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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday seems like a great day to just shoot from the hip and boogie...So, here we go.........

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Our friend Anndi has been sitting vigil with her ailing mom. She posted yesterday for the first time in a few days. Keep her mom in your prayers.
The American Dialect Society has selected the word "Plutoed" as the 2006 WORD OF THE YEAR. Poor little planet. First the General Assembly Of The International Astrononomical Union decided Pluto could no longer hang out with all the other "real" planets.

You all remember we discussed this decision HERE and that THE COUCH vowed not to recognize the decision of this pompous group.

Well, now to add insult to injury (what the hell does that mean?) we have a new word that means to demote or devalue someone or something..."Plutoed" .... as Rodney said "I Get No Respect."
THE COUCH gets all folded up when we hear of a college coach leaving in the middle of their contract to take another job. Now you can say, "if you get a better offer you would take it too." And you would be correct in my current occupation. But college coaches recruit kids to come to their school.

They sit at the dining room table and tell the parents how they will take care of their children and tell the athletes about "their program" and "their goals for the program." Then a year later someone comes along and offers a better package, or maybe the pros come-a-calling. The coach packs, says thanks and moves on. The athletes? Well they can't move. If they did, they lose a year of eligibilty. This is not attractive to the school the athlete wants to go to.

Did you know that Greg Schiano (L) is the highest paid state employee in New Jersey? Nick Saban (R) just became the highest paid state employee in Alabama.

Nope, they are not the Governors of those states. They are the head football coaches at the state universities (Rutgers and U of A).

Before we leave this - University of Florida beat the snot out of Ohio State didn't they?
"Videos! Get your videos here!" As you could have expected, there are now at least two Saddam post-hanging videos out there on the Internet. The latest one seems pretty graphic according to the news. So, have you seen the videos yet?
Donald and Rosie...OK, now you must take a stand. There is no more on the fence here people! You can not avoid taking sides in the feud...these two know how to mix it up in the ring...

So far D.T. has used the words "degenerate," and "slob," and has said over and over that Rosie is "not very smart."

Rosie has reached into her comedic skills to tag Trump the "comb-over bunny."

OK if you support Donnie...stand to the left.. Cozy Rosie supporters on the right....
Tony Gwynn (R) and Cal Ripken (L) will not be unanimous selections into the Hall of Fame when the results are announced later today. Paul Ladewsky of the Daily Southtown in suburban Chicago has decided that he would send in an empty ballot. He claims he does not have enough information "to make a value judgement of this magnitude" for the years 1993-2004, the "steroid era."

It also gets his name known since there will be stories about him. Both Gwynn and RIpken are expected to vie for the highest percentage for induction. They both deserve it.
As a die-hard, "I bleed pinstripes" Yankee fan, let me send my goodbyes to The Big Unit...A perfect example of why George Steinbrenner should stay out of baseball decisions and not listen to that group of idjits he has around him in Tampa. As of today, Randy Johnson should no longer be a NY Yankee....finally...
Thanks for sitting...

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SHINING STAR: Composers: P.C. Bailey, L. Dunn & M. White; Performed by Earth Wind & Fire
IF ANYONE GETS FUNKED UP (It's Gonna Be You): Composers: G. Clinton, G. Cooper, Belita Woods; Performers George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars

36 Of Your Sparks

  1. Randy Johnson, what a waste of money. Hopefully they get some real pitchers, get me Clemens...STAT!

  2. Great musical choice tonight, Vin.

    Ugh -- please, please, PLEASE take Randy Johnson back. WE DON'T WANT HIM HERE (at least we fans don't). We'd rather have Luis "Gonzo" Gonzalez back, and Craig Counsell too. The Big Unit is a big fat WHINER.

    Plutoed, huh? Reminds me of the term "Chacked" used by figure skating fans. See if you can look that one up.

    I love Nick Saban - he's able to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Oh, and around here UofA means University of Arizona, but I knew what you meant.

    Don't talk about the OSU game - PLEASE!

    Haven't seen the hangin' videos, and am staying out of The Donald v. Rosie "feud." "Comb-over bunny" is pretty funny, though.

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. Well Petrino is a classless individual who was trying to whore himself out to Auburn behind everyone's back and got caught and did the whole "oh I love this school and this is where I wanna be" thing. Because it is U of L part of me wants to giggle with glee but it is a sorry state of affairs for just the reasons you stated. It's all about the Benjamins.

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. Dear Sir,

    ...I´m sorry to tell you...


    ...consider yourself...


    *sticks tongue out*

    I will be back later, hiding myself for a while, so you can´t find me and slap one of those couches over my head LOL

  7. Twyla Says:
  8. I was just at Anndi's and left some words of encouragement. I wish I could give her a big hug.
    The hanging video...there is NO way that I'll ever watch that. I can't handle things like that...just the thought makes me sick.
    As for the Donald/Rosie feud, I've always sided with Rosie. I don't know why. I guess because I can't stand that pompus jerk Trump. I don't care how much freakin' money he has, he's still an idiot...and now all he's doing it taking low blows at everyone. He's the loser. That's my 2 cents. :-)

  9. Travis Cody Says:
  10. I hereby officially refuse to use the word of the year.

    Coaches with integrity - some may think they don't exist. Especially after watching Saban and his month long idiot-fest in Miami.

    I hereby officially refuse to take a side in the Trump-O'Donnell thing.

    I refuse to say this guy's name. He's got no business using the HOF ballot as his own personal statement. Others have done it in the past. If you want to leave McGwire off, then fine. But why paint Ripkin and Gwynn with the same brush?

    Folks up here have been annoyed with Randy Johnson for a lot of years. His name evokes passion and memories of the Mariners hey day. And they HATED that he has been a Yankee.

  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. How could one NOT vote for Gwynn or Ripken!! It's just a shame that the Buckeyes got blown out. HAHAHAHAHA I cant stand the Bucks!!

  13. Tisha! Says:
  14. Thanks for informing us about Anndi I have been so worried and now I'm even more worried thanks a lot!

    Donald and Rosie are really giving it to each other ah!?

  15. DIANA: I like the way our pitching staff is shaping up, if Pettitte has anything left in the tank. Wang is solid, Mussina gives us inings, Pavano is, of course a question mark...and I think we got the better of the ja[anese pitchers Igawa.

    SONGBIRD: Nope, he is yours again...UofA could be so many schools, I should have spelled it out... No hangings for me...I say a jello wrestling match and see who comes out first between flip and bimbo.

    TURN: Yup... all about the money and the kids are used as pawns

    SANNI: heading over to see what you have done to me!

    TWYLA: I am sure Anndi will appreciate your I said, no hanging for me...She is just as pompous and stickes her nose where it does not belong.

    TRAVIS: lol ok no WOTY for Travis...There are a few I guess Trav; Paterno is one...No one but twyla wants to belly up and take sides...Exactly what he did...made himself bigger then the ballot...idjit and what the hell is the Daily Southtown anyway --sounds like a bus route and this guy has a vote????...Well you could have him back..just call Arizona! LOL

  16. tiggerprr Says:
  17. Let's see...

    I'll stop by Anndi's to offer some good vibes.

    The Pluto Incident offered me fodder for one of my very first posts ever.

    I am a sports idiot, is that Johnson fella leaving NY a good thing, or a bad thing?

    Where are people who think both The Donald and Rosie are idiots supposed to stand? :)

    So thought provoking so early in the mornin'!

  18. tiggerprr Says:
  19. Oh...I knew I forgot something! Even though Saddam was a bad man, I think that humiliating him at his execution and then posting pictures of it, just takes some of his bad karma away from him and only helps his "cause". I wish people would understand that. :(

  20. MATT-MAN: Amazes me that someone hurt those two to make a personal statement- he should lose his vote forever. IDJIT!

    TISHA: I thought it might help to let people know she has posted. it has been a tough time for her....getting the rosie/Trump news over there in the land of spys?

    TIGGERPRR: She will appreciate it...OOO going to read one of the first posts....Good for NY fans...It appears most think they are, so we will hire a bus for all of your folks...LOL thought little rants... heheheh

  21. TIGGERPRR: Someone finally got it!

  22. BTW - am reading your comments via the RSS feed right now, and they are...wait for it...BLACK ON GRAY!!! Woohoo! I can see, I can see, I CAN SEE!

    And, Tiggerprr -- Randy Johnson coming back to the AZ Diamondbacks is not a good thing either. We don't want him back!

    I'm going to the Suns game this Thursday night -- Steve Nash versus Le Bron James -- booyah!

  23. Twyla Says:
  24. I suppose that's true...and Rosie did start the whole thing...but I seriously can't stand looking at 'The Donald'. Ugh.

  25. SONGBIRD: well then, I guess my changing the code DID work...

    TWYLA: She started this...she started the thing about Clay Aiken and Kelly..she has this need to stick her fat head in many things. She grew up in my hometown and went to school with my sister...let's say her rep was never that good.

  26. Tisha! Says:
  27. Oh heck ya we get Rosie/Trump news over here in the land of spys - we all the trash!

  28. AtriaBooks Says:
  29. did my comment not go through? I had such interesting things to say!

  30. Twyla Says:
  31. Just to clarify, I'm not a Rosie fan, but in this case I chose her because she seemed the lesser of 2 evils. LOL I just think that Trump could come up with something better than calling her fat and gross. Real intelligent Mr. Billionaire, Bad Hairdo Man. In the case of Kelly and Rosie, I was definitely on Kelly's side. It all depends on the situation.
    BTW...have you listened to any of that new music yet? I added more video links to some of the songs. :-)

  32. TISHA: OH good, I was going to send you a box with newspaper clippings and video tapes of all their appearences... OK BOYS, no need to send that carton.

    DR. B: If you commented, i never saw it my friend.

    TWYLA: Gee, and I bought you Rose t-shirts and sweatpants and thongs with her name on them for your birthday? what will i do with it now?
    I listened last night. I will listen to the new stuff tonight.

  33. Twyla Says:
  34. LOL...I guess you'll just have to wear them yourself. :-P

  35. Frankly I think if I had to spend any length of time with either Rosie or The Donald, I'd fork them in the eye.

    I heard about the Saddam videos but have not seen them. It was only a matter of time before they popped up.

    I hear you on the college coaches. But let's face it, professional AND collegiate sports have both gone "show me the money."

  36. Schmoop Says:
  37. You are correct sir..."Hey everybody, I'm Paul Ladewsky, someone pay attention to me..."

  38. Oooooo, are you admitting 1) that you DID something that might have affected change, and 2) that you may have been mistaken initially?

    You, my friend, are a big man.


    Marking this day on my calendar...

  39. AtriaBooks Says:
  40. Dang it! It was some of my best work. And it was long too. I'll try to recreate it later.

  41. TWYLA: They will go in the charity bin then! LOL

    STARRLIGHT: OOO forking .. I likey forking...Will not watch videos....Yes, all about the money.. why can't I get some...

    MATT-MAN: Yup yup

    SONGBIRD: Yes, i changed code...yes it fixed your, I was not mistaken---just not properly educated.

    DR. B: we all hope you recreate it...because we hang on your words Sir..OH ..and THE COUCH is now officially endorsed by the Dr. --see left sidebar... hehehe

  42. BeckEye Says:
  43. Plutoed. It just doesn't have a ring to it. I prefer Munsoned, like in "Kingpin."

  44. BECKEYE: Munsoned was always one of my favorites also... LOL

  45. Great post! I think it is tough to say every coach in college in every situation has to stay put because of promises to recruits. A coach makes a difference. My Dad was captain of UConn men's basketbal a century or two ago. Had Jim Callhoun not come...well perish the thought. I do not feel the least bit sorry for his Northeastern recruits...

  46. Barb Says:
  47. Did the Gators really win???

  48. AtriaBooks Says:
  49. Let's see if I can recreate the magic...

    *I couldn't care any less about Pluto, but if someone takes away Uranus, I'm boycotting!

    *Now that the Big-Goonit is gone, that's one fewer Yankee for Yankee fans to hate. Now A-Fraud will have to take the brunt of the fan's ire.

    *Donald vs Rosie is has got to be the UGLIEST soap opera ever!

    *I'm willing to bet that by the end of their terms, Schiano and Saban will create more revenue for their respective states than their governors will. Therefore, I'm okay with their salaries.

    *If Paul Ladewsky of the Daily Southtown doesn't want to use his vote, he should give it up to someone who deserves the high privilege of having a Hall of Fame vote. He's nothing but a self-promoting, arrogant dope.

    **I've seen both Saddam tapes and I have to say I like Paris Hilton's video better.

    Thanks for the sidebar plug, Bond! I hope you've noticed the couch icon I've had on my sidebar for the past few weeks. I consider your site Dr. Blogstein's living room.

  50. Amanda Says:
  51. Ah, Patrino & Florida both in the same post. Bobby Lowder is a moron for trying to go behind Tuberville's back at Auburn. The fans at Auburn (including myself)love Tuberville and he's done wonders for our football program. Must say I'm happy an SEC team won, but it's bitter sweet because it should've been us. It's nice to know we were the only team to beat Florida this year :)

  52. Rainbow Says:
  53. I LOVE Clemens! Have some autographed balls from him...well I gave them to my Dad and nephews. I know his wife's cousin, who lives in Texas.

    Anyhoo..Vince..any idea why we can not as yet add comments to this week's TT?

    Any news from Anndi?

  54. Anonymous Says:
  55. Can you say, "coaching loss"? The OSU game was very difficult to watch. They played the same game they played against Michigan. OOPS!!! Hello!!! ummmm someone forgot to tell the coaches we were playing Florida for the national championship. I had to turn over and fall asleep five minutes into the 3rd quarter (groan). They're still my Bucks though.

    joy ....

  56. Rainbow Says:
  57. ummm...Vince,never seems I have lost track of time as it is only Tuesday....duh!

  58. BUD: True.. was not trying to paint with that wide a brush, and I didn't mention one coach, yet my guests came up with a few examples...LOL

    SKITTLES: yes

    DR. B: See that is why I wanted you to try again!
    Uranus! ha I get it scatological...
    Broken Unit - Spoken like a true Met fan!
    They are getting nasty ain't they?
    You are probably correct regarding Saben and Schiano. Never thought of that.
    It appears we are unanimous on Paulie Knucklehead...
    OOO Have you? Still not interested.
    And the sidebar is my pleasure... I have to admit, I had not noticed the Couch on your sidebar.. wow I am honored


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