Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 08, 2007


Just learned about this over at Starrlight's Here Comes The Storm In The Form Of A Girl. (I have my own thought on the category for this site)
The Seventh Annual Weblog Awards are in the midst of calling for entries.
This is where you can nominate your favorite blogs for awards.
There are so many new blogs this year, so the choices for Best New Blog are many. I am having trouble entering just three.
Some are easy..
Best Asian Weblog can only be I Am Woman See Me Blog.
Best European Weblog? Well what about Sweet Like Kitty, Coffee2Go, or Serenity Quest?
Best British or Irish Weblog? Bad Jokes & Oven Chips gets my vote there.
Best Canadian Weblog? Anndi's Luggage, A Corner For Coco, Angell's Secretz and Lost In The Battle are all contenders.
Best American Weblog? How do I chose just three from all the great ones I read?
Thank goodness there are humor categories, and food categories and sports and so much more.
Head on over to THE BLOGGIES and cast your ballots. Voting for this round ends Wednesday 10pm EST.

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Sonny Says:
  2. Hey Vinny!
    Thank you very much for your comments!
    And I'm very honoured that you named me for one of the best european blog!

    Lots of luv'n'hugs,

  3. Fred Says:
  4. Thanks for your comments over at my place. It was a tough decision to stop posting, but it had to go so I could relax.

    To keep up with us, type in www.myname.com (using my first and last name) and it will point to a family picture blog I've been keeping.

    Let me know if it works.

    And, I'll be here on a regular basis to check in.

  5. Tisha! Says:
  6. I think you should give the Best European Weblog nomination to either Sweet Like Kitty or Coffee2Go.

    Remember King Solomon and the baby?

    If not, time to reread...

  7. tiggerprr Says:
  8. It's tough to decide on some of them isn't it? :)

  9. Barb Says:
  10. Good choices!

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. I´ve done my votes on 3rd or 4th of January - right after sitting on THE COUCH. I´ve nominated somebody special... this person invites us to take seat on his... huge piece of furniture... a leathery one... can´t remember - Do you have any idea who this guy could be? =)

    Thanks for the mention =)

  13. Tish is TOO modest. Which is freaky cause, really, she ain't :P

  14. Dang it! I forgot to ask you what catagory you thought your site was right for. Illuminate us, Oh Bondy One.

  15. SONNY: YW...I enjoy your blog every day.

    FRED: You will be missed. I tried and it worked...Have bookmarked it.

    TISHA: Now you hold it right there missy...You are in Europe and YOU have a hell of a blog.

    TIGERPRR: Yes, some of the categories are impossible.

    SKITTLES: Thanks... so many though

    SANNI: Well, ty so much that is humbling.

    STARRLIGHT: LOLOLOLOLO Our Tisha being modest...bwahahahahha
    And I don't know.. is there a category for the weblog with the coolest guests?

  16. tiggerprr Says:
  17. ::raises paw:: Not to gripe...but...is white letters on light grey your intended color scheme for comments? Just checking to see if everything is running as intended. I'm old, and can't see too good! :)

  18. BeckEye Says:
  19. Hmm, I could be a turd and nominate myself in every category. No...I don't wish to be a turd. :)

    Too bad there's no "best blog written by someone obsessed with John Travolta" category. I'd have to win. Then again, I'm sure there's someone out there crazier than me.

  20. TIGERPRR: Ummm are you getting comments iusing a reader? Songbird also complained about that. I went into my template and made sure comments color was set to black. If it is a reader, then I would check your preferences.

    BECKEYE: LOL someone else willing to stand up and say... "you know I thought about it..." but everytime I could have written BLC.. I thought of another site I liked for the category. Yurs being the one I listed for Best Entertainment Weblog.Good luck

  21. Sure, V, drag me into this mess. I'm telling you, it's not something over which Tigger or I have control. The RSS feed just gives it to us as is. Unless someone else can inform me of how to fix this.

    And Tigg -- I'm not old -- I'm WAAAAY younger than Bond, and I can't read the white on gray, so I'm with you! We part-Asian chicks gotta stick together!

  22. SONGBIRD: Well, Let me now if it is any better, I toyed with the code, but not sure it will effect how you see it.

  23. Twyla Says:
  24. Awww. Thanks for mentioning me. I've made my nominations and you were definitely on my list. :-)

  25. TWYLA.. yes, you got my vote also

  26. Angell Says:
  27. Thanks for the mention honey. Made all the nominations I could - you were at the top - followed by two other SP'ers - won't mention names.....


  28. Lizza Says:
  29. OMG, how could I have missed this post? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Big, big hugs to you.


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