Freakout Friday

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome to the newest of the "FRIDAY THEMES" These themes will rotate as I see necessary. Sports, Wayback Machine and now Freakout. Others may also be thrown in...ya never know around here.

OK, this one I have been silent on for a while. Our friend Skittles challenged people about this recently. YES, we are talking about the dreaded WORD VERIFICATION. I understand that some of the large, incredibly popular blogs need W.V. because they become the target of spammers.

But unless you are getting 200 hits a day, or more, you probably will not get spammed. We hate having to type those dang letters every time we want to leave a comment. It also appears that the more you comment the length of the W.V. codes gets longer and more distorted...

FOLKS! We are eyes ain't what the used to be... c'mon - give us a break... If you take it off and you get spammed c'mon back here and scream your head off and THE COUCH will issue an apology...but until then...TURN OFF THE DANG WORD VERIFICATION!

The Scientology Church ...Church Of Scientology...that collection of people who follow the writer of second rate science fiction...well they have gone and done it now.

You had to have heard that they have now claimed that Tom Cruise...yes, that Tom Cruise...he of the Stepford wife and mystery child fame.. is now being hailed at the "Christ" of the Church. He is the "chosen one" who will spread the faith.

A source close to Cruise told the London paper The Sun that Cruise "has been told he is Scientologies "Christ-like" figure. Just like Christ he has been critisized for his views. Future generations will realize he is right, just like Jesus."

This is the most ludicrous statement THE COUCH might have ever heard. We are not a practicing Catholic and have not been for many years, but this pisses me off. If you have been around for a while, you know I temper my speech around her but WHO THE F**K DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE??????

THE COUCH has a great idea.. get into your freaking space ships and leave us sane people alone....

Our friend Busy could not rant on the reasoning for this next item, but I will.

New York City is currently suing several gun-shops in the south for being a nuisance, for selling guns to people who eventually committed crimes in NYC.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun owners right group and the gun shops in question decided they were going to fight back.

Here comes the "Bloomberg Gun Give-away," named for the Mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg. Go into a gun shop, spend $10,00 and get a free entry to win a gun!

Look, we understand hunters needing guns. And THE COUCH knows the Second Amendment calls for the rights of citizens to bear arms, but people please!

Is there any reason, whatsoever to have an automatic weapon to hunt? Is there? One of these gun shops is offering an automatic handgun as it's prize. Why in this whole wide world does anyone need an automatic handgun?

We am not saying outlaw all guns... not at all.. but lets's start to use some common sense here. Can it really hurt to put a 1-month waiting period into effect. Make the gun sellers responisble for doing complete due diligence on background checks on those wishing to buy a gun?

This is not about hunting rifles. Single action guns. This is about automatic rifles and even handguns. Unless you can show a real reason to own the gun...then you don't have a reason to own the gun.

Don't shoot me for this!

THE COUCH has been debating all week and has come to a decision that some of you may not be happy with. Some will say "who the heck really cares, how self-serving."

The Monday Matinee is moving away from HER FATE. We are going to continue writing, but need to do it without the pressure of putting something up each Monday. We also feel that, this is probably not the right medium. We have been having a conversation about this with our friend Travis who has been sharing his Fantasy Western with us the last two weeks.

The Matinee will go back to how it was originally conceived...two and three "reelers." No story will last more then three weeks and - most likely - most will be done in two episodes. Quick reads to spark your imaginations.

We are also not committing to Thursday Thirteens every week. With the Monday Matinee and Mid-Week Musical Meme taking up two of our five posting days, we want to leave the door open to not being confined to follwoing a theme. Doesn't mean it will not appear from time to time.

THE COUCH wants to get back to just sharing stories, events and weirdness with you, our guests.

Finally, THE COUCH learned something this week.. Wonder if the other guys who sit her noticed yesterday...

Simply... chicks dig guitars!

Man, the reaction to the posting of all the Les Paul Guitars got some real glowing commetns form our female guests.

As a former Bass Guitar player, we may have to feature some of those beauties soon.

Y'all have a great weekend...

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33 Of Your Sparks

  1. You've got quite a bit going on here, sweetheart, and my mind is a bit fuzzy from having consumed a few margaritas, but let's give it a go and see if I sound even somewhat coherent:

    1. I've been missing you over at The Ice Box. I know you've been busy, but stop by when you can. Also, drop me a line when you can.

    2. I'm with you on the word verification thing. I've had trouble putting in the code at times, and sometimes I've given up. Eventually I will give up on the blog itself. I mean, c'mon, doesn't "comment moderation" give a blogger enough control?

    3. That Cruise Creature - blech. I think any "religion" based upon a science freakin' fiction novel is a total whack job, and the fact that they have proclaimed this self-serving, borderline whack job as the next coming of Christ just proves my point.

    4. I think memes and themes are a great way to generate traffic for blogs, especially new ones, but since you, obviously, don't have that problem, I can understand your moving away from themes. Besides, they are soooooo much work! Are you going to finish the serial "Her Fate," or are you going to leave us hanging on that one? I so hate dangling things...

    5. Yes, chicks dig guitars - DUH! Chicks dig guitarists because, as Morgen alluded, who WOULDN'T love someone that talented with their fingers?...

    I think I've rambled enough. Wouldn't surprise me if you moderated me right into the recycle bin...

  2. Tisha! Says:
  3. Oh my goodness this is one action-filled post baby!

    First of all I didn't understand how to go over to Bro Rich, was there a link I am missing darling?

    Secondly I get over 200 hits a day but I decided to do a little experiment at your behest handsome!

    Tom Cruise the Messiah jeez those loonies are off the bend! I agree lets set them up in outer space they are already there!!!

    Sue the pants off those gun loving ninnies who wreak havoc on our hometown!!!

    The guitars mmmm now you noticed how much us ladies were excited by those....

    mouaaaah hope you're sleeping well!

  4. Piacere Says:
  5. I just feel sorry for that poor little Suri...what evils have her crazy parents bestowed upon her??? Talk about evil alien spirits...those wackos better look in their own back yard!

    Yup, I like guitars, but I'm basically a trumpet/sax/trombone kinda gal...Chuck Mangione - ahhhhhh!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Barb Says:
  7. Yay for turning off verification!!!! I get about 400 hits a day and I only get spammed maybe once a month!

    Cruise is an idiot.

  8. Gail Says:
  9. So sick of Tom Cruise...I think he's f*cked in the head...too bad for Katie...sure she's not far behind.

    Eh guitars are okay, I've been surrounded by them for the past 15 years, they are pretty much a fixture in the house...

    Have a great weekend...

  10. way to rant bond!!! i seem to have been doing my share of ranting lately too. smiles, bee

  11. Vanessa Says:
  12. Bond, I think this was one of the best blog posts I ever read. It is very entertaining, even though it probably wasn't supposed to be.

  13. SONGBIRD: I commented on Tuesday and Wednesday (the last day you i am not sure who oyu are missing- but it ain't me...
    I am going to finishe THE BOOK "Her Fate" but not online...

    TISHA: 200+ wow..and I am thrilled with my 100/day! idjit...the gun sellers..."as long as the people I sell to go up to that there New york and use 'em why do i care"
    Yes, I certainly did notice..maybe i will just put a guitar up everyday!

    PIA: Always different - ain't ya? I saw mangione in concert.. incredible time...

    SKITTLES: I knew oyu would like the W.V. rant..and he is more idjit then idiot (idjits are the losest form of idiots)

    GAIL: How do you really feel about Tommy-boy? OOOO bored with guitars...

    EMPRESS: LOL rants are good for the soul...

    VANESSA: Wow..ty for the compliment..and all my posts are meant to entertain..even the posts where I become a lunatic...

  14. Unknown Says:
  15. Thanks for ranting for me. I'm trying to lessen my rants as you know.

    I think my verification is turned off. I haven't gotten spammed so I think I'll keep it off.

  16. Maryfly Says:
  17. I hate that word verification thingy. As for the gun issues, we are a hunting family but what your asking for is totally reasonable. It's common sense which people don't seem to have much of anymore. hugs!

  18. Tug Says:
  19. Tom Cruise just needs to go far far away. Forever.

    I do word verification because of spamming on another blog, which didn't get that many hits btw. The comment moderation I don't like just 'cause I comment on other's comments sometimes, too...& don't want to repeat what someone else may have said (that I can't see right away) each their own, huh? HAPPY FRIDAY!

  20. I loathe word verification. I do not have it on my site and never will. I'd rather delete the spam myself than make my readers deal with it. Especially with Blogger which seems to have mega issues with it.

    Tom Cruise thinks he is the New Jesus, eh? Here's a thought. Can I crucify him and see if he comes back? You know, test the theory and stuff? I hate that fucktard :p

    Thurs 13 is fun and I do like yours but totally get the need to not have the pressure to do it each week!

    OF COURSE chicks dig guitars. And you better do Bass Guitars cause a good Bass is critical for a band!

  21. Coco Says:
  22. Tom Cruise? A prophet?
    Muahahahahahahahahahahaha (gasp)
    They been scavenging for mushrooms in the wrong places again?
    Or did their plastic surgeon pull a little too hard the last time?

    Seriously, Vinny, I'm kinda glad you're getting away from the memes for a while. Some of your fascinating thoughts might have a chance to shine through again. Damn, this was a funny blog today.

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. I´ve removed the word verification a few weeks ago - result: one SPAM each week, easy to delete because the comment-email-notification shows you the affected post directly.
    The word verification is annoying - I´ve typed a countless number during TT each week... and it seems as if they are getting longer and loooooonger.

    Bass guitars... My feelings are described best by Toni Braxton´s "Spanish Guitar" LOL

    T.C.: I´m with Starrlight! =)



  25. Coco Says:
  26. Just a quick note - I've never used word verification and it hasn't been a problem, because I have comments moderation on. I hate typing those Venutian (or whatever) words so much, I would never inflict them on someone who was kind enough to leave a comment on my blog. Let's hope your readers all take the comment to heart ...

  27. I could not agree with you more on Tom Cruise. It is always fun to change formats and ideas in your blog. I am working on a couple things now.

    WORD VERIFCATION SUCKS. I mean, I agree, Vin.

    I have not been a fan of the Thursday thing. Not you per se, because some have been great. THe purpose was to learn about the blogger. The first week it seems everyone blew there wad. The next week everyone's got more random until you were not learning anything more than how bloggers waste a post.

    Of course there would be some who would say my entire blog is a wasted post. But, that is what "Next Blog Button" is for.


  28. tiggerprr Says:
  29. Hiyas...Wow, I'm under a rock...or been too busy goofing off playing games and blogging to notice that Tom is the new messiah of Scientology. Poor Katie and poor Suri. :( Such a waste.

    I don't really care for WV myself especially the ones that are in a wonky font.

    The gun thing, ugh. Why hunters thing that their constitutional rights are being infringed upon if they can't have that AK-47 to hunt with I just don't know. Unless the deer have been playing Deer Hunter and getting some ideas, I think they're good with just a normal hunting rifle.

    I'm with you on the memes. I love doing the ones that I do. But lately, I've been coming up with enough of my own stuff that I wonder how much I should continue to do. :/

  30. Anndi Says:
  31. Apparently no one else has said this.. great song choice dear.

    Word verification, yes Sir. Mind you it's been a gag with some people cause some of the words they put on there sound obscene. Now I thought you said your eyes were fine? Old eh?

    Scientology, Tom Cruise as the messiah.. really darling, tell us how you really feel.. You sure it isn't just on account of his jumping up on your fellow couches?

    Gun control.. this foreigner is NOT commenting.

    I'm glad you're stepping back from writing your novel the way you have been.. it puts pressure and doesn't allow you to develop it at the pace the story wants to go.

    I think variety in a blog is more interesting than following a theme.. the MeMes can be fun.. but when they feel like a chore to write.. they're a pain to read! (Not yours of course - you can step away from the Uzi now).

    Yup.. chicks love guitars...

  32. Meribah Says:
  33. I can't stand the word verification thing! Rarely am I able to get 'em right the first time around, and they're not real words anyways! Grrr!
    Tom Cruise? The new messiah??? Where have I been that I haven't heard THIS little nugget of info? LOL I put precious little stock in any religion started by a science fiction writer, and NO stock in Tom Cruise! It's against my religion to do so. **winks** LOL

  34. Tisha! Says:
  35. A guitar a day, you're going to get us (s)excited!

  36. Hello! I'm dropping in from Mags's blog and wanted to say.... You're right. I'm a chick and I dig a guy who can play music or instruments... especially guitarists.

    Also, I hate word verification! I have it on mine and have got to turn it off!!

    I'll be back to read more!

  37. Twyla Says:
  38. much information. Where do I start? LOL
    Well, the word verification thing...I turned mine on a few months ago, and then forgot it was on, because the blog author can't see it. I took it off a month ago, I think...I hope so, because it IS annoying.
    The gun issue...well holy crap. How can they just give away a gun? I have nothing against guns, just the idiots who mis-use them. Do you know how hard it is to buy a handgun here? There are applications to fill out, background checks, photo id sent with the application, references needed, and months of waiting for all of this to be completed. Then when you actually buy one, it must be registered with the RCMP, and you need a transportation permit to take it anywhere...but basically the only place you can transport it to, is a gun range where they shoot targets. I honestly can't understand how that store can just give one away.
    Well, I was going to keep commenting, but I think I've reached my limit for now. I'll be back though...:-)

  39. Angell Says:
  40. Bond - LOVE the new header - u are getting SO GOOD on the photoshop - I could use some lessons...

    HATE word verification, but it seems to be a necessary evil for some bloggers who don't care if they get spammed. I will put up with it because some of my wonderful friends have that on theirs.

    Now, this Tom Cruise thing is killing me - cuz I LOVED him for so long!! But he's gone completely whack job, and that poor unsuspecting Katie (I do adore her) is turning into a Stepford wife. Call Rod Serling....

    Don't get me started about guns - we have enough trouble with them here in Toronto.

    As long as you're writing - I'm reading! Editorials, commentaries, advertisements, novels, stories, poems - u get the point. I love your writing style. I know I'm going to enjoy anything you write. I've enjoyed everything so far...

    I have also decided not to do TT's every week - as you can tell from my blog. It's hard enough finding time to do a decent entry, let alone learn how to do a new format or background or SOMETHING to make it interesting.

    Chicks dig guitars - no question there. Hmm, maybe a new song title? (Sorry Chris Caigle - this is different).

    And obviously, by the looks of things, chicks dig u 2....hmmmm...

  41. Travis Cody Says:
  42. I got my first spam the other day and it deleted quite nicely.

    My stepdad taught me gun safety and how to shoot, but I have no need to own a gun - I don't hunt and shooting really isn't my thing. I do collect replica edged weapons - they are mostly works of art, but a couple are sharp. I figure if I have a break in, I'll grap one of the swords off the wall and just skewer the guy and then call the cops. He can sputter about on the end of a sword until they show up and take him away.

    I understand about the story. I'm looking forward to the next quick serial you come up with.

  43. BeckEye Says:
  44. Dammit! I just decided to do a Flashback Friday thing, and I was going to use a pic of Sherman and Peabody...I must have subconsciously pilfered the idea from you! And now I remember that I left the comment on your blog about loving those cartoons. I knew I saw a reference to them somewhere recently. The mind is going.

    Ah well, I'm keeping Flashback Friday, but got rid of Mr. Peabody. I'll have to find another time-traveling or retro-loving figure to embody that theme.

  45. BUSY: here to rant for you anytime!

    MARY: Hunt away.. but you don't need a uzi for it - right?

    TUG: Break the chains...if you do Tom might go away.. break the chain

    STARRLIGHT: Glad you are on our side in the WV fight. LOL I actually thought of that.. yes let's see what happens if we crucify him. As a former bass guitar player i agree.

    COCO: don't hurt yourself laughing girl! Glad you liked today's rant.

    SANNI: YEA another soldier in our fight to eliminate and Starr on the same side... no one can defeat you.

    BUD: Excited by the thought of changes at WTIT also... it does SUCK..WV that is...

    TIGERPRR: Total agreement with me today?? What you one ever is in total agreement! LOL Poor girl.

    ANNDI: Glad someone mentioned the song no no his jumping on my cousin had - well yeah it did - DON'T JUMP ON THE COUCH...hehehe

    MERI: No TC and No WV you go girl...

    TISHA: That is my goal... excite every woman in the world! bwahahahah

    THE108: Welcome...the Mags is a good friend and any friend of hers is welcome...

    TWYLA: You never have a limit.. comment on. See now that would be fine if our pre-authorization was that complete. Damm I think some places you can go to a gun show and walk out with a weapon! NO WV yea Twyla

    ANGELL: Glad you like the header I have fun with them. No WV yea... ah Guns Guns Guns... NO NO NO ...Nice to know you will be around darling. Ah it just appears there are more women in the bloggosphere then men- kinda like the SP

    TRAVIS (A MAN!): LOL I have still not gotten any (oops opened that pandora's bix) I love to shoot... atthe range..skeet.. yeah..I will be emailing you today to speak about HER FATE and your novel.

    BECKEYE: OH we can share Sherman.. but Mr. Peabody is minemineminemine

  46. Liz Hill Says:
  47. Ah Bondbaby back to fine form:)

    I HATE word verification.

    Cruise is not worth anyone's time and all this does is make me even more cynical about organized religion.

    I have no problem with RESPONSIBLE gun ownership.

    Your STML is showing sugar as we have had the discussion about writing as well. I'm with you and Trav--gonna do pieces for the blog that are stand alone.

    I like the TT as it seems, contrary to Bud's view, that in digging deeper to do an interesting 13, I am finding more and more ways of revealing little bits of myself--hmmm maybe I'll add Half Nekkid Thursday

    And yes--of COURSE chicks dig guitars ---that damm stml again

    And in "featuring beauties" are ya talking guitars or chicks?

    Love ya Smooch

  48. Twyla Says:
  49. I'm backkkk. LOL
    Our gun registry system definitely is NOT fool proof. Criminals are still going to get guns illegally, and what criminal would ever register their gun anyways? There are responsible gun owners, and then there are the ones who ruin it for the rest, and give all gun owners a bad name. Justin is a registered gun owner. He has quite a few, but they are all registered, all have trigger locks and are in a case that is locked also. He only uses them for hunting(and yes we actually eat the meat), and at the gun range(which he's been a member of for years). It makes me mad that he takes all these precautions to follow all the rules, while others don't bother. Anyways, I'm rambling on now. On to the next subject. LOL
    The whole Tom Cruise thing. Holy crap. He just keeps getting stranger. I'm thinking he paid the church of Scientology to call him 'Christ'.
    And about TT. You probably noticed that I haven't done it for a couple of weeks. It was getting to hard to think of things, and it seemed like it was taking over my blog. I wasn't writing about what I really wanted to anymore. I do the Wordless Wednesday thing's a lot easier, and I sometimes think pictures speak louder than words. :-)
    I think I've said everything I wanted to this time, but ya never know. LOL

  50. TURN: You can not speak of Scientology and use the term organized religion. This has nothing to do with organized religion.
    Yes, responsible gun ownership is important. Have fun with the TT...I will still be visiting. As the term beauties was used in the same sentence as bass guitars, I am gonna think I meant guitars. LOL

    TWYLA: WB! I didn't mean to imply that any system is going to be fooolproof, but I prefer one that potentially takes months over one that takes days and sometimes hours.Justin is a responsible gun owner. I also enjoy wild game - venison is one of my favorites (insert my address here to ship to) . I am not sure Tommy-boy can get any stranger. I did notice and it is not like if you begin you can never stop...LOL or go back and do one occassionally - or maybe a Thursday Two... doesn't have to be thirteen! REBEL!

  51. AtriaBooks Says:
  52. Where did my post from yesterday go? I wanted to report that I dumped word verification in solidarity with The Couch.

    Now I think you should turn off comment verification.

  53. AtriaBooks Says:
  54. I mean Comment Moderation.

  55. Rainbow Says:
  56. I dumped word verification a while back, because me insane at other blogs and did not want to inflict this insanity upon my friends.

    Gals love guitars....was that questioned somewhere???

    Tom Cruise IMHO has always thought of himself as some kind of God...He is a valid Nut Case.

    Why haven't you visited me lately? Why hasn't any of my friends visited me lately? Have I been put on some "do not visit list?" WHINE, WHINE, WHINE!
    Just miss y'all...just sayin...whaaaaaaaa!

  57. tiggerprr Says:
  58. LOL Maybe YOU'RE in total agreement with ME!? You just mentioned it first! ;) You know what they say about birds of a feather...


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