
  54. Merry Christmas to you too, dear.

    And darnit - I tagged you too!


  55. kuanyin333 Says:
  56. You shame my Virgo-ness with your organizational obsession. Maybe I'm no longer a virgo...but a walk-in. Do you have Virgo in your astro chart, or are you something else entirely? Hmmmmm....


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