Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 01, 2007


By Chicago
Thank to everyone for their comments on the redecorating done here. We have tweaked already, darking the red that appears in the sidebars.

We have gotten one complaint of the vibrancy of the blue. Is this something that disturbs anyone else? If it bothers your eyes, you will not spend time here and of course that is the reason we are here..

So, while the world was celebrating the beginning of a new world, Saddam Hussein was executed for his crimes against humanity.

Tisha at Serenity Quest had asked if he should have been executed or put into jail until he died. To THE COUCH, what was done benefited everyone concerned. Putting him in prision would have meant paying for his upkeep for - what? - another 20-30 years? Hundreds of thousands of dollars? Nope.

Unfortunately, we are still occupying the country and he did still have many followers. Evidently those followere include anyone never tortured by he or his sons, or those who did not know someone who had been. THE COUCH thinks this is probably a small number given all of the pain he was responsible for over the years.

None-the-less, our troops and those covering them have now been subjected to the backlash of these supporters and will continue to be so.

Another reason for our President to try and restore some respectability to his legend by bringing our men and women home and out of harms way.

Let me tell you how to not spend New Year's Eve. Sitting in bed, with some tid-bits to eat and OJ and two boxes of tissues and aspirin and aches.

Nope, not the way to do it at all.


Wondering if you have heard the story of Jim & Mary Walker. They live in Colorado. They have snow. Lot's and lots of snow. They need a new snowblower and need money.

THE COUCH, having inside sources in every single home in the world...was able to obtain a recording made of the original conversation held in the Walker household.

"Hey Jim, what can we sell so that we can get you that new SNOWblower and then you will not drop dead of a heartattack and leave me to shovel all that crap outside?"

"How the hell do I know Mary, and anyway how do you think you are going to have a garage sale.. don't you see all that SNOW outside??? I just wish it owuld all go away."

"Well if I could make all the SNOW go away, we wouldn't need the moeny to get you a new SNOW blower...ummm wait.. did you see on ebay someone is selling ghosts? Maybe we can sell some of the SNOW and make the money."

"Who the hell would buy SNOW???" "How about those fools in the south? They never get snow. Or someone in Hawaii? No snow thre."

So, yup, ya got it...right HERE on ebay, you can bid on SNOW. The starting bid is $0.99 and only 10 bids will be accepted. FOUR people have already bid.

Only and they promise no yellow snow, but will not guarantee state of the product upon delivery. But, you can show up at their home and pick it up yourself.
THE COUCH will not be bidding on this product. We have an inside with TUG in Hell, CO, so we can get SNOW whenever we darn well please....right Tug?!
Speaking of cold and snow, yesterday as we did the spanning the world of New Year's, we made a mistake and are being taken to task for it, so if you happen to go back and look, we are no longer waving to Coco in Nova Scotia - but are now waving to her in New Brunswick, Canada where she actually lives.

All suggestions will be taken into consideration. We have begun formulating the next installment of the MONDAY MATINEE.

Thanks for sitting...

BEGINNINGS: Composer: Robert Lamm

28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. It's .. um.. looks at clock.. January 2nd and all the snow is melting.. What!? Did I move to a not so foreign locale that has no snow?

    Who do Canadians blame when there's no snow?

    I know.. I blame the DUCK...

    Looking better and better.. it's the tchotchkes that make the difference Vince...

    As for Saddam Hussein, the world is a better place without him in it.

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. Hope you are feeling better Bondbaby. Did I tell you the stew was really yummy?

  5. Tisha! Says:
  6. Great Chicago song Bond baby!

    So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well New Year's Eve hun, all that activity caught up with you eh!?

    Like I said on my Saddam post comments "I just can’t get my head around us behaving just like “them” with an eye for an eye." We'll see what good that will do us. Luckily you and I can agree to disagree mouaaaaaaaaaah!

    Now about the snow, WTF!?! And Hell, CO LOL!

    BIG kiss

  7. tiggerprr Says:
  8. Well see Bond, ya "learnt" something even on New Year's and Coco is in her rightful place on the planet inside your mind! ;)

  9. Twyla Says:
  10. Coco may not be in Nova Scotia, but I am...and there was lots of snow here over the weekend. I could have made a killing selling the stuff. LOL It was actually very beautiful, but I'm NOT loving the cold. I'm wishing for summer already.
    Oh, one more thing. When I came to the couch this morning, I had to scroll way down to the bottom to find your post. Maybe it's just my browser...I'm using Firefox.

  11. ANNDI: I am sure you wil ge4t more snow...

    TURN: almost but not quite

    TISHA: Yes, I have that internal discussion "eye for an eye" and believe sometimes it is right... this was sometime in my mind...What, you're not bidding on snow???

    TIGGERPRR: Yes I learnt sumthin...and she might be talking to me again

    TWYLA: I knew SOMEONE lived in Nova Scotia! Not a cold person anymore.. like the summer more and more (well always loved it but used to like the winter)
    OK, I think you must be using a large resolution and that made the countdown thing at the top move the posting down. I removed it and now at ever 800 x 600 the post is at the top
    This is best viewed at 1280 x 1024 resolution

  12. Maryfly Says:
  13. Love the look of the site - countdown clock to Bham! WOOOOO!! I gotta get me one

    Hope you feel better hon. hugs

    p.s. I like the blue

  14. Twyla Says:
  15. Thanks for changing that. Everything looks fine now. I'll change my resolution. Sometimes I'm computer illiterate. :-)

  16. You already took note of my ambivalence regarding the new look. While I love the blue (my favorite color) and I can appreciate the NY photos and new photos of you and the new Couch, my biggest gripe is this: I can't read the comments! I have to highlight everything in order to read them because the white/light text on the gray is difficult to see.

    See: only a minor complaint.

    BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chicago (the city and the band). Thanks for including this song today!

    Love ya,

  17. MARY: Glad you like it and yes B'ham

    TWYLA: Glad it works now...I should have anticipated that closk moving things in the lower resolutions...

    SONGBIRD: So, your ambivilance is totally based upon the comments? My question is ..why can't you see them? I see them fine. Or do you mean the posts?
    I am not sure ... My comment box opens with black type on a white background.

    Help anyone?

  18. When the blog is opened and the comments are viewed in a pop up window, the comments are indeed black type on white.

    BUT -- I open and read many blogs from the RSS feed mode -- that is, I have live bookmark feed and I can open just the new posts when they are available. When it I read your posts in this mode, the comments are already open as a continuation of the post, but the font used is a light gray, which when placed over the blue-gray, it is difficult to read.

    Does this make more sense? I guess I will just have to read your blog the "traditional" way from now on.

    Sigh. I'm such a complainer, ain't I?

  19. I love the new look! And what's this I hear you were feeling icky? I hope that has cleared up. I had the kidlet allllll weekend and up until today due to her dad having to get his swerve on and then getting this bug as well. I am crossing my fingers we don't get it!

  20. SONGBIRD: I am not sure I control the formatting of the RSS feed. If someone know please tell me and I will fix.

    STARRLIGHT: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Glad you like it... terrific you had kidlet..sorry dad isn't playing nice...
    It is not a fun bug...

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. My eyeballs are still jiggling after soaking up the blue sidebars...

  23. RHEA: OK, I take that as a no vote to the blue.. only two people have not liked it

  24. Coco Says:
  25. Thank you for relocating me. Nova Scotia is a lovely place, it's just that I don't live there. Apparently THEY have snow, though, while we don't have a single flake yet. How unfair is that? Forecast is for snow tonight though, so I'm living in hopes. Really hope you're feeling better soon.

  26. Hi Bond
    Just stoppin in from Mimi's to say Happy New Year to you and yours.
    All the best in 007--
    Bond, Couch Bond :)
    (Couldn't resist, but it should be a good blog year for you. :) )

  27. Liz Hill Says:
  28. P.S.--I like the blue--

  29. Hello Bond!
    I hope you're feeling better and that the OJ is working it's vitamin C magic on ya.
    Love the new template!
    I think it's a riot that you have the couch dividers in the sidebar!

    I love the grey background for the posts, and I guess I'm ambivalent to the blue sidebar background color. It's bluer than I would have chosen, but hey -- it's your blog! It's not too vibrant for me to read.

    your friend,

  30. Anonymous Says:
  31. The new Couch looks good from here.

    Our people don't belong in Iraq. How's about we find Osama bin Ladin, the person responsible for 9/11?

    It's lovely to free oppressed peoples, but next time maybe we can wait to be asked for our help.

    Just my opinion y'all.

  32. Unknown Says:
  33. *WOW* How comfy =)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my little coffee corner earlier today and for the congrats and warm words =)

    I´m so glad I´ve found you via Mimi and her Peace Globes!

    ...and: There´s a mail from Germany waiting in your inbox =)

  34. COCO: Again.. sorry about that! Hope you got your desired snow.

    FRANK: Thanks for coming by....

    TURN: vote blue yes

    MO: I am still on the fence about the blue..we will see.

    TRAVIS: Thanks pal...Totally agree on our aggressive bid for someone elses freedom.

    SANNI: MY hero! TY TY TY TY TY

  35. Julie Says:
  36. Yup yup yup....the blue is beyoutiful!!!

  37. Tug Says:
  38. I'd be happy to send as much as needed...TRUST.ME. We can't count inventory - I took pictures today, I'll have to post some tomorrow. But I love my new boots! (hee hee) Happy happy New Year my friend...I'll be catching up for awhile here, please bear with me.

  39. Tug Says:
  40. PS...oops, forgot. LOVE the new template, & I hope you're feeling better!! Get well.....

  41. Mags Says:
  42. Hi Bond-I just wanted to say I like your new template, and also:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! (A few days late)

    And also, I'm working on a new template too, and once it's done, I'm going to like to you so it's easier to come play!

  43. JULIE: TY ty ty

    TUG: LOL I knew oyu would share! Happy New year

    MAGS: Happy new year and thanks

  44. Angell Says:
  45. Bond baby - thought I posted, guess not. Sorry. :(

    Anyway :D - love the new look - is that Corinthian leather? It's so soft....

    *sits down* A girl could get comfy here.

    Happy 2007!


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