Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We had a toughie this week it appears.
Only one person got the answer 100% correct.

Ah..now where did they go wrong.
  • Pia added Rick Higenbothem and had the wrong album.
  • Tiggerprr also forgot Don Bolton (the West Virginia Creeper), and had Bobby Black added.
  • Desert Rat had the wrong album and was missing a few of the members and had some that were not part of the group at that time.
  • BAND (at the time of that album):
    • Commander cody (George Frayne)
    • John Tichy - guitar
    • Buffalo Bruce Barlow - bass
    • Don Bolton - pedal steel guitar
    • Billy C. Farlow - vocals & harp
    • Andy Stein - fiddle & sax
    • Billy Kirchen - guitar
    • Lance Dickerson - drums
THE COUCH met and partied with CCAHLPA when they appeared at R.I.T. we took them to the radio station and ... ummm.. passed the peace pipe and as he left Commander gave me one of his stoogies. Very cool...

And my favorite CCAHLPA songs is:

THE COUCH has been thinking about this for a week now and since we have been playing NAME THAT TUNE with y'all we really aren't doing Wordless Wednesday...so, big decision here folks! LOL

We are going to continue to play but not call it Wordless Wednesday...that is not fair to those who meme it each week.
Now before we get to our game, I must comment on the Hall Of Fame voting...3/4 of the people begin to scroll down to the Music Clue passing up the comments...

Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn were both voted into the Hall yesterday. I congratulate them both, they played their entire careers with one team, went to work most days. And of course, Ripken did it for 2,632 consecutive games!

Did you know:
  • That a record 545 ballots were submitted to the Baseball Writers' Association Of America?
  • That 8 ballots did not contain Ripken's name - well we know about one...right Mr. I'mSoImportant!! BUT what were the other seven thinking???
  • Thirteen left off Gwynn. OK, the other twelve...I seriously would like to know why.
  • Goose Gossage, who truly deserves to be in the Hall, missed by 21 votes. We are talking about one of the most dominating closers in the 70's. And he would pitch 2+ innings with consistancy.
OK, that's my rant on the BBWAA and their yearly folly.

But before we leave...Note to the Old-Timers Committee:
Ron Santo
deserves to be in The Hall Of Fame.
Played in 2243 games; Scored 1138 runs; 2254 hits; 1,331 RBIs; .277 BA; 464 Slugging %; 9-time All-Star; 5 Gold Gloves.
We waited to post until morning to allow others the chance to play...
Now... New Attitude, New Name -- Rules Are On The Label...:

AlbumCreated By: Vinyl Record Generator
Music Codes: Best Audio Codes
Song Index:
; Composer: Billy C. Farlow & Bill Kirchen
Hot Rod Lincoln: Charlie Ryan & W.S. Stevenson

28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Liz Hill Says:
  2. The turntable 'rawks' dude. You have awesome photoshop skills. *GRINNING*
    Good job Bondbaby--and you are spot on re the Hall.

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Ok, here we go:

    Band: Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
    Members: George Frayne, John Tichy, Billy C. Farlow, Andy Stein, Paul "Buffalo" Bruce Barlow, Lance Dickerson, Bill Kirchen and "West Virginia Creeper" on pedal steel =)

    Song: Semi Truck

    Album: Hot Licks, Cold Steel and Trucker´s Favorites

    Please say I´m right and did not forget to mention any band member =)

    Thanks for the FUN!

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. Oh, being all on edge I forgot to thank you for the Baseball facts. As I told you before it is not broadcasted so often in Germany - mostly on pay-TV and they do not feature many extra-informations.

    It´s always fine to be informed and my lack of knowledge gets fixed when I enjoy my relaxing stay on THE COUCH =)


  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. Sir, you are indeed correct...Ron Santo should be in...

  9. TURN: thanks.. i was happy with it at midnight last night! and I changed the date!

    MATT-MAN: It is a shame they have kept him out.

  10. AtriaBooks Says:
  11. Awesome logo...did you make that?!?

    Goose should get in next year...have you seen the class that becomes eligible next year? Let's just say their rookie cards are worth 15 cents.

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. BBWAA seems to use too use some subjective reasoning about things that can easily be quantified.

    At the end of the day, it's a question of stats. Do the player's stats measure up to those who have come before? Are his stats among the best for his era?

    Those answers for Ron Santo are clearly yes and yes. Same with Goose Gossage.

  14. Doc... the record label was generated by online, the rest I did

    Travis: YES.. not personalities...stats

  15. Michael C Says:
  16. I wanted to add a quick comment on the MLB hall of fame discussion. There is one other player who deserved induction, but sadly he passed away last year. Buck O'Neil was a scout, coach and batting champ and when the hall voted in the last of the pre negro-league and negro-league players last year, he fell one vote short.

    Now, should they ever realize their mistake, he won't be around to see it.

  17. Piacere Says:
  18. Ruh-roh...I'M BAAACCCKKK!!! Vakay is over - back to the grind!!! Missed you!!

    Awwwww...poor Mr. McGwire...only 23%...see what happens when you decide to mess with Mother Nature??? And those votes he got should have gone to Goose, hands down!

    OK Vinny, this was a tough one. I know d'song and I know d'band and I know d'album...the band members were a little tough, but I'll give it a go:

    Song: "Semi Truck"

    Band: Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

    Album: "Got a Live One Here"

    Members (here are the ones who were on this album, because I'm pretty sure the original steel guit player got canned before they produced it):

    George Frayne
    Norton Buffalo
    Bill Farlow
    Rick Higenbotham
    Bill Kirchen
    Bobby Black
    Andy Stein
    "Buffalo" Bruce Barlow
    Lance Dickerson

    I'll take an "E" for effort!!!


  19. tiggerprr Says:
  20. Here we go...this was tough...hope I'm right...

    Song: Semi Truck
    Band: Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
    Band Members: Andy Stein, John Tichy, Bill Kirchen, Bruce Barlow, Bobby Black, Commander Cody, Lance Dickerson, Billy C. Farlow
    First Album Name: Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers' Favorites (1972)

  21. desert rat Says:
  22. First the Music:

    Artist: Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
    Song: “Semi-Truck” (Farlow/Kirchen)
    Album: “We’ve Got a Live One Here!” (1976)

    Commander Cody (George Frayne)
    Norton Buffalo
    Billy C. Farlow
    Rick Higginbotham
    Bill Kirchen
    Bobby Black

    Second the "Hall of Fame." Is it all about stats? It's not called the "Hall of MVPs" or "Hall of Lowest ERA's" - it's the hall of FAME, and as such I believe that contributors to the game, "infamous" or otherwise should be considered.

    With that being said (and throw tomatoes if you must), I think Mark McGuire should have been admitted. NO I do NOT agree with the use of steroids, but you can't deny that he and Sammy Sosa created some excitement and revived fan interest after the utter disgust so many fans were feeling after the strike.

    The "Home Run Derby" WAS an historic event in the history of baseball, regardless of the underlying cause. Fame isn't always pretty. So are we going to candy coat the entrants? What about admitted spitballers? That's cheating, isn't it?

    Wordy, I know, but is it about "Fame" or is it really something else that I'm not getting?

  23. Cal Ripkin wasn't a leader in home runs, or RBIs (well a fwe times he was) but he was one of the most dedicated players in baseball. He showed up and played in every game, even when he was sick or not feeling well. Now he took his job seriously, never asked for 25 million a year but deserved it.

    Taking this week off from WW. I'm tired.

  24. Congrats to Cal Ripkin and Tony Gwynn on their induction. *pouts* I can't hear the music at work... will have to listen at home tonight.

  25. Well, I am back to not knowing the music. Hot Rod Lincoln gave me the artist, but then...

    Good points on the hall. We will never see it, but I feel if Kirby is in, Donny Baseball should be as well.

  26. MICHAEL C: A travesty that the voters did such a disservice to Buck.. a true gentleman...

    DIANA: He deserved to be there and now will be.

    DIXIE: Sorry bout the music

    BUD: Thanks .. and yes, I agree on Donny...for his "short-career" due to injury, he certainly deserved to be there .. as does THURMAN!

  27. Anonymous Says:
  28. NEWS FLASH*****

    GC Radio...Great stuff today

    Now back to your regular programming already in progress

  29. Mags Says:
  30. I will never be able to win you name that tune game. Ever. I'm so bad at this sort of thing it's shameful...

    Oh well.

  31. Coco Says:
  32. I missed the fun this week, I guess. Great new turntable.

  33. Unknown Says:
  34. YAY! Back into the (lonely) lights =)
    Thanks for the mention -
    Your fave is "Hot Rod Lincoln"?
    Guess what! Mine, too.

    Have a good one

  35. I stopped by very early this morning before answers were posted, but, as usual, I was not able to contribute any answers. My rodent friend Desert Rat is good for these entries.

    Just got back from helping at school and thought I'd leave some breadcrumbs to let you know I was here.

    Hope springs eternal...

  36. Barb Says:
  37. I think you should do both things on Wednesday.. I triple dog dare you ;)

  38. Julie Says:
  39. Cool thoughts and things!!! Wooo to the blog god!

  40. DAMM: Well thanks for the newsflash dude.

    MAGS: But... the question is...are you being exposed to new music and do you enjoy it?

    COCO: Sorry you missed it... thanks, glad you like the new art.

    SANNI: Congrats!

    SONGBIRD: I wanted to post at different times so people in other time zones have a chance to play.

    SKITTLES: now dang it all girl.. there is no way i can ignore a triple-dog dare Well then a WW AND A MID-WEEK MUSICAL MEME ... from the woman who posts 900 times a day! Folks, if you don't enjoy what happens over at SKITTLES PLACE then you don't have a pulse.

    JULIE: Floating through blogland today... LOL Thanks for all the comments especially on MM.

  41. Angell Says:
  42. Bond - love the turntable - gotta agree with my girl - your photoshop skills are out of this world!

    And I have to second Mags - I'll never get any of these right, but I'm loving the new stuff I've heard (yah, yah, I know, not new)

    And as for the HOF, bang on job dude.

    Thanks for being my daily reading.

  43. tiggerprr Says:
  44. Ahhhh...I'm happy to get a mention. This was the toughest one yet! They have more live albums than regular ones it seems and it was tough to narrow it down and info is somewhat confusing on the web. :)

    Why can't you do a song like, "Stayin' Alive"? LOL ;)

  45. ANGELL!!!!! ANGELL!!!!!! Thanks . tthe skills are coming along...It is Illustrator that I am really playing with now.. heehehe
    If you are loving it then it is serving it's purpose.

    TIGGERPRR: Yes it was a tough one.. but you were right there...

  46. Twyla Says:
  47. Once again, I had no clue. LOL


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