Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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American Idol started again last evening. OK, so these first shows are populated with individuals who are one step over the line to delusional. When told their talents are not on the level they believed, the reactions are priceless, but disturbing.

THE COUCH only places 55% of the blame on most of these contestants. The other 45% HAS to be place on the parents, spouses, significant others, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and co-workers of these people.

Look, we know some of these people are faking it and acting all weird, but you know the contestents we are referring to. Someone is telling them they are talented. HECK, most of them have family members there who are stupified when their spawn does not come forth with a "Golden Ticket."

THE COUCH places not one iota of blame on American Idol, Fox, 19, and all the other companies associated with this phenomenon. These people sign releases and have all watched for the last five seasons.

Let's get to the singers...those with a modicum of talent. Hollywood, where the lack of talent is replaced by back-biting, snickering, sleepless nights, clashing personalities and generally much more fun then crappy-ass singers.

We will be looking forward to reading the wit and wisdom of Mimi and Bud as they will play Dan and Shayna with American Idol each Wednesday.

The COUCH will also react to the shows each week. It is where The COUCH was conceived. We must react.

We have been asked if we are setting up a COUCH on the American Idol boards (I will not give them a link). This is a rerun for some, but...the site construction is clumsy and antiquated. To view photos, the whole page must reload...hey folks...think slide show!

The boards clunky. You answer a question and by the time you reload...which you must do to to see any responses, there are 6 other posts already. SO everyone uses quotes, which makes some posts a incredibly long.

Add to that the inane moderation system they have set up. Allow me to correct myself...there is no system... not one ...Did you know, that on the THAT site you can not have discussions on song spoilers for the week?

We understand them not wanting the lyrics to entire songs posted, but to limit discussion on THE BASIC PREMISE OF THE SHOW?

Riddle me this kiddies...is it just me?

My original persona, yoursbond was permabanned the day after (?) the show ended. Yoursbond had been banned twice before.. we were bad and kept talking about the songs we wanted Taylor to sing.

The last time was after five The Couch threads were deleted. In one morning! LOL well I was sorta baiting the moderators.. but the rules changed from day to day it seemed..

So long drawn out answer... nah... There will not be a COUCH at THAT on a daily basis. On occassion it might drag itself over....

Also going to be interesting to see if any contestant catches our attention. Never happened before last year...well Bo was interesting because he was different.

Hope you had fun with the song today. Once we post the winners, there is a riveting story about this artist. Also, let us know if you enjoyed the selection. We are interested in the reaction it gets.

Hope you come back later to read about. This is...more so then the contest, THE COUCH'S enjoyment of passing on new music when possible...even if it is old music....

See you all later.....and the song plays on.....

Composer: Shuggie Otis

28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. I enjoyed that. Looking forward to checking back later to get the story about the artist.

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. Cool tune as usual V. Just gonna enjoy.

  5. Peg Says:
  6. For some reason, my laptop won't let me play these embedded tunes...*Peg scratches her technologically challenged head*

    In any event--I've never really followed American Idol, but wanted to comment on message boards in general.

    Unless I'm searching for a specific piece of information, I stay away from those types of communities. I used to own a message board community myself, and have participated in many in the past. NO MORE. I far prefer the 'blogosphere' for my virtual interactions...hmm--I think you've given me a topic for a future blog entry...

    Have a great one!

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Today I´ve got a light in the head already - so I don´t think I´m gonny make it this week... but I will try:

    Artist: Shuggie Otis
    Song: Freedom Flight
    1st Album in appeared on: Freedom Flight (produced by his father Johnny Otis)

    Coffee2go´s Daddy owns a remastered version of the Album Here comes Shuggie Otis/Freedom Flight released in 2003 I guess =)
    Great fun - I can SEE the music today. LOL

    No more Psychdelic cough sirup for me...

    Don´t want to contaminate THE COUCH... so I´m returning to bed now =) *sneeeeeeze*

    Ooops, sorry!

  9. Tisha! Says:
  10. My Internet connection is so bad these days I can't even listen to the song and probably for the best because I never know the answers to your difficult questions!

    As for American Idol, you cracked me up and yes it is a real shame that certain contestants entourage encourage them to compete when they can't sing to save their lives! On the other hand, I always say follow your dreams and someone will wake you from them at some point or another LOL!

    BIG hug

  11. Twyla Says:
  12. I haven't watched American Idol for a couple of seasons, but I decided to last night. OMG. Do they honestly believe they are good singers? Their families are obviously delusional too. I can't even choose the worst one. It's a toss up between the 'lion' girl, or the one who forgot ALL the words. I cringed a few times last night, and I felt really bad for most of them. I was embarrassed for them. There were no really great ones that blew me away. At the end it said that out of 10 000 hopefuls there that day, they only chose 17. Wow. No wonder. :-)

  13. Barb Says:
  14. I'm clueless on the song... and I like AI :)

  15. Piacere Says:
  16. I'll try to make this short...

    #1: What YOU said about American Idol...btw, I am NOT watching it this season...sticka fork in me - I'm done.

    #2: My answers (I'll take a whack at it):

    I know this artist...Shuggie Otis...what a story!!

    Song: Freedom Flight
    Band: Shuggie Otis
    Album: Freedom Flight
    Members: Shuggie Otis, Johnny Otis (his Pa), George Duke, Aynsley Dunbar, Wilton Felder, Richard Aplanalp [I'm really taking at whack at this question]

    In addition to all of this, I'm sending up prayers for Turn and her family.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Must do more resarch to find which release. must work!!!! must solve!!!!

    GREAT ALBUM ++++++++++

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. "sorta baiting the moderators"



  21. tiggerprr Says:
  22. Last night was nigh unbearable. I really hate the way they drag this out and subject us to this torture. Maybe if we all stopped watching it, they'd shorten it. I don't know, but yeah, I wondered, out loud and often last night, why those people delude themselves and why their friends and family encourage them when they clearly have no talent. Though, the one lady whose boss flew her out, I think had potential, as long as he was around.

    Did you all notice that the judges seem even less tolerant than previous years. I found myself thinking that Simon, as snarky as he always is, was often nicer than Randy or Paula. And Paula, what a train wreck she is. Yeesh!

    And THOSE boards, have been quite the joke, I lurk there more than participate for sure.

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. Shruggie Otis

    Here Comes Shruggie Otis

    Freedom Flight

    Johnny Otis Al Kooper George Duke

    Label = Raven

    (right release??)

  25. Coco Says:
  26. Can't listen today, Bond. Don't know why. Ended up not watching AI last night. Couldn't bear the noise. Was there anyone decent? I'm not doing WW today, as an important issue came up last night that I felt morally obligated to write about.

  27. TRAVIS: You it is a good story...stop back later

    TURN: When you say that I presume it means you don't know! LOL

    PEG: That's what we are here for..to give our guests ideas to take back to their places and entertain us!

    TISHA: Follow your dreams...yes....live in a plastic fantastic world 24/7 ...ummm NO

    TWYLA: See, now you missed last season which is probably the best of the bunch...Lion girl was one I was referring to, as was the singer/juggler...perfect example "Oh baby you will be famous" says mom..yeah if he climbs a bell tower with a gun...

    SKITTLES: Another one comes out of the closet..."Hi my name is Skittles and I watch AI!" LOL

    DAMM: Are you implying I was a little more then just "sorta" baiting them? Me? bwahahahahahahaha

    TIGGERPRR: The one with the boss, was on the edge, for sure..and probably wows them at Karaoke night in town...
    I did notice Randy and Paula being a bit more snarky...but I guess that is what happens when you sit through hour after hour of people who wouldn't have even made it onto the GONG SHOW

  28. Mimi Lenox Says:
  29. So, the conversation has begun. Bud and I will be reading with interest. The show last night was a complete disaster in my opinion. Thanks for mentioning our new endeavor. Stay tuned....

  30. Tisha! Says:
  31. Why not!? What do they have to lose?

  32. MIMI: I read you over at WTIT... funny stuff 'fer sure...

  33. Lizza Says:
  34. Some of the hopefuls made me laugh. Some of the others, I don't know whether to feel annoyed or sorry for them. Haha, Bond has been a renegade board poster? Cooool!

  35. desert rat Says:
  36. What a fantastic bluesy piece. I'm gonna listen to it all day, it is so soothing and fits my mood perfectly!

    Here’ goes:

    The song: Freedom Flight

    Artist: Shuggie Otis (aka, Shuggy (by Frank Zappa), born Johny Otis, Jr., although his father’s birth name was Veliotes)

    The Album: Freedom Flight (1971)

    Otis composed Freedom Flight and played most of the instruments himself. (Additional musicians on the ALBUM include Wilton Felder, Stix Hooper, Aynsley Dunbar, Preston Love, and George Duke. There were three back-up singers, as well - Clydie King, Venetta Field, and Shirley Matthews, although there are no vocals on Freedom Flight.)

  37. Tug Says:
  38. American Idol, at this stage, just HURTS. I always wait until the final 18 (??), then start watching. I have enough headaches at work, I don't need them when I get home. ;-)

  39. After watching AI last night I WAS NOT impressed by any thing I saw. Let's just hope it gets better. Have heard the Memphis was one of the better auditions... let's hope so.

  40. Maryfly Says:
  41. the AI boards wouldn't be the same without the Couch. I won't going on them.

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. gets up off the floor...the OZ lion girl...falls over laughing again...

  44. Meribah Says:
  45. I was always entertained by The Couch on AI. Oh the things that we said! Oh the things that we did! Oh the parties that we threw! LMOO There will never be another season like Season Five! LONG LIVE SEASON FIVE!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    By the way, I'm finally on the little map! Yes!!!!! I even got a big red circle instead of a little one! Hmmm, either there's a lot more peeps from the island visiting than I'm aware of, or I come here way too much! LOL

  46. PIA, DAMM, SANNI & DESERT RAT: Congrats to all of you...another difficult one. Sanni - tell dad i am impressed he owns it... DAMM, nice job Duck.

    TISHA: Self respect?

    LIZZA: Yes I admit I was...

    TUG: LOL I gotcha there

    DIXIE: It better get better or whooosh I am gone.

    MARY: Ahh sweetie, we will still interact.

    DAMM: Don't hurt yourself.

    MERI: Yes, I noticed your BIG dot! Of course yo don't come here TOO often!

  47. Unknown Says:
  48. Thanks for the honor... I really forgot to name the band members, huh?!

    Blame it on my cold. It´s easy to own this album =)

    Amazon sells it for about $23 LOL


    sneezing San

  49. Just passin' through...

  50. Julie Says:
  51. "permaband" pretty funny Vinny!

    Yup I'm desparately trying to get caught up. The memories are indicative of a wonderful time are they?


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